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Found 15 results

  1. One of those matches that checked off every theoretical box on paper, but just never seemed to excite me for whatever reason, other than one absolutely incredible nearfall, that seriously may have been the very best one of 2000 not in a match featuring Atlantis or Villano III. I like both guys and thought they both gave good performances, but this was just missing something to put it over the top.
  2. This show displays the depth of Toryumon. This was the type of junior wrestling I really dig with simple but meaningful mat work leading to an exciting climax that still never overstays its welcome and doesn’t involve too many kickouts. Arai sold the back damage well and reeled off some spots that did just enough damage to SUWA’s arm to keep him fighting throughout. SUWA was certainly brimming with confidence and didn’t expect the fight of Arai. This leads to the finish where Arai is able to gain a lot of momentum and win the title in what felt like a big moment for him. Great match. **** (7.8)
  3. Was happy to see a long form six man between these two teams and it didn’t disappoint. This felt more basic in the heel Crazy Max faction vs. three established babyfaces but the roles were presented well and the match moved along nicely. Tokyo is back with some highlighted hair and he picked his spots throughout and didn’t have any blunders to detract things. Genki was the standout for me on the face side as he was great at picking his spots, taking a beating and kickstarting the final portion of the match with his highspots and speed. I loved how they built to that moment and then the match broke down. Crazy Max is a well oiled machine by this point and this is the best trio they can roll out. Tokyo getting the pin on CIMA felt like a big moment and it was surprising to see given the M2K vs Crazy Max feud that is dominating most things Toryumon by this point. **** (7.8)
  4. This was quite a shock to see these guys performing for AJ in front of a Budokan crowd. This whole card shows how AJ really brought in as many other people and special features they could to keep interest up. They did a 12 minute match which packed a ton of action. This Crazy Max trio is my favorite. CIMA looked like he was out to impress. He takes some great bumps here including one to crotch himself. M2K works over him and before he makes a hot tag he also is able to springboard off the middle rope, deliver a dropkick on the apron and a moonsault. That was amazing to watch. Masaaki and Fuji also were fired up and they are the feature pairing at the end with Masaaki picking up a big win for the M2K faction. Up there with the M-Pro tourning style matches from KDX. ***1/2 (7)
  5. SUWA and Fuji are the most prickly CM pair and they brutalize the eternally sympathetic Genki and Dragon Kid throughout most of this match. Dragon Kid and Genki on their comeback was mostly good but DK did have some botchy miscues on his cutters. I know it probably has a Toryumon name but Genki kept locking on the Chikara Special for near submissions on SUWA. Fuji catching DK in the chokeslam and sending him up in the air followed by their combo finisher was a good near fall requiring a Genki save. Backslide from heaven is attempted but reversed into a SUWA pedigree for the pin. We got 8 out of 15 minutes so I feel like we saw enough to properly rank this as a fun match. *** (6.2)
  6. Not quite as flashy as the first match, but good stuff, and probably the best outing I've seen from Sano so far this year. It's interesting to see how a lot of these guys work shorter matches when I've typically only seen them in longer matches, as it levels the playing field a bit between them and their American counterparts. That's not to say this isn't impressive, but more to say that the gulf isn't as wide as some might think. SUWA isn't as strong of an all-around performer as CIMA, but when it comes his strengths, which are mainly centered around American-style heeling, he's probably a little better. He almost feels like he should be either Gedo or Jado in the Gedo and Jado tag team. Impressive that Sano has started two decades doing matches in this style, and I'm really interested in seeing where the 2000s take him. ***
  7. This was the first marquee 1 vs 1 Toryumon matchup we have seen and it didn’t disappoint. SUWA is used as the base for most of the match and grinds down Dragon Kid with dominant and power offense. DK is able to even up the score by hitting some highspots. I enjoyed the amount of time DK recovered after hitting those big highspots putting over the damage that Suwa has done. DK nails the Dragon Rana from the top rope with great perfection for a nearfall until interference from Crazy Max manager. Suwa also hits a low blow and then a version of a Canadian destroyer almost for the victory. A big brawl breaks out after the match with Suwa ripping off DK’s mask. Hakushi makes the save and carries DK to the back. Good stuff. ***1/2
  8. As Toryumon grows in 2000, the new people that are being inserted mainly Genki and Saito here are adding a lot of depth that retains interest of the viewer. This was the best Saito has looked so far with some great strikes against SUWA. We got an abbreviated match but I appreciate the variety of matches Crazy Max has vs. up and comers here, vs their new rivals in M2K and vs the established stars like the Dragon Kid/Tiger Mask tag a few days earlier. ***1/4 (6.4)
  9. This kind of felt like a holdover match from the old Toryumon to the new era with the M2K vs CM feud but it was a really good entry into the CIMA as WOTY resume and Suwa being his best tag partner in the Crazy Max faction. They work impressively here as the clear rudos utilizing every advantage they can get a hold of. Between the Suwa singles match and this one, the stiffness that Arai displays is something I did not expect given my familiarity with him in current day. He adds a lot to these matches in a classical junior sense. Dragon Kid was also mostly on point here and this led in nicely to the Suwa singles match coming up at the end of August. The finish was fun with Suwa getting his win back on Arai and reversing a backslide attempt seamlessly into the pedigree. ***3/4 (7.4)
  10. A neat mix of Toryumon and Mich Pro guys. The action here was more of a showcase than and actual structure but Dragon Kid gets his masked ripped and has his hair flowing through all of his highspots which provided a nice visual. The Crazy Max team also used some great rudo tactics including SUWA hurling a chair and gaining the advantage as we hit the stretch run. Tiger Mask took a backseat in this one until the end where him and SUWA are front and center for the finale. Dragon rana nearly spells doom until Sasuke the Great interferes with the referee. DK wipes out SUWA on the outside and inside the ring, TM is able to put away Taru with a Tiger Suplex. Fun Fun Fun. ***
  11. SUWA is such a punk. He starts shit walking out and it flows over to the match as he just brutalizes Tiger Mask working like a complete rudo with stiff punches, mask ripping and drawing blood. He also is stirring up a lot of hate with Magnum Tokyo on the outside. Tiger Mask for his part hits his comebacks and shows sympathy. I liked the glimpse of a run for TM and then SUWA kneeing him in the nuts and just taking over again. The comeback from TM was superheroic but he did have to thwart off Crazy Max as well as another low blow from SUWA before locking on the submission victory. SUWA freaks after the match and we get a big ol brawl to set up a lot of matches in the future. Another really good match to end the night. ***3/4 (7.6)
  12. I was excited to see how Marvin mixed it up with Crazy Max. Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty big blast. SUWA and Marvin do a pretty great sequence with each other leaving Fuji in amazement and pointing at Marvin asking who the fuck this guy is. After working over Tiger Mask some, CM goes right into the final sequence. Of course, tons of action in this section and a lot of neat stuff involving Marvin and CIMA. CIMA catches a rana attempt with a big powerbomb and puts Marvin away with the powerbomb. ***1/2 (6.9)
  13. Outstanding sprint, maybe the most action-packed match we've seen so far from these guys. This was the Toryumon guys interpreting Michinoku Pro's glory days and doing a tremendous job of it while adding their own spin, with all six holding their own and giving strong performances. And the best part? Crazy Max finally lost a match! There were two minutes left on my file after this and I was hoping they weren't going to run in and get their heat back and they didn't, which was great! They needed to do a job right about now to keep things interesting, and they did it in a match type that a novice would probably think is far more typical in Toryumon than it really was. ****1/4
  14. A good tag match but nothing extraordinary at all and we missed around 6 minutes. The crowd was also really sparse which made the match not have much of an atmosphere. Between this and the Toryumon we saw at the end of September seems to have the promotion in a bit of a holding pattern until the next big show. The way that Crazy Max used underhanded techniques here when they felt the match slipping away was well done. I also dug Fuji using power moves like the chokeslam. Ending lariat looked brutal. **1/2
  15. Crazy Max explodes! Fuji and SUWA have a pretty respectful opening but Taru goes right after CIMA and the fight is on. M2K is creeping around so keep that in mind. Fuji is worked over and a funny moment happens where they stretch him out for the nut kick from Taru but he realizes it and refuses. Sure enough after a few more minutes, M2K interferes and the fight is on with CIMA going into the crowd and them using the boards. The match gets thrown out for a DQ. This was a weird match that didn’t have much heat or energy at all. I get these guys are faction members but they could have been some juice inserted. Most disappointing Toryumon match of the year. **