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Found 58 results

  1. Matt Riddle defends the WWE United States Title Given the chemistry and some of the past matches these two have had before, I was super hyped to see what these two would on the big stage. Unfortunately this didn't reach the level of their TV matches which were much better as they were much more condensed. I still dug this as the work was tight and snug and we got some great bits such as the great knee counter to the Riddle flip from the ring apron inside the ring. That entire White Noise botch off the top rope was obviously silly but the big Bruiser Brody like King Kong Knee Drop off the top rope from Sheamus was great and looked like it would crush Riddle's jaw. Sheamus has a pretty great year, so it was cool seeing him win and I look forward to seeing where his runs leads to.
  2. These two have good chemistry together and have put on quality matches throughout the past 8 or so months. While this isn't on par with some of their previous matches, it's still good. The early mat exchanges are quite gritty with Sheamus just grinding his forearms in Riddle's face aggressively and Riddle catching him in a pretty deep rear naked choke that you can see his forearm clearly under Sheamus throat and Sheamus tapping his arm to let him know he needs to loosen up. Thankfully the WWE truly seems to be done with thigh slaps as now folks are more focused on putting a little heat behind their strikes and these two threw some bombs here. I'm usually not sold on big Spanish fly spots as they take forever to setup, but here Riddle just runs up the ropes and flips immediately without them taking forever to coordinate it. I wasn't big on Riddle's brief comeback as a lot of his strikes looked somewhat flimsy during that segment, but the finish with the big White Noise on the ring apron looked brutal and the finish made sense as they can build to a rematch. Not a MOTYC or anything but still another quality RAW heavyweight TV match.
  3. WWE continues putting on quality heavyweight matches featuring real heavyweights just throwing bombs and working extra snug on TV on a a monthly basis. This wasn’t quite McIntyre/Sheamus levels, but this was still good. The early mat work with Lashley just grounding Sheamus and roughing him up with his forearms before dropping bombs on him from the knee on belly mount was great and set the tone for most of the match. Sheamus also got some brutality in this as he was dropping some clubs on Lashley with some knee strikes on a grounded a Lashley that looked like they were going to crack his skull and some brutal 12-6 elbows that were clearly hitting Lashley in the jaw and chest as your could clearly hear the thud from these. Lashley also rushed into the post shoulder first like he was going for a tope and got caught which was a pretty wild bump. The highlight was the brutal flying knee during the last few minutes of this from Sheamus into a charging Lashley that dropped Lashley and to be honest I’m surprised didn’t KO him as it connected nearly flush on the jaw. Just a brutal match as you can see the effects of it reflected on Sheamus' body language near the end.
  4. After their MOTYC last week, they follow up with a No DQ match and you can't help but get excited for this only to be letdown as they can't follow up. Last week we got a stiff heavyweight match with some potatoes being thrown and this week we got an underwhelming no DQ weapon heavy WWE style brawl. Instead of relying on stiff strikes like last week, they relied on using a kendo stick. Drew took a big table bump, which was neat, but nowhere near as brutal as the big table bump Sheamus took last week where he landed viciously on the edge of the table. There was a great looking punch to the head from McIntyre which you could clearly hear connect a big knee from Sheamus, but not much else I dug here. The finish was lame as it featured a stair assisted double KO. This is obviously building to a PPV match which I hope is a standard 2/3 falls match and not a lame gimmick match similar to this one.
  5. This is definitely a breath of fresh air as it's a really good heavyweight TV match. Sheamus was working really snug early on and hitting Drew with some brutal strikes which you could hear the thuds of them clearly connecting as some potatoes were definitely thrown in there. Drew gets a receipt by tossing Sheamus back first on the edge of the commentators table which is one of the nastiest WWE table bumps ever. He then dumps him with a nasty suplex on the table that doesn't give either. Both guys are dead by the end of this as you can clearly see the wear on their bodies. Unique finish with Drew cleverly countering the Brogue Kick with a Claymore. My type of match and I maybe overrate this, but I have this as my new MOTY pick over Finn/Dunne II from TakeOver Vengeance.
  6. This is a really good stiff battle. There's a funny moment on commentary where they're extolling Dolph's technical skill in contrast to Sheamus' brute brawling style, meanwhile Dolph is unloading a flurry of punches at Sheamus. I really liked how they did the transitions, Sheamus lariating Dolph while he's sitting on the top turnbuckle looked cool and the finish got a cheer out of me. ***3/4
  7. A super simply, but very well structured tag bout. The story was all about The Bar working like such a solid unit, keeping Apollo from tagging to Titus for most of it. Cesaro & Sheamus did a good job working over the man & Apollo's selling was good. Titus' hot tag was very good - the Clash of the Titus nearfall was awesome. They even got the crowd into the match when they hit that finishing stretch, which was great to hear because they weren't making any noise for the 4 men involved in the early stages. Very good match. ***1/2
  8. TLC 2015 - Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns - WWE Title TLC Match For a match that I've yet to hear any real hype for, this match came out of nowhere and really blew me away. Right off the bat Reigns just tattoos Sheamus with a right to the face and it never lets up from there. I don't expect much in terms of layered psychology from a TLC match but at the least I appreciate when the work is rooted in some form of logic, and the logic here is that both guys were going to beat the tar out of each other. I don't think they attempted to climb the ladder until at least the mid-way point, and that wasn't because they were too busy setting up cute table spots on the outside. Tag team ladder/TLC matches almost always seem to come off better their singles counterparts, however due to neither guy being a high flier, they did away with the usual set-pieces and the match is so much better for it - highlighting Sheamus and Reigns' strengths, which both include having a bevy of stuff that looks effective. They brawl down the aisle and Sheamus gets flung across a table covered in chairs before going for the ride a second time, crashing through the tables set up near the entrance. There is something aberrant in seeing a guy of Sheamus' size being tossed around, and Reigns channeling his most arrogant side, dumping chairs on a prone Sheamus, just makes it all the better. For brevity the list of notable moments that follow are: - Sheamus suplexing Reigns through a table in the aisle - Roman deadlift powerbombing Sheamus onto a ladder - A Superman Punch variant off the steps - just with Reigns holding a goddamn chair - A Samoan Drop off the apron through a ladder - White Noise off the steps through a table!!! The finish with the League of Nations interfering was a major blight on the match, and seems only to have been included to allow the rematch the following night where Roman decks Vince, which we all know did wonders to get Roman over., but anybody who reveres the Brock/Roman match from Mania ought to give this a (re)watch because, booking aside, there's not many matches from this company that so thoroughly entertained me from bell to bell and incorporated this level of violence. This match has firmly entrenched itself as my no. 5 WWE MOTY behind the aforementioned Mania main event, the two Bayley/Sasha matches from NXT, and Roman and Bryan from Fastlane. EXCELLENT (4.25-4.75*)
  9. Another great match between these 2 teams. Great storytelling with The Bar completely dominating Rollins & Ambrose w/ their awesome team work - Cesaro & Sheamus were really great working the heat on The Shield and the comebacks of The Shield were good. I thought the finish was really good too w/ the champs outsmarting Cesaro & Sheamus big time to get the win. Also much respect to Cesaro for finishing the match after losing some teeth in brutal fashion. That made for an awesome image when Cesaro had Ambrose in the Crossface while his mouth was all bloody. Great stuff. ****
  10. First of all, I really liked Angle coming out with The Shield gear on. A wonderful character touch since Angle used to do goofy shit like that all the time during his first WWE run. Then the actual match - it was such a cluster, but I really loved it. Ambrose & Rollins were on fire from start to finish - super strong performances by them, The Miz played his role to absolute perfection & the rest of the guys did their parts very well too. I liked all the twists & turns - Angle getting out of the match after getting destroyed by Braun was great & his eventual comeback with his own music was a goosebumps worthy moment - him just throwing all the bad guys around w/ his signature Suplexes & Angle Slams ruled. The Braun/Kane angle was also executed really well & made Braun look badass as usual. I feel like this match could've been even better had Reigns been able to compete, but goddamn, I still had such a blast watching this. Super enjoyable stuff. ****
  11. Oh man it feels so good to see Ambrose & Rollins tag again. They are so much better together than as singles guys. This started off pretty slow, but once Cesaro went & got + destroyed that beach ball from the crowd, things got heated & very interesting. From that point on, the match was pretty damn amazing w/ The Bar doing great work over Rollins & Ambrose being a fantastic hot tag. The finishing stretch was also really damn good. Great match. ****
  12. I liked how this was structured a lot more than the previous fatal 4 way, everyone going after Reigns in the beginning made for an interesting dynamic, only problem was that I don't think anyone in this match other than Reigns is a consistently good wrestler in 2016. What this match did give us was some interesting cut-offs, Jericho breaking up Sheamus' 10 punch combo with a Springboard Dropkick, Sheamus using the Brogue Kick to break up Jericho's Boston Crab and to cut off Reigns while he was cleaning house, Jericho countering Zayn's Springboard DDT by just pulling him down, all really cool ideas that were executed well. Reigns not allowing Jericho's midlife crisis cover to get even a one count was amusing and the finish was reminiscent of a 2013 Shield six man tag, Roman was on fire, unfortunately old man Jericho botched a big spot but Reigns recovered well enough by just picking him back up and punching him in the face again. **3/4
  13. Fun TV match with both of these guys laying it in but lacking anything to make it stand out amongst the plethora of other decent to good TV matches. I'm liking Styles' knew additions to his move set (he apron knee, the sliding forearm etc.) and he took a sweet bump of the steel steps. As three starish as a three star match has ever been.