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  1. Crazy crazy heated match. You don‘t see a lot of matches with the crowd this excited for a bunch of technical guys in black trunks. Not quite a shootstyle match, but really tight action and really intense stuff with Fujinami & Kimura being outgunned by the UWF duo. Kido can always beat you with a slick reversal, and anytime Maeda starts throwing kicks you think he is about to kill someone. Kimura taking it to Maeda was cool to see and he and Fujinami had some inspired exchanges. Lots of cool moments throughout, including an awesome dive tease and a great crafty finish. It happens in a split second and once you realize what happened you smile. Check it out if you‘re a fan of the time period. This happened on the same card as Fujiwara/Yamada. Mid 80s NJPW was loaded.
  2. WELL!! These are two of my favourite female workers, and really two of the more unique wrestlers in wrestling history, despite the fact you have to kind of scour the earth to find their good matches. Due to the special makeup of japanese womens wrestling these two are rarely in a matchup that allows them to shine. And for some reason, their matches over the years have never been quite white they should be. The 1998 encounter went far too long, the 2000 ones ranged between solid and fun exhibtions... fortunately, they finally delivered what the matchup promises on this one. This is a submission match and really worked like Negro Navarro vs. Solar in Coliseo Coacalco. It even had the kind of playing to the crowd and jokes that sort of match would have. 90% of this was grappling, and it was good. What makes these two so cool is not just their submissions but the cool unique trips and transitions they will come up with to get them. Plenty of unique spots and submissions to keep you entertained, and the finish was decided on the mat in an intense scramble as it should be. Really this felt like a Virus match and that's exactly what their strength is. No idea what took them so long to figure it out, but this was worth seeking out.
  3. World Wrestling Entertainment Monday Night RAW #1061 on USA Aired on September 23, 2013 Chicago, IL No review yet. Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil) vs Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan & Luke Harper) Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton Santino Marella vs Fandango Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Cameron, Naomi & Natalya vs AJ Lee, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Layla & Tamina Handicap Elimination Match: R-Truth, Rob Van Dam, Titus O'Neil, Darren Young, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder vs The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) (Discuss) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  4. New Japan Pro Wrestling Bloody Fight Series 1981, Stage 29 September 23, 1981 Tokyo, Japan No review yet. Junji Hirata vs Makoto Arakawa George Takano & Kantaro Hoshino vs Loz Brazos (Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata) Pete Roberts vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara Bad News Allen & Jim Duggan vs Haruka Elgen & Ryuma Go IWGP Asia Zone, Preliminary League: Seiji Sakaguchi vs Strong Kobayashi Tiger Mask vs Solar I WWF Junior Heavyweight Title: Tatsumi Fujinami (c) vs El Solitario Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen (Discuss) IWGP Asia Zone, Preliminary League: Antonio Inoki vs Tiger Toguchi (Discuss) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  5. It's another chapter in the series of Improbably Great Usuda vs. Indy Scum matches. I wish Usuda had worked IWA Japan so we could see what he could do with the Great Takeru. I think Honma was already doing regular deathmatches at this point as he looked sleazier and seemed to have forgotten about the finer intricacies of pro wrestling. He just went for big fucking bombs and looked noticably worse during stand up sections than he did earlier in the year. Aside from some slight lack of direction on Honmas part this was a real good match, let me tell you: Usuda pretty much held the whole thing together with his selling, ability to come up with exciting counters and absolutely blasting Honma with brutal kicks. Anytime Usuda was on offense you felt the match could end at any moment. Honma is good enough as your crazy highspot machine. All-time brutal finish.
  6. This was previously available as near unwatchable post stamp size handheld from a japanese site, however, due to recent flood in new japanese handheld footage we get a proper quality version where you see all the details of the grappling. Damn what an intense contest. Almost all on the mat, and Yamada looks really impressive. It's crazy that he was only in his 3rd year as a pro wrestler, but Fujiwara puts him over really strongly. Yamada was a stud and going at Fujiwara like a relentless amateur wrestler. No surfboards or anything from him here, instead he was rocking banana splits and flying legbars, even busting out a credible shootstyle Figure 4. He could've easily gone on and become a high end shootstylist - well, if he wasn't too small maybe. Fujiwara is awesome as you expect from a grappling master, doing lots of cool shit such as using his head to dig into Yamada's elbow joint or reversing the figure 4 into a toe hold. Early on Fujiwara seems to be disrespecting Yamada and mocking his submission attempts, bitchslapping him in the corner, but Yamada keeps pushing him, fighting back with huge slaps and a dropkick that almost kicked Fujiwara's head into th 3rd row. Fujiwara refuses to uses the ropes, but eventually is forced to resort to them. There are like half a dozen great armbar counters from Fujiwara in this match proving why he is the master of the move, several times he seems to be luring Yamada into a trap in order to snap him, but Yamada immediately curls into a pyramid in order to defend against the submission. My favourite moment my have been Fujiwara getting the armbar and flatting Yamada in order to prevent his defense and using his leg to apply the pressure, never seen him do that anywhere else. Yamada keeps pushing and escaping though and going after Fujiwara like a terrier until he goes for one shot too many. Great match.
  7. IIRC Tiger Toguchi was threated like a total geek in All Japan, so this could've easily been a 3 minute squash. Rusher Kimura and Animal Hamaguchi get on the mic before the match to taunt Inoki. Inoki seemed off focus and Toguchi immediately starts pounding on him. Toguchi has really good looking basic offense, nasty looking punches with great snap, kneedrops, elbows to the kidney etc. Once again Inoki looked like the baddest dude on the planet when he made his initial comeback throwing punches and slaps and blocking Toguchi's attack. Toguchi makes a few more comebacks by throwing cheapshots including pounding Inoki on the ground with punches and hitting him in the throat and getting in a piledriver, but Inoki catches him with a flash kick and then locks in an Octopus Stretch which nearly crushed poor Toguchi's body. This was pretty much a glorified squash as Toguchi is nowhere near Inoki's league but Inoki gave Toguchi a ton of offense making him look credible and there were a few badass moments.
  8. This is the 4th and last match in the series of awesome brawls between these two teams. They only show 13 minutes of a 22 minute bout, which I'm pretty salty about, but hey, until recently I didn't even know this show even existed on tape! The clipping is seamless so the match feels complete enough, and it's another high intensity affair that felt like it could end at any moment. The centerpiece was Kotsubo getting KO'd by a high kick from Taru and then the buko guys kill the ever loving shit out of him spin kicking him in the head a bunch. Kotsubo looked convincingly near death and the finish between him and Taru was far better than it should plausibly be. Intense chaotic stuff as always from these teams, also Kamikaze almost kills some Buko guys by landing with his knees on their heads doing a spaceman moonsault. God bless WDF for this shit.
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