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Found 8 results

  1. A really good match that was trending to a great one until the shoddy finish. This opened up uniquely with basic wrestling holds and sequences including arm drag takeovers and criss crosses leading into a nice looking powerslam by Corino. Once Tajiri goes on offense, he continues to be one of if not the best person in wrestling in 2000 performing offense. Chairs being hit in unique angles and deadly precision on his kicks. Corino bleeds and as usual it looks great with his blonde hair. The finish sees Tajiri misting special referee Jerry Lynn and then he hits a superkick from Corino for the pin. Really cheap finish with Cyrus continuing to be annoying as shit in this network role. ***1/2 (6.9)
  2. I don’t know when Francine joined up with Credible but here she is. Scotty Anton is putting the moves on her. The way they build to the face team coming out with Corino on the mic is really well done first with Dreamer, then Raven and finally of course Sandman doing his whole spiel to a huge reaction. However, after that the heels retreat and we get a LONG bit of stalling. We are legit 19 minutes into the video and no one has locked up yet. Once the match starts, it is good Southern affair with everyone doing some clown spots and a decent FIP on Sandman. Some of the work is loose and the camera work is unbelievably bad at points considering this didn’t devolve into a brawl. Weapons come in for the finale and the faces win to make everyone go home happy. **3/4
  3. I was happy to see Tajiri work with an underneath worker and him vs EZ Money sounded fun in concept. The match itself had the crowd firmly behind Tajiri and Money mainly backing off which was fun to see as a one off. Tajiri continues to find creative ways of bringing in his signature stuff like the mist and Tarantula. His kicks of course looked wonderful including the one right before the finish of the brainbuster. **1/2
  4. The way this is filmed provides a weird haze over the top of the camera angle. These are two of the bright spots in ECW at the time so I was looking forward to this one. Tajiri is so great at interacting with the fans in each arena and getting heat right away. Opening sequence was quick and things were moving along nicely when Kash botches a dive and I’m not sure quite what he was going for. You Fucked Up rains down on him for a few moments before he throws out another dive. Tajiri gains control inside and has some vicious looking offense and crowd interaction including spitting on a fan at ringside. Those chops he delivers in the corner also look brutal. There is a lot of empty seats for ECW tonight in this arena. The finish of this was effective in giving Kash just enough hope spots in a roll up but Tajiri was pretty dominant throughout and wins with the brainbuster. The botch was rough but the rest was good stuff here. ***
  5. One of the better three way dances I have ever seen. This really carries a unique vibe over from the Crazy vs Taijiri series of things becoming really violent and visceral within the match. All three guys bleed especially Crazy who does a brutal blade job. Touches like the side of the table being used add a violent and dangerous vibe to the proceedings. Guido is the first one out and I did think Sal's involvement in here was unneeded. Guido gets a respectable applause as he heads to the back. Corino and Victory come out at this point and again that adds a little bit of annoyance that derails things ever so slightly in this match although it does retain a strong storyline arc. Ref gets misted and Crazy gets the visual pin over Taijiri. Rhino comes in and attacks Crazy with a nasty gore and piledriver from the apron through a table on the outside. The mutants go wild. RVD chants are fired up. Another official runs out for the pinfall which is annoying since where was he at when Crazy had the pinfall. With the Network celebrating, out comes Sandman for another 10 minute entrance. We come back from break with Sandman caning Rhino repeatedly. The numbers game catch up to him and Sandman takes a gore through the table. The RVD chants continue. RVD comes out broken leg and all and clears house gingerly leading to the stareoff between him and Rhino as the show fades to black. This is really an encapsulation of the best and worst of ECW as the junior action was great and OVER but the overbooking and reliance on Sandman who feels almost as much of a nostalgia act at this point as Hogan and Flair on WCW isn't sustainable. ***3/4
  6. Corino runs his mouth which brings out Dreamer and in turn brings out Taijiri so the match is on. I hate Tommy doing the Tarantula as that was such a unique looking move for Taijiri to execute that it loses some of it luster that Tommy can perform it without much of any problems. Action is good here but a big ol brawl breaks out with everyone from Rhino to Mikey Whipwreck, Guido and Super Crazy coming down. With everything cleared away, out comes Awesome to You Souled Out chants. Judge Jeff does the call out for anyone in the building. Tazz WWF music fires out and out he comes to a thunderous pop. Not much of a match as Awesome gets choked out in two minutes to head to WCW. Awesome gets right up and heads straight through the crowd. As a moment of on the fly booking, this wasn’t bad and certainly memorable. Awesome didn’t hold up well at all on rewatch and we may not be seeing him much at all anymore. ***
  7. This started off much better and intense than the previous indy match as the bullrope is a good restriction. Corino is bleeding absolute buckets. Victory interferes fairly early on and goes after Tommy. Sandman comes out in no hurry and we have an impromptu cage match. This really is one of the worst blade jobs I have seen as Corino’s head is completely red. Taijiri comes back out to give the advantage to the heels. Joey keeps yelling about the Network in a really grating way. Suplex through the ladder to Sandman in a brutal looking spot. Here comes New Jack trying to outdo Sandman in length of entrance. We haven’t seen much or any really of New Jack’s routine in 2000 so it was endearing to see here. Natural Born chairshot ends that. Rhino then decides to interfere in the match which is odd timing but whatever. Rhino beats down on everyone but here comes big Dusty to a huge pop. Dusty gives two bionic elbows that Rhino is able to shake off before being caned into oblivion. ECW as ECW can be but fun while it lasted. ***
  8. No new ground being broke here but them going out and doing their fun tv match for six minutes. Tables and mist were involved and Guido's base of wrestling surrounding the aura of Taijiri is appealing. **3/4