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Found 31 results

  1. Like Guido's match with Crazy two weeks earlier, this only got about 7 minutes, but wow, did they make the most of it. The commercial break after the intros and then again after a minute or so of action is more than a little frustrating, but at least we get to see a fully realized match that's far more violent than their usual fare. It's amazing how these guys were truly able to create something different almost every time out. Tajiri was mostly the showcased guy in this case, but Guido wrestled like a guy pissed off with something to prove. I thought this was pretty awesome and I liked the extra emphasis on hate. ***1/2
  2. Fun looking atmosphere with this in Center Stage. The action starts and doesn’t really let up. Tajiri does a good job remaining in control and using his charisma to put over his control on top. All of his signature spots like standing on the crotch of Lynn in the tree of woe get a good reaction and Tajiri mimicking the pain is hilarious. Everything Tajiri does looks great and he picks up some nice nearfalls. Finish worked for me too as Tajiri goes for the low blow, Lynn returns the favor and then hits the cradle piledriver for the win. This was the Tajiri show but they packed a lot into 7 minutes and this told a really good story. ***1/4
  3. After a year long few, that was mostly civil, these two let loose with a vicious "Mexican Death" match. Blood, high flying, insane kicks. This one had it all. There is one moment where Crazy is out on his knees and is all wobbly and Tajiri sits down in front of him and does a mocking pose. It's just so great.
  4. After the opening 5-7 minutes, I was wondering why this didn’t get talked up more. Then Mikey gets injured, Super Crazy subs in which is cute but also pretty unfair especially considering that Mikey/Tajiri and FBI have a sort of mutual respect for each other and on top of all of that shit, FBI win again. Tajiri already feels wasted being deep in a tag team feud where he isn’t the champion up to this point, but it is completely ludicrous now. Crazy looked good and had some exciting bumps including the balcony sault but a part of the allure of the match was lost on me with Mikey out of the way. Mamaluke and Guido continue to be pros and two of the most rock solid performers in ECW in 2000. I think if they would have built this as the ultimate blowoff and had Mikey/Tajiri regain the belts and give them a lot of credibility, it would have been fine. Instead, this feels like a major whiff and I’m no longer interested in watching these four (5 if you throw in Super Crazy) compete against each other ***1/4 (6.4)
  5. I can see how some would be down on this match as it wasn't big like the Hammerstein match and actually worked more like a throwaway sprint but the work within the match was really strong and again these four proved why they are some of the strongest workers in the US in 2000. Especially Tajiri, Guido and even Mamaluke. The way Sal is able to position himself for the big spots work and that gives a frantic vibe allowing Tajiri and Mikey opportunity to avoid him and create drama that they can win the big one. FBI has been able to escape with these wins while also looking strong which isn't easy to do. Overall, this was a win for me. ***1/4 (6.5)
  6. Unholy Alliance clearly most over people in ECW at this point and they really should be the champions. We will see what the PPV match is like. They reign in York and Matthews here and we get an enjoyable tv match. Tajiri like usual does a couple of little things even through stiff strikes or facial expressions that are memorable. Mikey is in better shape and flying around more than he would at most points past this. Kip up and some mist for Matthews lead to a stiff kick and Whipwreck and Tajiri doing their double team flapjack finisher into a brainbuster for the pin. **
  7. A nonmatch as Balls and Tajiri only go after it for 2 minutes before the FBI runs in. This leads to Chilly Willy and Da Baldies coming out and the match is mayhem. The big culmination is the Da Baldies sending Balls through a flaming table with a double powerbomb. I’m disappointed as Balls vs Tajiri straight up as an 8 minute match sounds like a ton of fun. ½*
  8. We are still in Hammerstein. This is the last semifinal match we haven’t seen. They go straight into the meat of the match which makes sense given its placement. Tajiri has some really good sequences with EZ Money where Money insults him and then Tajiri plays chicken and kicks his face off. Good interference from Hamrick that allows Money to counter the Tarantula to Money in the Bank. Fun finish as Hamrick goes for a dive, gets misted and then takes a flip bump from the apron right to the concrete. Kick to the face of EZ Money with a chair assist and Tajiri/Mikey do their double team brainbuster for the win. Fun. Fun. Fun. *** (6)
  9. Stip here is that if FBI doesn’t win tag belts, they will split up as a team forever. These two teams just gel for me. Mamaluke and Mikey do matwork that looks better than usual. The tags go to Tajiri and Guido and Tajiri slaps the shit out of Guido to a huge reaction from the crowd. From there, the match is just a great blend of all styles: Hardcore, southern tag, technical and some high flying mixed in. The finish really had a ton of misdirection with Whipwreck/Tajiri seemingly having the antidote for everything that FBI throws there way between Tajiri misting Big Sal and the Whippersnapper from the apron through the table. However, Guido is able to get a chairshot and Sicilian Slice on a chair to steal the win and the titles. Very good tv match. ***3/4 (7.5)
  10. We are at the finals and see some clips of earlier matches including Lynn getting a pin on RVD in their previous tag. That is a pretty big coup for Lynn pinning RVD and Credible in the same night. Dreamer is wearing a neck brace from the piledriver spot earlier. The opening has everyone pairing off. Match then breaks down with all six brawling around the Hammerstein. Dreamer and Tajiri is easily the most compelling of these followed by Diamond and Lynn. Tajiri really goes after Dreamer using a chair to stand on Dreamer’s neck and biting his forehead. I like Tajiri showing this vicious edge against Dreamer even as a face. The camera cuts between Dreamer/Tajiri on the floor and Lynn/Diamond in the ring. Suplex on the floor and Lynn executes a pretty poor bow and arrow. Whipwreck is back in camera with Swinger and they keep attacking Dreamer. Once all six are in the ring, the faces all attack Diamond/Swinger. This doesn’t really correspond to the theme of the match so far especially with Tajiri biting Dreamer’s head two minutes prior. Dreamer punches Whipwreck and Lynn/Tajiri are going after it. Dreamer gets the tarantula on Mikey which was a fun spot. Swinger/Diamond pounce and attack all four with CW adding in a chairshot. They hit the Problem Solver on Dreamer and pin him. Whipwreck/Tajiri have recovered and hit some double team moves. I understand the booking decision to have Diamond/Swinger in this position but they weren’t ready and the stuff like the locker room emptying feels a bit hollow here. Tajiri mists Diamond when Swinger had him on his shoudlers. Super Whippersnapper is hit by Mikey and we have new champs to a huge pop. Match was uneven but fun to watch overall. **1/4
  11. Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) - ECW Hardcore TV 9/2/00 Tajiri & Whipwreck are insanely over! The Hammerstein Ballroom is molten for this! The match is quick short, but is so damn fun. Incredible babyface shine that has the crowd absolutely rocking. Those kicks by Tajiri goddamn! Mamaluke was awesome bumping and stooging. Mamaluke & Guido took the awesome offense of the Unholy Alliance and made it even better with their selling and bumping. Guido & Mamaluke work a short heat segment. When Mikey hits the Whippersnapper (Stunner) you would think Steve Austin just fucking hit the Stunner the crowd EXPLODED!!! Tajiri just killed it on the hot tag. Super Whippersnapper into a dropkick flush in the face wins it for Tajiri and Whipwreck. If you watch just this match, you would never know ECW was a dying promotion that would close four months later. My only complaint, too short, this was super fun. ***3/4
  12. A dog is wondering around ringside. Glad the spastic editing of the show the day before is gone and we get a longform look at the title tournament. This was a hardcore tv match that was solid for the first round of the tournament and to get the crowd going for the night overall. Finish was kind of weird and uncooperative as Banderas does essentially a roll up German suplex to get the pin. **
  13. This was a really fun start for a 3 way with everyone being involved. The Lynn dive to the outside looked good. Tajiri busts out the mist around 3 minutes in and that isn’t a good omen for him. Sure enough, Lynn locks on the Cradle Piledriver a second later to eliminate him. They really love getting Tajiri, the most over guy, out of the way in these 3 ways first. The segment between Lynn and Corino isn’t bad but too much interference from Victory hindered things. Scotty Anton comes in to interfere and Corino is able to pick up the win. **3/4 As the beatdown continues, we roll right into Anton vs Dreamer. This was a pretty generic ECW style brawl that winds itself around the building. Dreamer hits a gusher and has blood and ends up getting bulldogged and suplexed through the ladder. The crowd is really behind Tommy here which does help the action overall. Anton is using a Sharpshooter as a finish but Jazz comes in and hits Anton with a chair. Anton is able to spinebuster Jazz and counter a Dreamer DDT onto a chair. Lynn comes back out and hits a Cradle Piledriver on Anton that somehow the referee misses. Dreamer then hits the second rope elbow with a chair to pick up the win. Decent stuff. **
  14. Nice to have two fancam matches from these two after the tag angle we just saw. Opening of this is pretty great with Tajiri being a prick and making fun of Psicosis in a hilarious manner after he hits him low. Psicosis looks good taking a beating and then dishing it out when needed. They do a bit of a stage brawl which was disconnected from the rest of the match and lost the crowd but Tajiri gets the crowd back with a baseball slide back inside the ring. Build to the finish again has Tajiri teeing off with different combinations but he misses a moonsault and Psicosis gets an upset win with the big leg drop from the top. ***1/2 (6.8)
  15. All of FBI is in this which is cool because I like Sal on the outside and want to see him in a match proper. Joey on commentary says Psicosis and Tajiri probably wont be able to coexist since they are facing off in singles the next night. Tajiri kicks the shit out of Mamaluke and then a completely brutal combo chopping down Big Sal like a tree. Psicosis gets caught on the first pescado but Mikey piles on and everyone goes down on the outside. Tajiri gets the hot tag after Whipwreck is worked over a bit and has a fun sequence going through everyone like a buzzsaw before he mists Psicosis on accident. Psicosis then kicks Tajiri and it is ambiguous whether he meant to or not. Guido and the FBI pick up the win with the Kiss of Death. Fun match. **3/4
  16. The tag division is the thing in ECW that feels the most fresh and has the most juice to me right now. This had Whipwreck/Tajiri finding their footing as a team but also told a great story of them not being there all the way just yet. I appreciated the mist going awry and the FBI winning the match helps set up stuff in the future given how the tag title pans out. Guido and Mamaluke can bump, wrestle the mat and provide a good base for the big comebacks. Overall, a tag that won't be remembered at year end but would be remembered for someone attending the show as a positive. ***1/4 (6.6)
  17. Fun six minute match. EZ Money is spotty but does some good counters to some signature Tajiri moves like the Tarantula with the Money in the Bank. He also shows some personality and feels like a good addition to again improve the impressive youngster roster going on in ECW at this point. Match ends with all sorts of run ins but the visual of Whipwreck coming in with the flaming board and hitting Guido with it was well done and helped established Whipwreck/Tajiri as a competent tag team heading into the tournament. **1/4
  18. The Tajiri/Whipwreck team is one that I’m an interested in watching develop even though a tag title run in 2000 ECW feels well beneath Tajiri at this point. This match was pretty fun with both teams working well together. The highlight for me was Guido jumping over Mamaluke when he was in a giant swing. Tajiri locking on the Tarantula continues to get a huge reaction and it was easy from the crowd reaction in this match that this pairing at a minimum will be very over. **1/2
  19. Brawl in the crowd breaks out so the opening action is ignored. The crowd brawling here seems more frantic due to the fancam as we see the absolute mayhem of RF or whoever chasing up to the action. Tajiri throws condiment packets and a mini food fight breaks out as they had back to the ringside area. Something breaks out in the crowd again so most of the patrons miss a pretty poor missile dropkick from Prodigy. Tajiri and Crazy team up briefly to take out Prodigy then Tajiri turns on Crazy and hits the tree of woe dropkick. A brainbuster to Prodigy eliminates him as shit happens again in the crowd. What is going on here? Crazy talks to the camera. Crazy and Tajiri run through a two minute sequence that is fine with Crazy winning the powerbomb. This was derailed by the crowd stuff making it feel disjointed overall. **1/2
  20. Tajiri is one to track in 2000. I know some guys like Dylan see him as the WOTY for this year so I will be tracking to see where I agree or disagree with that assessment. Heyman still is wearing this leather jacket and tells Corino off to end the pre match ramble and get the tag match started proper. We get a sort of parejas incredibles vibe from the pairings here. Crazy and Lynn have the respect opening wrestling battle. Never my favorite thing in wrestling but it looked crisp and well done here. The Guido vs. Tajiri exchange is great with the crowd going nuts. Lynn and Guido take over and show some slight cohesion with each other. Dive train sequence and some crowd brawling is next. Staples of 2000 but another hot crowd for all of this. 2000 ECW looks to still have more buzz than WCW so far in these limited samples. Crazy does a big moonsault from the rail as Tajiri is stepping on the tree of woe’d Jerry Lynn. This is awesome stuff. The cohesion of Crazy and Tajiri is really nice to see and the crowd is eating it up. Guido and Lynn take over with a double powerbomb out of the turnbuckles and now Guido and Lynn work together to give stereo tornado DDTs. Finishing stretch has some nice nearfalls with Tajiri misting Lynn allowing Styles to debunk Cyrus theory about them being in cohoots. Guido then picks up Lynn and gives him his finish as the partnerships break down with Tajiri kicking Crazy as well. Tajiri picks up the win with the brainbuster on Lynn. Corino and crew come out to beat up on Lynn and Corino calls out Dusty. Dusty comes in from behind Corino to a huge pop and it is Bionic Elbows for all. Rhyno is able to take down Dusty and Corino parades around with Dusty’s hat. I enjoyed all of this as late era ECW mayhem. Not everything made sense but there was a ton of energy here and the match was very pleasing to watch. ***1/2
  21. Solid tag match. I am unsure though how beneficial it is to see Tajiri in IWA-PR but at least he is getting work in I suppose as ECW limps to the end of existence. Still, the lack of respect for him even being the most over guy in these matches is depressing as he takes the fall here for no good reason. Crazy does a great hot tag and has some great dives and overall most net positives of this match were a direct result of him and Tajiri. **1/2
  22. This didn't get a ton of time, but wow was it a great match, maybe the second or third best of their feud. I liked how they incorporated more wrestling than in any of their other death matches, and really built to every table spot, so they satisfied the mutants while still giving them an actual wrestling match instead of just a stunt show. Both guys were at the top of their game. Crazy was a bloody mess. ECW crowds booing table spots where the table doesn't break is so stupid because those spots look way more brutal. The post-match angle is a bunch of stuff with various people running out. I am curious when we're going to see the Tajiri turn, because I know it's coming fairly soon to set up the May PPV, but I'm not exactly sure when. Not really a fan of The Network stuff, although that we're supposed to believe Jack Victory and Rhino represent a television station by beating people up is one of those goofy pro wrestling things I love. ****
  23. Only six minutes here but a greatest hits of what they can do. The way Tajiri was booked in the later half of 2000 was really unfortunate as the crowd was ready for a more prominent main event run and it just didn’t happen. He shows the intensity here by double stomping Crazy through a table on the outside and delivering his trademark stiff strikes. Crazy comes back as they brawl around ringside. Crazy uses some drinks from the fans and then puts Tajiri through a table off of a moonsault. Tajiri mists the ref and Mikey makes his choice by helping Tajiri in giving Crazy the whippersnapper that leads right into the buzzsaw for the pin. **1/2
  24. Another absolute war. Since we don’t see the beginning of the TV match, this was nice to see Crazy rush the ring and everything just goes right from there. Tajiri sends him sailing through the crowd with no regard. Tajiri always has something interesting to do that feels different and here it was slamming the chair at the fan in the crowd and spitting at them. When the fan responds, Tajiri calmly eats the spit. Both guys bleed and do some nutty spots including the signature moonsault into the crowd from Crazy and the beautiful kicks from Tajiri. Like the tv match, they were able to build to a stunt show spectacle ending that didn’t seem too contrived as the visual of Crazy being buried under the chairs and Tajiri double stomping that was excellent. I thought this was on par with the tv match and with the beginning here, this may possibly be my favorite ECW match of all time. ****1/2
  25. These are probably what I think are the two best ECW workers at this point so I was extremely excited to watch this. The opening action was really good. Basic stuff like Guido with a double leg takedown but he does it with such aggression and authority that it really resonates with the viewer. Even when they go outside this leads to a clever spot where Big Sal goes for a splash and ends up over the railing. One thing I appreciate about this match is Tajiri is a heel and hes not really changing his personality just because he is up against Guido but Guido is so much more of a sleazy character that he gets cheered by default. Guido keeps going for the fujiwara armbar and really cranks it immediately giving himself a chance throughout the match. In closing segment, Sal again gets on the apron and he gets dumped. Tajiri spits at him for good measure. A really great back spin kick from Tajiri leads to the brainbuster and the win. Really good match here. ***1/2