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Found 11 results

  1. Masaaki Mochizuki defends the Open the Dream Gate Title There is a nice escalation early on leading to a Yokosuka slap after a rope break. Both end up ramming their primary weapon (Mochi's leg, Yokosuka's arm) into the post early. The selling is not what I like, but it works into the story of the early match. Mochi using kicks to the arm is a really good way to use his strength against a targeted bodypart. Yokosuka really works over Mochi's leg and I am digging this match as an arm vs. leg match. Yokosuka countering Mochi's knee counter to a leg grab is a nice nod to their history as partners. I liked seeing a figure four not get turned over. The second figure four has a great Mochi counter. I do like how Mochi tends to fight back against things, unlike a lot of DG/Toryumon guys who just jump on into the hold/move if it isn't being reversed. After the first part of the match they forget about the limb damage (Yokosuka does remember once) unless it is being worked on. I guess it's kind of a difficult proposition working the leg on a guy who is 50% kicks. Immediately after 5-7 minutes of legwork they are doing the high speed corner running spot. They do briefly go back to leg vs. arm and I still really like this match. Finishing sequence forgets all that and we see a Hansen to Kobashi lariat out of the corner from Yokosuka! That had me marking out. Way too many lariat no-selling and kick/lariat exchanges as we reach the end. Especially considering Yokosuka throws a nice lariat and if he did it a couple times a match it would be HUGE. Overall I appreciate a lot of aspects of the style so far. I just think that there are a few really glaring issues for me, such as the blowing off of the leg (don't work the leg so heavy) and the need to do the macho, let's-hit-each-other-to-prove-who-is-tougher nonsense. I realize these come with the territory and I can still enjoy the positive aspects of the match. I will say Mochi is really a giving wrestler and he always seems to make his teammates/opponents look really good.
  2. This was a good trios match. The highlights were the opening Genki/Saito matwork, Shisa's highspots and all things Kenichiro Arai who is such a cool character. The Toryumon crew couldn't touch the 90s M-Pro guys and you could tell that they were more interested in putting together finishing stretches than the body of the mat (the rudo work in this match was pretty average), but this was in the 90s M-Pro style and a very fun, fresh take at it.