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Found 7 results

  1. This is pretty slow and disjointed to start, then picks up at the end as Yoshida and Inoue start throwing every near-fall they have at their opponents. Yoshida shows off some fancy new offense, including one of the first chronological appearances of the Air Raid Crash. We get some pretty good near-falls, but the nagging feeling that this is all for naught persists. I'm not one to go this route in criticizing a match, and in fact I'm pretty sure I've never made this complaint to this degree about any '90s match in this project, but having Aja and Dynamite decisively go over as they did feels like a real missed opportunity. AJW seems desperate for new star talent and this really felt like time to pull the trigger on an upset. Not that it would have made either Inoue or Yoshida an instant main eventer or turned around the company's fortunes or anything by itself, but it would have shaken things up *somewhat.*
  2. Goddamn, I want to see everything Tomoko Watanabe ever did. I should start a Microscope thread on her or something because as it stands now I definitely want to squeeze her into my GWE ballot. I don't know if the Great Matches are there but holy shit is she fun to watch. Big flying fat woman offense, unbelievable velocity and snap to her moves, and she bumps like a maniac and is a fine seller to boot. Bennett gamely attempts to match her move for move and bump for bump, but can't quite do it. Nakanishi, less than 6 months into her career is in for a few minutes just to get abused starting with Mita seemingly shoot sandbagging her as she attempts to apply a Boston crab. After she gets beaten into oblivion she plays almost no role the rest of the match--I get she's a rookie but this felt like Michael Jordan getting frozen out during the '85 All-Star Game. This isn't one for the Psychology Hall of Fame nor is it particularly heated, but it's a hell of a fun spotfest and one to watch if you like big folks flying around. The dive train climaxing with a LUCHA REGGIE tope is a highlight. One thing holding this back is a pretty poorly done ending with my new favorite worker being the main culprit, as Watanabe completely blows off the Death Lake Driver, which should be sold as a killer move, just so she can run to her finish. It's gold up until then though, and I could have watched these 6 go at it for twice as long.
  3. Her Toyota-ness descends upon JWP for this Special Challenge match at Sumo Hall. This was entirely predictable in terms of how the hierarchical difference played out, but it was still a good performance from both women. Toyota pinched both Takako Inoue and Mima Shimoda's heel acts a bit too liberally for my liking, but she gave Kuzumi a real eye-opener in terms of what she (Kuzumi) was lacking. Kuzumi's selling was good, and she made the most of her comebacks when they came, but there was a marked difference in intensity and in the way Toyota was able to carry and project herself. Manami had the confidence to play to the crowd without worrying what her next move would be and was basically streets ahead of where Kuzumi was at. That's not to say that Kuzumi should have disappointed in her performance. She did about as well as expected and would become a great worker in her own right during the freelance era. After watching Toyota go through her own "head down, bum up" phase in 1990-91, it was fascinating watching the poised performer she'd become only a few years later. I'm not sure if Joshi workers mature faster than men, or if it's because their careers would burn faster under the old retirement rule, but the daily grind of the old system sure got them up to speed in a hurry.
  4. These aren't exactly two guys I gush over the opportunity to see, and aside from a few interference spots and Fuyuki taking a bell to Shiro's head on the floor, this isn't a bloody interpromotional brawl either. But it is a very well laid-out match between two guys who know how to work a crowd. Fuyuki has finished his transformation into possibly the biggest slob in the history of wrestling, but can still move about--he's pretty much a Japanese indy Dusty Rhodes. Fuyuki has taped ribs which plays into some cool counters as well as the finishing stretch. Nothing that will change the world but a match that reflects well on both guys.