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Found 31 results

  1. This turned out to be the most surprisingly great matches in joshi this year. The lineup wasn't too inspiring mainly because Takase, while promising, is a rookie and Kizuki is pretty bad. It's seem like SEAdLINNNG has become the place where mediocre workers go to have good matches because Kizuki worked hard and stayed out of the way when she needed to. This actually turned out to be a traditional 1/4 vs 2/3 type of Japanese tag with everyone filling their specific role incredibly well. I hope Takase gets a chance to shine somewhere, whether it be Actwres girl'Z or somewhere else, because she can more than hang in there when paired up with veteran stars like Nanae and Mizunami. A fantastic tag that you should make sure not to skip over. ****
  2. This match is from the opening round of the ULTRA U-21 Tag Team Tournament. When you have 3/4th of the awesome Best Friends/Avid Rival fued, there is a strong chance that is going to be great. While Akane Fujita is a significant downgrade from Misaki Ohata, to her credit, she works her butt off here and doesn't drag down the match at all. The match is mostly just another example of Best Friends being the best tag team in the world while having Mizunami to play off of. The whole match is just a continuous flow of action while not sacrificing selling and meaning for pace. Just terrific stuff. ****1/4
  3. The main event for the fourth night of the Catch the WAVE tournament is a matchup of two former winners. Ohka continues her strong run recently here as she works a match were she wisely avoids a lot Mizunami's power attacks and takes some measured shots of her own. Mizunami does a good job of selling for Ohka's offense despite Ohka looking be far the least imposing of the two. Just a strong display of very smart work. ***3/4
  4. This is the tag title switch that never ended up on WAVE Network for whatever reason. The match itself gets off to a rough start with Ohata no-selling a bunch of Ace Crushers from Miyazaki but one it gets going it turn into a damn good match. They keep a great pace with both teams pulling off some slick double team moves and sequences. The finish is particularly nasty as Miyazaki busts out a moonsault footstomp of all things to finish of Miyazaki. Not at the level of Avid Rival's stuff later in the year with Best Friend but still pretty enjoyable. ***3/4
  5. This is the final to a No. 1 contenders tournament for Misaki Ohata's Regina Di WAVE title. This was a very strong performance from Yumi Ohka. She had no problem matching the physicality of Mizunami and also capitalized on the work on the neck work that Nozaki had done in the semi-final earlier in the night. Ohka does about a hundred big boots in this but each one is measured and hits with such impact that it doesn't come off as a repetitive move. Actually really looking forward to watching Ohka vs. Ohata after this match. ***3/4
  6. This is a semi-final of a No. 1 contenders tournament and a rematch of an upset win that Nozaki got a couple of months ago. In that match, Nozaki won in less than 5 minutes when she locked her sleeper on Mizunami, causing her to pass out. Here, Nozaki feels like Jake Roberts when his DDT was over as an instant finish. Nozaki's sleeper looms over the match and forces Mizunami to try to be more aggressive in the early going. Anytime that Mizunami goes for a big move and either misses or gets countered Nozaki, almost always comes back with the sleeper. Very intriguing and well executed match. ***3/4
  7. It would have been understandable if these for to treat this match as a throw away. It's your basic "Let's make a tag match out of the top two singles matches on our next show." Arisa and Tsukka don't treat this match like that at all as they spend any time that they are in the ring together trying to rip out the other's soul with her bare hands. Yoshiko and Mizunami don't match that intensity early of the former Best Friends but they do slowly ramp it up throughout. The finish is basically the four of them pairing off so that they can random beat the heck out of each other. Unexpectedly great match. ****
  8. I always go back and forth on which joshi tag team is better, either Best Friends or Avid Rival. In this match, Avid Rival make a strong argument for themselves as they take what should have been a throw away mid-card tag match but turn it into something pretty damn good. Ayako has a quality performance here too and Haruhi put in a hard working effort similar to her title match with Mizunami back in March. Still, this is really all about Avid Rival and just another example how good of a team they are. ***3/4
  9. This is Sareee's last match as a member of the SEAdLINNNG roster. You can tell how much she meant to the promotion by the fact that she comes out to no fanfare and jobs to a simple lariat from Yoshiko. Otherwise, this is a super fun joshi trios match. They keep up the pace of the match up the whole way with some nice double/triple teams included. The sequences between Sareee/Kobayashi and Mizunami/Yamashita were particularly impressive. ***3/4
  10. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) Stupendous spotfest. Absolutely phenomenal. ****3/4
  11. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) This was a 20-minute rollercoaster of double team moves and surly elbow strikes. Arisa/Ohata seems to be the end goal of this best of three series, and I dug the heat building segments between them. ****1/4
  12. This is a non-title match, (don't get me started on WAVE's booking.) Despite this, it doesn't stop this two from going all out and producing the best joshi matches so far this year. The opening exchanges are fantastic, especially how Mizunami works her headlocks in a grinding fashion. Shida doesn't get any momentum till the action spills to the outside were she is able to out-brawl Mizunami. The transitions in this match were great as well, with Mizunami needing a good three tries before gaining control, while Shida sneaks in cheap shots with her kendo stick. The finish is a draw, but they still end it with a great finishing run before time runs out. ****1/2
  13. This is the first of a three match series that these two teams are having during this month. Twelve and a half minutes wouldn't be enough time for a lot of wrestlers to have a fleshed out, action packed match but it's more than enough time for these four. They start rolling right away and since they are both experienced, talented teams they are able to pull off really slick stuff even at a quick constant pace. The only real negative here is that they rely use missed/countered double teams as transitions a bit too much that as the match goes on you start to expect double teams to miss rather than hit. A hell of a way to kick off this series though. ****
  14. This is a really fun trios match. A lot of that is because both Avid Rival (Mizunami & Ohata) and Over Sun (Ohka & Miyazaki) are really good, established teams so that allows both Yamashita and ASUKA to be bit players. They do spend a share of the match building up the Ohka/ASUKA match for the upcoming anniversary show. ASUKA, the first transgender wrestler to be part of a joshi group, looks good if a bit of a generic joshi high-flyer. Good showcase for WAVE's talent. ***3/4
  15. This is the title match that Yamashita received after winning this year's edition of WAVE's Catch the WAVE tournament. These two have had a rivalry that goes back the last couple of years to when Yamashita made her debut with the company which was around the same time that Mizunami made her return from being out over a year with an injury. After taking the first minutes or so to exchange holds, this turns right into what you think that it would be, a slugfest. These two spend most of the match running into one another in super physical ways. Both of them sell the toll of the match tremendously, this isn't your typical Japanese "Strong Style" match where both wrestlers beat the hell out of each other then "hulk up" for the finishing run. This match is more about trying to out last your opponent while nailing her with a hard enough shot to put her down for good. Fantastic match! Another one to add to the sizable list of great matches that both of these women have had this year. ****1/4
  16. Akane Fujita vs. Ryo Mizunami Ryo's a hard-hitter, Akane is a wrestler who knows how to take hard hits. This is a fine match-up, and they deliver a solid performance. I love that Akane's been taking bookings outside of Ice Ribbon lately. ***1/2
  17. Regina di WAVE Championship: Ryo Mizunami © vs. Takumi Iroha Iroha doesn't make tape very often so it's always interesting to see what new techinques she has learned in the untaped abyss. This didn't quite reach the level of Mizunami's title matches against Ohata and Haruhi on the epic scale, but the action was straight-forward and solid. One gripe I had was the moment when Mizunami's hits a desperation Hot Limit; Iroha had been dominating so much that Mizunami could barely stand and she's just lifted up and takes the reverse piledriver with no resistance. At least wiggle your feet or something! ***1/4
  18. This is for Mizunami's Regina Di WAVE title. To be honest, I avoided watching this match because I think that Haruhi is one of the worst workers in joshi, but got curious because I saw a couple of other people recommend it. To her credit, Haruhi works her butt of here and the crowd gets behind her as a result. The story of this match is more of a traditional Japanese wrestling storyline as it's Mizunami challenging the toughness of Haruhi. Mizunami does such a great job in her selling and pacing in the match that her being off on either one of those things would have greatly effected the quality of the match. Easily the most surprisingly great matches of the year so far and a credit to how great of a wrestler that Mizunami has become. ****
  19. Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami I have to agree with Dedy, this is the best Nanae has ever looked. Her segments with Hiroyo and Mizunami were spectacular, and some of the bumps she took were so hard they bounced her off of the canvas! Nakajima prays before delivering a double foot stomp, which is a cute reference to her misogi training. Everyone looked great in this match; Mizunami was hot-blooded as always, and Hiroyo busts out a Styles Clash powerbomb (!). This has that Zenjo-sprint pacing where they go non-stop and momentum shifts can happen in an instant. ****1/2
  20. International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) © vs. This is Ice Ribbon (Hiiragi Kurumi & Tsukushi) Avid Rival are such a destructive, hard-hitting duo. Some of the bumps that Tsukushi took here were truly frightening for someone so tiny. Kurumi's been looking especially good lately; I loved that segment she had with Mizunami, who was hot-blooded and stiff as always. Tsukushi's finisher set-ups looked way too contrived for my taste, which seems to be a theme in Ice Ribbon. ***3/4
  21. This is for Mizunami's Regina di WAVE title as she takes on her tag partner Ohata. There is some nice matwork to open things up as Ohata tries to neutralize Mizunami's power by going after limbs in order to try to slow her down. This works for awhile but eventually Mizunami is able to stay upright long enough in order to get some offense in. This match then gets super stiff as the two of them really lay into one another. One of the best things about this match is how they both sell the physicality of the match. It never turns into a 'fighting spirit' no-sell contest that matches like this can deteriorate into. The finish is pretty good to as Ohata finds a lot of nifty ways to avoid/counter Mizunami's finishers. A great, hard fought title match. ****1/4
  22. This is the final of Pro Wrestling WAVE's tag league. Good lord, this is like if pro wrestling tried to be a demolition derby, just tonnes of body-on-body contact. There's a spot early on where Hashimoto grabs Yamashita along the ropes but Mizunami hits a clothesline on Rina so hard that Chihiro goes flying to the floor, that the type of match this is. Towards the end, it's hard to till if Mizunami is doing a Grade A sell job or if she is truly feeling beaten down. I know the phrase 'Hoss Fight' gets thrown around loosely but this match might be that in its truest form. ***3/4
  23. This match is literally women vs. girls as the Ice Ribbon girls are both still teenagers. I will give them credit as this match is really competitive. It helps that both Tsukushi and Kurumi can hit hard, especially Tsukushi since she is tiny. The story of the match is more that Avid Rival can out last the physicality rather than simply the case of them being veterans. A great match that ends up being different than what you would first think based on appearances. ****
  24. Match Link I was pretty hyped up for this match when it was first announced since these two are favourites of mine. This is 20 minutes of war, (well a little less since it's slightly clipped.) Just a terrific mix of hard hitting and big spots. It does go a little flat at the end since it's a draw but that doesn't detract from what went on before it. Both of these women keep adding to their phenomenal years. ****1/4
  25. This is a rematch from their December title match, plus previewing a likely Regina Di WAVE title match between Yamagata and Mizunami. I really liked how this match was laid out. Las Aventureras take the early advantage with the story of the match that Avid Rival have to try and fight their way back onto an even footing with the champs. This was the best performance that I've seen from the Hamada/Yamagata team, they did a great job of controlling the action but always giving the challengers enough chance to keep you interested in the match. Just a great match with a deserving title win for the underappreciated team of Ohata and Mizunami. ****1/4 Edit: It should be 8/7 in the topic.