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Found 31 results

  1. Looking at that talent roster, no way this would be bad. It was entertaining as a match. It appears that Bestia had gotten a haircut since the IWRG match. Panther and Santo really go after each other throughout the match and I am looking forward to their upcoming single rematch. Zumbido and La Park brought most of the comedy into the match utilizing the referee. Santo gets his revenge later in the match and the crowd is pretty raucous at that. Parka and Shocker have some good interaction as well and that is an interesting match to ponder. Tarzan Boy does well here and has good support from the crowd which always helps. Finale has everyone flying around and a beautiful Santo tope taking out the front row of chairs. Shocker continues to receive a nice push anywhere in Mexico in 2000 by picking up the win. ***1/2
  2. This started much more like the matches that were happening in CMLL began with a big beatdown. IWRG certainly doesn’t shy away from running rudo vs rudo trios. Shocker and Villano III pair off and Shocker is really nasty digging into the eyes of Villano III. III continues to be a sympathetic figure and it looks like the Villanos are going to be defacto tecnicos here as we get mask ripping from the Shocker contingent. After they take the first fall, the Villano brothers come back with a vengeance in fall #2. These guys are great garbage brawlers and are able to make the brawling around the ringside area seem more dangerous and violent than any of the US companies doing the hardcore stuff mainly for comedy. Scorpio is busted open terribly as the third fall opens up with the Villanos flying around everywhere. Shocker has some juice too. Bestia and Villano IV have a mano y mano battle. Back inside the ring we get a great sequence culminating in III punching Shocker right in the face and hitting a clothesline. The way that you can tell Shocker’s team is completely gassed but yet has too much pride to back down is one of the endearing things about lucha. These guys are despicable but they aren’t cowards. Scorpio’s facials in particular are some of the best I have ever seen from him including the Santo feud from 1999. Bestia tries to end it by claiming a foul but no one is buying that. Scorpio and a Villano brother fight from the ring to the floor and again we are left with Shocker and III. Shocker actually gets the best of this exchange and hits a plancha on the outside. I have no idea who is going to take this now and am really engrossed. IV and V have submissions locked on but Shocker and III are back inside the ring and it appears III gets fouled allowing the Superguapos to win the match as Bestia and Scorpio hang on. God bless lucha. This may honestly be one of my favorite trios of all time. It had storytelling, blood, hate, wrestling on the mat and interesting finishes. ****1/2
  3. One the more weirder lucha vignettes I have seen in a haunted house. Well it gets you in the halloween spirit at least. We then cut to Shocker beating up Parka in the ring and he is in his khakis still. Overall, I thought this was good resume padding for a great year from Shocker and a classic lucha brawl for the most part. Parka's mask gets ripped so bad that he has to bit it just to keep it over the lower 3rd of his face. Shocker wins the first fall by doing a double punch right to the nuts and Shocker also hits a gusher in 3rd fall. The finale comes with some referee bullshit but the spot is resolved with a cool spot of a bench being brought into the ring and Parka giving a bump to both the ref and Shocker. We get some weird clipping where it appears that TB is going to help out his buddy Shocker but he decides to whack him instead and Parka wins. **** (7.9)
  4. An old school tecnico team here. First fall follows suit with the rudos dominating. Shocker was a big deal around this time with his Guapo gimmick becoming a thing. Scorpio and Bestia are good seconds to have as they display the viciousness needed to succeed. Old guys mount a comeback and the crowd fires up some more. Emilio is the main foil for Shocker and it is a trip to see this scuzzy guy get cheered. Lizmark and Bestia have a good exchange on the outside with some nice chops from Lizmark. Second fall begins and the rudos are getting ridiculed pretty loudly by the crowd. Tinieblas has some size on him and displays some decent agility in the fall here with a leapfrog. Bestia gets caught giving a foul to Lizmark and that is that. Shocker is someone that had never impressed me and this didn't change things here as him and Emilio weren't able to have the real heated exchange needed to make the match successful overall. **1/4
  5. Just when you think Shocker’s gear can’t get more epic, he says “hold my beer.” TB and him shake hands and Atlantis has had enough and violently shoves him down. Dantes and Satanico join in the attack and they have Atlantis reeling in a brutal submission. They refuse to break and the tecnicos win the first caida by DQ. Meanwhile, TB is dancing on the ramp. Sequnda Caida is more of the same with the rudos whipping ass and Tarzan Boy checking out his hair. Shocker does another great guapo pose walking on his knees flexing his muscles. Atlantis grabs a breather and tries to talk some sense into TB. Emilio does so as well and is ready to fight. Inside, Atlantis hits a great comeback taking out all the rudos. Emilio also comes in all fired up even accidently hitting the referee. They go to tag in TB and he refuses. They have had enough and send TB into the wolves. Satanico, Dantes, Shocker all attack TB and get the quick pin. This booking is tremendous. Final fall time and even that beating didn’t knock any sense into TB. He does a hilarious job of acting hurt when Emilio and Atlantis tell him to get inside. Of course, he meets the devil on his shoulder in Shocker. Shocker and TB seem to be really going after it and then they embrace. This is really layered as it feels like TB has proven his toughness and is good in Shockers book now. However, when he turns his back, Shocker dropkicks him and follows that up with a big dive. This ends the finishing stretch with Emilio flying around and Atlantis getting a big pin on Satanico only for TB to roll in and reverse it giving the rudos the win. Atlantis now beats the shit out of TB. The booking of this feud continues to develop and it seems like it is only a matter of time before TB goes completely to the darkside. ***1/2 (7.1)
  6. Match starts with Shocker burning La Parka’s mask on the ringpost. Holy shit that is awesome and 1000% rudo. First fall was a big ol brawl and Shocker has some incredible punches against Parka towards the end. Shocker dancing and gloating after every punch just puts it over the top. Finish has rudos beating some ass and Parka’s has about half of his mask ripped. Dandy puts it on and dances around. Second fall and tecnico comes back with Casas going fucking crazy and then he gets Parka all riled up who posts Shocker with some retribution and sends him into the chairs. Antifaz and Zumbido also are killing it in the stands and there is just action flying all over the ring. Parka has some ladies purse and is pounding Shocker with it. Antifaz and Zumbido take stage and duke it out. Casas and Bestia say hold my beer and they start kicking each other in the mouth. Tecnicos win the second fall when things break down and they get some big dives. Third fall makes a big mistake in integrating the comedy spots with the referees. It felt shoe horned in and really unnecessary. Luckily it doesn’t go too long and we do have an exciting breakneck finish with dives and sequences. Finish has Parka with a nasty looking sharpshooter really cranking back on Shocker to get the submission. Casas and Zumbido are still going after it after the bell. Great match from Monterrey. Give me Parka vs Shocker Hair vs Mask please. **** (8.1)
  7. Lucha in 2000 is becoming a conodrum for me. This was a very good match and the talent is amazing but there is still something missing and overall, I miss the bevy of hot feuds that seemed to populate the scene at the beginning of the year. In one way it is commendable that most of these men can have these “roll out of bed” good matches on a consistent basis. On the other hand, you can see how someone like Casas could be a top 10 worldwide worker for the year and just based on booking and the style I can’t in good conscience rank him that high. Him and Dandy go after each other here a lot and Panther also mixes in some good work. Shocker and Zumbido were a little more low key but they did continue to get some interesting beats out of Tarzan Boy. A very good match but one where I hoped for a great one going in so overall perhaps a bit of a victim of circumstances style match. ***1/2 (6.9)
  8. A really fun break from everything. Porky has to be one of the all time great comedy workers as he always finds new ways to entertain. The best spot here was when he goaded Shocker into dancing and then fainted when Shocker raised his arms and he smelled his arm pits. The lead up to the Porky dive on all three rudos to end the second fall was also excellent. Overall, this was a lighthearted affair with good comedy work and then Silver King decides to take off Parka's mask and things get really serious for the finish with tons of old timers coming out to goad King. ***1/2 (7)
  9. This was more like it. I can see someone like OJ not being too into this because it does meander and when you are talking about 8 guys that could honestly be argued as top 100 workers of all time easily, it may be slightly disappointing in that it isn’t a MOTYC. Still, we get some pretty awesome comedy by Parka and Porky teaming up. Villano and Blue Panther have a wonderful sequence and Santo highlights some of the feuds over the years with Dandy, Wagner and Panther. The third fall ups the violence more with Wagner and Parka brawling throughout the arena and they were the focal point of the match overall. Very enjoyable match with 8 legends. ***1/2 (7.1)
  10. A long interview segment with Parka starts the video. I didn’t get much out of this but Parka does look like a cool mofo. The match itself was good if a little frantic. The portions with Antifaz and Dandy were the best as they did double juice and really went after one another. The finish was another “who really got fouled” moment which was frustrating since it just worked so well in the comedy match. I want to see Antifaz and Dandy have a singles match. ***1/4 (6.4)
  11. We cut to Shocker taking a wild bump off of a Charles throw. Then, we get Tarzan Boy and Shocker interaction with Shocker covering TB ears when he hears the boos from the crowd. Dr. Wagner Jr. shoves TB forcefully and gets admonished by Scorpio and Shocker. Shocker and Scorpio end up teaming up on TB and pinning him. Shocker hits a big dive on Emilio and pins him as well. After the break, Santo and Wagner are squaring off with the heat really pumping up through Arena Mexico. They unsurprisingly have a cool sequence with Wagner winning after the Blue Thunder Driver. TB is jawing with the crowd as he heads to the back. Scorpio and Shocker are inviting him to join them along with Emilio. They go back in the ring and Santo and Wagner are bickering so no one is really on the same page here. No idea how much was clipped so I wont rank but this was used as a vehicle device for the next chapter in the TB vs Guapos story. NR
  12. A big bag of fun. A lot of spotlight spots and unique pairings with the rudos going after each other more than they would normally. I thought Panther was the highlight first when he faced off with Satanico and then the ending stretch with Niebla. Panther is getting more and more of a face reaction and him winning gets a big reaction. Blue Demon comes out to present the purse to Panther. ***1/4 (6.6)
  13. Tarzan Boy was born to be a rudo. He delivers easily his strongest performance of the year being a selfish prick that only cares about himself throughout the match. Shocker is great being right there with him as the devil on his shoulder inviting him to the darkside of rudoism. Overall, this was note perfect with Atlantis and Niebla being attacked by all three rudos and Tarzan just standing on the apron half looking for a tag. Once he gets in, he holds the ropes open and Atlantis spills to the outside. The sequences between Shocker and Boy in the ring are impressive as you can feel the appreciation that Boy is gaining for Shocker. Tarzan gets the pin and is happy about himself. His trunks say 69 so you know TB is a douche now. Bestia and Shocker go in for the hug on the apron and TB is receptive so this is the turn and was done so well. ***1/2 (7.1)
  14. So Scorpio and Shocker are pulling double duty which is amazing. What a day for lucha around the country. This is a big brawl that has Scorpio juicing. He had a hell of a day as these two matches can’t be further apart. This probably has Casas looking the most pissed off and personal as anything else we have seen in 2000 so far. Shocker says he got fouled because it Is Shocker. Overall Scorpio is able to score the pin for the rudos which is really satisfying given what we have seen from him throughout the day. ***3/4
  15. So much talent in the ring and as a result, this match is good even if it was surface level sequences and not the MOTYC all eight probably could have against each other if they went all out. Dandy is a pretty strong rudo in Monterrey and I am looking at him and Shocker here since they weren’t on the big CMLL show. Dandy gets the finale pin on Antifaz with holding the rope and an assist by Shocker. The Pierroth vs Perro old man slugfest in the middle was really good. Shocker clowning around also added some strong character moments and he seemed to be going after both Casas and Santo at different points. *** (6.2)
  16. In matches like these, you see the frustration that you can get from watching CMLL week to week. These six don't really have an overarching angle or big theme they are building to right now so it feels like they are kind of in neutral. Neutral of course is a good match as all of these guys minus maybe Charles is elite in 2000. Shocker has the flash and charisma and Bestia/Scorpio can bring the bruising hate. Casas continues to be one feud away from having a breakout performance and I want it to happen soon as his kicks at the end of the match on the outside were brutal and quintessential Casas. Your ho hum enjoyable CMLL trios that was given some time. ***1/4 (6.3)
  17. We get a vignette to start to cement Villano’s tecnico turn. He comes out in big poncho and cowboy hat and the fight is on. We get some neat pairings and brawling throughout all of this. I even enjoy Pierroth in this setting as he is the garbage brawl guy of CMLL. Shocker continues to grow IMO and you are seeing with each match how he could become the guy for the promotion. His sequences vs. Atlantis were easily the best technical wise in this match. First two falls are DQ’s on opposite side and the expression Shocker gives to the crowd after he sees a bloody Pierroth is awesome. How can you cheer someone that does this to my friend? The third fall is more of the same with everyone ramped up and Villano maybe being a tecnico but still not being adverse to taking a shortcut by getting a pin with his feet on the ropes. CMLL is definitely back. ****
  18. Shocker comes out looking like a fucking star. Ditto La Parka and Porky. We finally get started after 10 minutes and there is nothing to this match at all except for some Porky spots. It looks like we have some clipping but this is by far the worst match of the three even though all were exhibition in nature to a degree. This is an interesting show to watch. It has a cool atmosphere and some unique pairings. **
  19. Well these six had a MOTYC last time so can they top it here? This starts off much more restrained than the previous six man and you get traditional pair offs in the first caida. This culminates in Shocker and Villano III. Look at how much they milk the test of strength here including a wonderful celebration from the rudos when Shocker takest he advantage. Things pick up after that exchange and the Villanos end up taking the first fall right after the 10 minute mark. Classic lucha here. Second fall opens up with a really cool moment where Villano IV and Shocker square off and both throw a dropkick at same time. As soon as Shocker gets up, he gets punched in the face. Second fall is much quicker but the Guapos trios brings a lot more viciousness in this one and put away the brothers quickly. Bestia has a good looking swantom and elbow drop. LOL at Bestia ripping up a sign before the third fall praising the Villano’s as guapo. Villano is working the left leg injury like a pro and honestly he may be the wrestler of the year now. He can brawl, he can wrestle, he can portray a rudo and tecnico. Just a great versatile year so far. Villano has Scorpio backing into the corner and limping like a wounded soldier. Scorpio goes right for kill and then locks in a submission that has Villano writhing in pain. Shocker trying to get the foul called gets me every time and he is in contention with Satanico as the best with that spot. Villano IV and utilizes his cutter as a death move throughout the match and is able to get pins on Shocker and Scorpio to win it for his hermanos. Not as visceral as the previous match, but another great entry and some fabulous wrestling/storytelling. ****
  20. In the absence of Satanico lately, Shocker has become the big rudo in the whole promotion. This had the fire and energy of the pre 3/17 stuff. I love Perro but its pretty clear that he is on the downswing of his career and is only really good for brawling around the ring. Him and Bestia in particular have an off sequence inside the ring. Shoker and Niebla in particular have a fun pairing in this one. Niebla is an interesting guy in CMLL at the time that has looked good in all the stuff we have seen but hasn’t been showcased to be the guy in anything either. One day I will learn the name of the mini here that always adds a little interest to the proceedings. Perro gets busted open and the rudos reign supreme as the segment ends. ***
  21. This is a big test for Shocker. Strong mat work to start. Zumbido is a prickly second as he punched TB while in a submission. He tries is again and Antifaz goes to break it up. The referee admonishes him and Zumbido has a shit eating grin on his face. Shocker in the first fall was absolutely outstanding. Mat work and speed mixing in his wonderful charisma. He was someone that had potential in January from what we saw but now has realized it and is elite. He gains the first pinfall when TB goes for a rana that he turns into a powerbomb. The onslaught continues in the second fall and Shocker is just a cocky bastard hitting his elbow drop and even pulling TB up on pinfall attempts. We get an advertisement for a Panther vs Santo match at Arena Coliseo. Sign me up. TB fights out of a STF to reach the ropes. There was a good sense of peril here given how dominant Shocker has been overall. TB finally blocks a kick and fires up enough to run through his offense. TB character work and execution here is better than in the Satanico apuestas. TB secures the second fall and we are all tied up. Third fall is a great back and forth with both guys selling fatigue and capitalizing on the others mistakes. The referee gets bumped and Zumbido attempts to double team TB but Antifaz hits a missile dropkick first and TB does his lifting pedigree type finish for the win to a huge pop. Holy hell, both of these guys passed the test but Shocker was outstanding. Excellent match. I love lucha. ****1/4
  22. Really quick match that played more as a backdrop of things to come than in ring action here. Casas gets beat up on and Shocker is not amused and deserts him. A lot of shifting pieces in CMLL and it will be intriguing to see where they all shake out. *1/2
  23. How can this match not kick ass with these pairings. This is the most spirited we have seen Casas so far this year as he is rocking and excellent goatee and goes right after Shocker. Rudos clean house and then do a boss strut. This pisses the tecnicos right off who come firing off, clean house and then do the strut themselves. Tremendous. Porky goes through some comedy segments and he is the king as the tecnicos take the first fall when Porky splashes Shocker. Rudos come back and take second fall quickly with some good triple teams and a nice dropkick from Zumbido. Third fall things get really violent and Emilio gives his most fired up exchange of the year beating the shit out of Zumbido at ringside. Just then all HELL breaks loose as Fuerza, Black Warrior and the rudo brigade come out to beat up the tecnicos. This draws out some tecnicos led by Atlnatis and then the whole roster comes out and starts brawling with each other in the ring. This feels appropriate given the faction warfare booking we have seen in CMLL so far and the action is chaotic and too tough to follow in a good way. A fireball gets used and we even go backstage with Psychosis being arrested and Emilio looking for a piece of him. Fans and wrestlers are scattered everywhere and it is presented in a hectic way and something so nontraditional for CMLL. Zumbido is now almost a defacto tecnico when they return and they scurried away the invaders of Parka and Psychosis. So much like CMLL in 2000, this match didn’t come out like I expected but it was a wild ride and they continue to be my promotion of the year. **** (7.9)
  24. Another balls to the wall 10 minute lucha match for these guys. Not much in the way of a feud but a ton of crazy dives and constant action along with some character touches like Shocker's dance on the outside when his team is victorious. Fine with this feud staying the course as a entertainment feud more than a blood feud. *** (6.1)
  25. Shocker’s outfit is pretty magnificent. Huge pop for the tecnicos and Perro coming out. I thought this was the best we have seen Shocker look as he looked poised to be a big star and finishes off the first fall with a great elbow drop onto Perro. So much for your homecoming. Tarzan Boy still is getting a good bit of heat from the Arena Mexico faithful and a rudo turn is possibly needed in his future with him getting the Roman Reigns reaction. Perro still is kind at doing the mano y mano strikes exchange as he has a strong one with Scorpio in the ring and then an even better one with Ano outside the ring. While all of this happened, Tarzan Boy picked up the second fall win which feels like an afterthought. Third fall has some good comedy stuff and then culminates in Ano and Perro again going after each other in the ring. This is a heated callback to their AAA feud and Perro taking his mask. I thought TB looks good here and him and Shocker is an interesting pairing and crowd reaction. Rayo even has a big dive to the outside which was a big move for him. That leaves our main pairing of Perro and Ano and we get a quick foul and pin to spoil the big return of Perro. Excellent. This again wasn’t great in the ring but really helped progress stuff at the future and had just enough memorable moments to make it a solid addition to the undercard of this show. ***