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Found 24 results

  1. First fall is all Infernales running through their complete triple team arsenal and putting the opposing team away in three minutes. We even get an enjoyable pose after the first fall. Second fall starts out the same until Bucanero misses a charge and then is trapped by the Villanos and Niebla. Great sequence between Ultimo and Niebla with Niebla monkey flipping onto his feet and them doing an armdrag using the ropes. NIebla looks great giving Bucannero a flip to the outside. Ultimo Guerrero offers what I’m sure is a very sincere handshake to one of the Villanos. Villanos are able to win this fall in four minutes. Even though this is rudo vs rudo we see who the biggest rudos are opening the third fall as they are working on unmasking a Villano. Villanos don’t take that shit sitting down and they fire back and then look for the mask of Ultimo. Villanos are clamoring to the crowd and clearly the tecnico. We get a double pin and we are down to Niebla and Satanico. In a sweet rudo move, Ultimo unmasks himself and gets pinned but since he was unmasked, the fall and match goes to them. I watched this a few nights ago and was really disappointed. Now I see it as the table setting match it was and found a lot of little things that helped enhanced the match overall. ***1/2
  2. I don’t see how these guys can amp up the hatred each week but they continue to do it. The rudo team looks so boss in their flame capes and right away they rush the tecnicos. Tarzan Boy is a bloody mess again. They also perform a great spot where they tie TB armband to the ropes and then they just unload on him. They are rudo beatdowns and then there is this which looks like attempted murder. Such a massacre that the ref gives the fall to the tecnicos for excessive violence. Second falls starts out the same way but we get the comeback and the fight is on. It is always good to see Felino and he has an excellent blue suit here. I thought him and Antifaz really added a lot of style to the proceedings and the third fall culminates in some great sequences between them and Bucanero/UG. Antifaz hits a huge dive on the outside where he accidently wipes out Felino and then UG follows up with a big moonsault. This leaves TB and Satanico as the money pairing in the ring and Satanico is begging off like the asshole he is. He goes back and forth with them and fouls him to give the tecnicos the win. Afterwards, another rudo beatdown concludes and Satanico looks so delighted with himself. I love this feud. ****
  3. Pretty pumped for lucha in the 2000’s as it feels like a wasteland in regards to recommendations. This starts off with the rudos bullying the tecnicos and Satanico much like Devil Masami in the joshi match earlier still looks spry and devious. Antifaz nearly gets his mask taken off. Buccanero does a big dive into Tarzan Boy to send him to the outside. Finally the rudos win the first fall with a triple submission on Antifaz and a tower slam and senton combo to Olimpico. Satanico in the second fall drags Tarzan Boy by the hair to the floor and then Guerrero slams him on the ramp. This is pure domination. The tecnicos gets their first offense in and take the second fall with pin/flash submission. They are all fired up and we have a big brawl in the entrance way. There is something about this formula in lucha that always gets me invested. Tarzan Boy is really taking a beating as he takes out a row of chairs courtesy of Satanico. Olimpico starts a nice dive train leaving Tarzan and Satanico alone as they have had the most heated issue with each other. Satanico tries a pin attempt with his feet on the ropes but gets caught. Tarzan Boy is then able to pin him hanging on to the middle rope. I dig it. ***
  4. Just when you think Shocker’s gear can’t get more epic, he says “hold my beer.” TB and him shake hands and Atlantis has had enough and violently shoves him down. Dantes and Satanico join in the attack and they have Atlantis reeling in a brutal submission. They refuse to break and the tecnicos win the first caida by DQ. Meanwhile, TB is dancing on the ramp. Sequnda Caida is more of the same with the rudos whipping ass and Tarzan Boy checking out his hair. Shocker does another great guapo pose walking on his knees flexing his muscles. Atlantis grabs a breather and tries to talk some sense into TB. Emilio does so as well and is ready to fight. Inside, Atlantis hits a great comeback taking out all the rudos. Emilio also comes in all fired up even accidently hitting the referee. They go to tag in TB and he refuses. They have had enough and send TB into the wolves. Satanico, Dantes, Shocker all attack TB and get the quick pin. This booking is tremendous. Final fall time and even that beating didn’t knock any sense into TB. He does a hilarious job of acting hurt when Emilio and Atlantis tell him to get inside. Of course, he meets the devil on his shoulder in Shocker. Shocker and TB seem to be really going after it and then they embrace. This is really layered as it feels like TB has proven his toughness and is good in Shockers book now. However, when he turns his back, Shocker dropkicks him and follows that up with a big dive. This ends the finishing stretch with Emilio flying around and Atlantis getting a big pin on Satanico only for TB to roll in and reverse it giving the rudos the win. Atlantis now beats the shit out of TB. The booking of this feud continues to develop and it seems like it is only a matter of time before TB goes completely to the darkside. ***1/2 (7.1)
  5. Atlantis jumps Villano III in the ring and takes his mask right off. What a brutal hate filled feud. Atlantis is even aggressive with the referee and beats up Villano as he goes to the back. The rudos come out and Satanico decides to take the boots to TB once again. A nice bald head that Satanico is sporting. Brutal rudo beatdown that was reminiscent of a lot of the stuff we saw in January but still entertaining. Rayo and Cien is great given their history together. Bestia gets in a low blow as Satanico has TB by the hair. All of a sudden, the tecnicos make their comeback. Cien gets thrown into the announce booth and Rayo has some words to say. We get some brief Atlantis vs. Satanico interactions and I clamor to see them in a long form match around this point. TB gets his revenge but Satanico yanks him by the hair to take over again. I like that bit of psychology that plays into their apuestas match. Rayo rolls around avoiding contact and Atlantis gets the Atlantida to win the match. Afterwards, he helps stretch out Villano III when the rudos back up come out led by Villano III. You knew he was going to have a receipt for Atlantis and he gives it as Rayo is handcuffed. All roads are now leading to the big 3/17 show and stuff is peaking perfectly. ***1/4
  6. That rudo faction is just amazing and ruthless. You take some of the best members from other units and combine them here in Monterrey for a super prick faction. Perro was the main focal point of there attack with Porky getting his chance to shine as well. I think the only thing holding this back from being great would have been a bit more hate and Safari and Lizmark being more than just warm bodies. Overall, a ton of good spots and work by Satanico and after disappearing for a while, he is back at the Fall of the year to make another claim at being a top 10 worker of 2000. Coming off the heels of Steiner vs Goldberg, no way was this near as athletically impressive as that match, but it made more sense. ***1/2 (7.1)
  7. The greatness of El Satanico, in his 50s carries a mediocre opponent to a very good match with his offense, selling and by adding little touches to the match. ****
  8. I don’t know how high a five minute match that is a trios finale of a tournament can go, but this is up there. Some absolutely frightening strikes, mask ripping, blood flowing awesome time. Villano V and Satanico in particular go after each other with complete disdain. The finish was predictable in that it resulted in Satanico calling for a DQ off of a foul and then getting fouled and pinned. That finish works for me every time and this had the added bonus of Bucanero overselling a fake foul as well. ***1/2 (7.2)
  9. This doesn’t last too long but is an absolute blast while it takes place. Felino is in great form looking like he did in the 7/4/97 classic vs Santo. The finish is brilliant as in the second fall, Satanico fakes a foul in a real exaggerated manner and doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. Fast forward to the third fall, Ultimo Guerrero does the same thing and this time they get the fall and the win. Negro Casas has enough of that shit and boots him right in the nuts as a result. Man, I am loving lucha right now. ***1/2
  10. Take the two hottest feuds in wrestling and combine them in one trio is a recipe for goodness. I didn’t think this quite reached the level of some of the other stuff based mainly on the lack of double and triple teams but it was some great stuff. I like how Atlantis vs. Villano has a hate feeling to it but a more classical feel. Satanico vs. TB is straight Jerry Springer hatred. The snippets of Atlantis mixing it up with Satanico made me hope they tangle it up one last time. TB gets his revenge on Satanico for the first time in a while and Emilio piles on with his signature dive from the apron. Tarzan Boy goes for a dive and wipes out clutching his knee. Atlantida and that is a win for the tecnicos. TB is hurt on the outside but still getting stomped on. ***
  11. Porky starts out with a handshake but slaps the rudos after they shake hands. Him and Pimpinela are already after each other and Pimpinela refuses a kiss. Fuerza does some fouls to start things off. Rudos take the first fall and are celebrating. Tecnicos come back in second fall and Rivera and Mosco are pissed. Satanico is alone with Porky as the crowd chants Porky’s name. This is some great comedy with Satanico hitting his partners and all four tumbling down to the stomach bump of Porky. Porky then gives a bronco buster to all four. All the tecnicos take turn diving on all four but Porky refuses. In one of the greatest comedy spots I have ever seen Rivera pulls out a gun, shoots it and Porky is so scared he falls backwards onto all four for the pin. ***** stars for that finish. Porky splashes the gun but gets slapped from Rivera. This embarrasses Porky who climbs the ropes and is teetering. They try to get Porky down and he gives Felino a hug but squashes him. So amazing. Third fall has more stuff with Porky stuffing his crotch in Bucanero’s face and the crowd going nuts. Pimpinela goes flying on the outside and Bucanero does his wild monkey flip bump on the ring apron. After some more highspots and dives, Porky is in the ring again. Satanico fakes a foul from Rivera in an even more over exaggerated fashion than usual. Not to be outdone, Bucanero fouls Porky and then fakes getting hit too really rolling around and writhing in pain. The referees believe him and the rudos when. See here is a spot where that finish works. A great comedy match. ***3/4 (7.6)
  12. A big bag of fun. A lot of spotlight spots and unique pairings with the rudos going after each other more than they would normally. I thought Panther was the highlight first when he faced off with Satanico and then the ending stretch with Niebla. Panther is getting more and more of a face reaction and him winning gets a big reaction. Blue Demon comes out to present the purse to Panther. ***1/4 (6.6)
  13. We start backstage with Satanico teaching his Infernales the history of CMLL. The tecnicos show up and Satanico insults them,until they attack and leave the tecnicos laying. Weird little skit. During the Infernales entrance Tarzan Boy jumps Satanico and he gets beat up until Rivera and Olimpico show up to even the match up. The rudos are just so bad ass here, holding Tarzan Boy for Satanico to get free shots in. Then when they toss him, they kick the other's asses too. Including picking up Olimpico and dumping him head first onto a char in the attendance. In the ring Los Infernales use rope to tie up Tarzan Boy so Satanico can beat the shit out of him, until they get DQ'ed to end the fall. To recap, Rivera and Olimpico are a mess on the floor with steel chairs all over them and Tarzan Boy just got beat up so badly the referee DQ'ed Los Infernales. It was short, but what a bad ass first fall. Between falls the rudos continue to kick ass, but a commercial break happens and Olimpico is in control now and Satanico is slyly walking down the ramp with a bottle which he breaks over Tarzan Boy's head The referees have no idea why Tarzan Boy is dead, and the crowd is super pissed! HEAT!! The referees just stop things before someone dies. Los Infernales rile the crowd up before cutting a promo. As for a rating, this was short and maybe more of an angle? What we got was just really awesome though, so I'll go *** 3/4 for the whole thing.
  14. A fun middle of the card lucha match. The rudos were on point and played off the PImpinela antics well resisting his offers and contemplating turning their back on their partner. Mr. Niebla was also fun in this with his dancing spots especially counteracting Satanico. It being a satanico match, a foul was only a matter of time happening and that happens here. The finish was nicely done for lucha in 2000 with the ref getting bumped, Salvaje delivering a foul and the ref counting three. Salvaje checks on the ref and pats his hair as his hand is being raised. ***1/4 (6.4)
  15. A really classic trios here which was needed with all the good but not extraordinary lucha I had been watching. Opening pairings all had highlights. Silver King looked better here than the Monterrey match and Wagner and Villano III tear it up. First fall felt like it ended at the right time and set the table for the rest of the match. V gets worked over to start the second fall and this is where the match really cranks up. Satanico slaps on a headlock and reminds me of why he was the runaway WOTY for the first two months of the year. III gets tagged in but that is short lived and V is attacked again and submitted evening up the falls. Third fall starts out the same way with another brutal Satanico chinlock just grinding out the Villanos. Wagner then really goes to work on III. The Villano comeback here was different but worked where it wasn’t the typical tecnico all fired up and firing comeback we have seen but the Villanos getting a level of revenge by driving Satanico’s leg straight into the mat. The rudos come back with some nifty submissions including a rowboat by Satanico/Wagner to injure the leg more. Next King and Satanico do a beautiful capture submission but it allows III to almost get the pin on them crawling underneath. Actual finish is probably the worst as III just gets a flash cradle on Satanico to win. Overall, a very good match about as close to a great one as you can get. It didn’t have the bells and whistles of other things, but was just six pros going out and entertaining the fans. ***3/4 (7.7)
  16. The calendar doesn’t stop but our one constant in 2000 is TB getting his ass beat by the Infernales. The Infernales also have some boss gear here with more yellow mixed in with the red and black. This trios was meant to put them over as a unit as they go over in two straight falls and in general look strong doing it. The triple team first fall finish was slick and Satanico is craft as ever hooking the middle rope on the pinfall to gain the second fall. **3/4
  17. It looks like Satanico has freshly lost a apuestas match and had his hair shaved again. Wagner and Casas really go after each other in the first fall and it ends with Wagner giving Casas the Splash Mountain for the pin. The crowd is rapid for Porky on the inside with huge chants for him. The tecnico comeback in the second fall is predictably excellent with Casas going nuts on Wagner and Porky repeatedly banging Bestia’s head into the turnbuckle. Satanico tries to go for his fake foul spot but no one is buying that this time. Porky gets his huge splash to a gigantic pop to end the second fall. Awesome. A nice long shot of Arena Mexico before the third fall shows how packed the crowd is. Third fall starts with some great Porky comedy as Bestia keeps headbutting his stomach but that just gets him to hit Satanico stuck in the corner with his butt. Wagner and Casas are then in and the match is more heated and vicious. Porky does another dive from the apron and the rudos are cleared out except for Wagner and Casas. The crowd is molten and Wagner goes after the legs with a dropkick. Casas is able to get the La Magistral for a nearfall and then another one off of a Wagner powerbomb attempt. Wagner is booked to be really resourceful as he does get the nearfall but ends up landing on the referee on the kickout. Bestia is having his leg tended to on the outside. Wagner is frustrated enough and fouls Casas for the tecnico win. What an awesome way to start the night. This was the greatest hits highlights for these guys but they are some of the best workers of all time, so it really landed and had the crowd going crazy. **** (7.8)
  18. A funny training vignette with Satanico running some drills. Man, when the Infernales comes into the ring, they just look like the biggest bad asses in the world. I have missed these kind of trios in the past couple of months in CMLL. There isn’t the perennial whipping boy like Tarzan Boy to play off of Satanico but this was just a hateful match from beginning to end. INfernales do nothing redeeming getting fouls when they can and ripping at masks until they finally succeed in the finale of getting Mr. Niebla’s mask off. Throughout the course of the match, they received receipts which felt entirely justified especially Satanico getting posted. Ultimo Guerrero also has to fight with his masked getting worked over. Overall, the Infernales are an amazing trio. The tecnicos here take a backseat but both Niebla and Olimpico were solid when called upon. Olimpico rocking chair submission in the second fall was sweet. Highly enjoyable match that didn’t overstay it’s welcome and hopefully leads to a feud between the two factions. ***1/2 (7.1)
  19. Holy shit at the airbrush shirts the tecnicos are wearing. The entrances here are just awesome and Los Infernales are great too strutting down to the ring with the women at their side. Match again was all about the status quo and I am really hopeful for some big time CMLL feuds soon. Some individual spots here are neat like Satanico just slapping Antifaz when he dances around and the triple dive combo that wins the second fall for the tecnicos. Third fall also has some neat stuff like Ultimo monkey flipping Bucanero out onto the floor and Ultimo’s quebrada into the steps looked good. Finish was usual double pin shoddy stuff. Fun while it lasted but just a collection of spots. **
  20. Take everything I said about the CMLL tag and amplify it. This was incredible with Satanico and company being really spirited and showing up with their best performance in a couple of months. They just brutalize the tecnicos and fly around when needed. Garza, Lover and our favorite whipping boy, Tarzan Boy are mainly there to take a beating and provide flash but they deliver in spades. This was overall on of the best pure spotfest style matches of the whole year and the crowd was eating it up. ***1/2 (7.1)
  21. All rudo first fall but they lock in a triple submission and refuse to break it so the tecnicos winning. Second fall has some miscommunication between Wagner and Dantes but they hug it out. Mendoza and Satanico do a fun mini sequence then we get the heated pairing of Wagner and Perro. It is good to have Wagner back. Tecnicos end up winning the second fall as Perro dives on Wagner on the outside. This set up some interesting things for the future but wasn’t much at all as a match. *1/2
  22. CMLL is still moving along nicely. This starts with a big time rudo beatdown and Perro has color early on. Perro and Ano 2000 go after each other right away and are the main feud throughout the whole match. First fall goes easy to the rudos and then the tecnicos are able to make a good comeback in the second fall. The Dantes/Satanico vs Olimpico/Atlantis pairings are interesting in that they are interchangeable throughout the match and all are intriguing to one degree or another. The finish actually plays into this as Atlantis got the Atlantida on Satanico for the second fall victory and he locks it in the final fall until Dantes shoves him into the referee. With one referee bumped out and the other on the floor checking on Atlantis, they commit a blantant foul and then pin the tecnicos for the win when the bumped referee comes back to life. A really nice win for the rudos and the feud between Perro and Ano is really strong and heated right now. ***1/2
  23. For a go home show, this was a great effort from CMLL. It was nice to see this type of trios from Satanico as while he brings his hate and evil persona, this hasnt developed into a blood feud per say like the altercations with Tarzan Boy. As a result, we get a nice trios match with a good amount of time and some solid action. I am really forward to the Cibernetico on the 3/17 show. ***
  24. Tarzan Boy is flaunting the belt right in the face of the Infernales. They take to that about as expected by beating the shit out him. A crazy twisting dive by Bucanero and then a brutal submission makes short work of TB in the primera caida. I thought the tecnicos showed good fire in winning the second fall with Lizmark hitting a senton splash. Olimpico gets a unique roll up and TB does some mask ripping and peppers shot at Satanico. A humorous moment where we cut to a baby taking a bottle. Back from break, Satanico is obsessed with the hair of TB as he continuously pulls it and keeps scratching his head. Infernales try the same submission again but this time Olimpico and Lizmark are able to fend off. TB tries the same but gets caught and Satanico hideously headbutts him right in the nuts for the foul and the win for the tecnicos. More of the same for these guys but they found new ways to keep things going. ***1/4