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Found 10 results

  1. What a goddamn MARVELOUS match. The most consistent wrestler in the world continues his streak of terrific performances in his JUST TAP OUT New Japan Cup tour & SANADA delivers the match of his career so far. The storytelling was top freaking notch - you got SANADA actually owning Zack in the early stages w/ the wrist control. Zack gets more & more frustrated as SANADA continues showing that he is no slouch when it comes to ZSJ's game; eventually though Zack finds a way & starts targeting that arm of SANADA in brutal, nasty, classic Zack Sabre Jr. fashion. SANADA sells it super well. The feel of urgency & physicality is off the charts at that point, SANADA just like that becomes the underdog & tries to fight off Zack's nasty work over him, but in the end, just like Ibushi & Naito, he just TAPPED OUT. ****1/2
  2. Typical match of it's kind, but I usually always enjoy them, so I ain't complaining. This was very fun. Everybody got their time to shine & it resulted in a very good, fun match. ***1/2
  3. There's 2 titles for the show. The Outbreak title which is the Wrestle-1 title. Then, TNA's which is One Night Only Global Impact 2014. In case anyone was confused... Anyhow, I was completely ignorant to the fact that Sanada wrestled in TNA. I've been doing research for 2011-2015 AJPW and Sanada shows up early on in his team with Manabu Soya. So, I got distracted and watched a few Sanada matches in TNA including a recommended World title challenge vs AJ Styles. However, this match for Aries' X-Division belt is the best. It's thankfully more Jr. Puro style than TNA TV style. It's fought at a quick pace with excellent execution and with little daylight between strikes. Aries still has it. He was hitting his repertoire like it was 2007. Sanada was on point and impressive as well. They're very similar in style and build so, there was a nice parity story early on. This match had wrinkles added to Aries' spots. Sanada had him scouted it would seem. Its what made this memorable. They changed it up from the "I'll do my stuff, you do yours, let's go home" match they could have worked. There were some nice surprises and the finish was pretty good without going too far. It was a competitive fight that delivered what I was expecting and a little bit more. Highly recommended especially if you're in a re-watching 10 year old ROH mood.
  4. Decent enough match but another one that didn't have an engaging overall story. Elgin has a great arsenal of power moves but I still fail to see him create a compelling middle of a lot of his matches. SANADA also has a trouble bringing a compelling overall story. As a result, this was a ho hum 15 minutes that lacked a lot of emotion or overarching theme. **3/4
  5. Yano is back at the hijinks again. This was base level for him and enjoyment although the finish was clever with the SANADA tie up leading to a count out. **1/2
  6. Talk about it here. Ioan at PTBN:
  7. A strong main event. These two still feel like they could have a MOTYC within them and havent hit that mark yet, but all of their matches have been enjoyable. SANADA was smart to fake the knee injury in the early going of this one and then pounce onto the attack. Okada was strong underneath and it led to a compelling finishing stretch where SANADA did feel like he had received a reputation bump even in defeat. The sequence of reversals and SANADA going for the Skull Crush only to lay into a final flurry of Rainmakers was particularly intriguing.. ***3/4
  8. I appreciated that we didn’t get any faction collusion teasing up front. However, they really seemed to make this into a big brawl from the onset and I didn’t feel the hatred or intensity whatsoever. The chair flying into the cameraman was nice but coincidental. Inside, the action was really back and forth without any flow. My hope was that the stunner to the floor would kickstart things and the selling by both men getting in was excellent. Then they just do a forearm exchange so EVIL who just took a stunner to the floor is still able to go 50/50. Talk about a wasted highspot. The back and forth as we head to the finishing stretch is full of good looking moves mainly based off of SANADA’s bumping and athleticism but I fail to see any strategy for any man as far as gaining the victory. It’s just an exchanging of holds. The struggle with SANADA looking for the Skull End was the most cohesive part of the match overall and gained back my investment. He seems to wind EVIL and then hits a moonsault for the victory. **3/4
  9. I thought this was pretty rad - probably checked in around ***3/4 or so for me. The following is our recap from Ioan Morris at PTBN
  10. Fun match. Matt has talked about in when commenting on Ultimo Guerrero matches but there is something to spots where you know what's coming next and it still works, like when Ishii made the hot tag here and would reverse both heels when they went rope running. I liked how aggressive Sanada was here, really wrestling to his character and the height he got on his leaps was unreal. Fun finish, YOSHI-HASHI's new submission is a cool neck crank, I'll easily take that over stuff like Goto stealing finishers from US indies. **3/4