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Found 13 results

  1. What an awesome match up there with anything we have seen from Toryumon this year. All of the Osaka Pro guys get a chance to shine and have a frantic but well put together six man that showcases each individual person. I thought Togo again looked like the breakout star and he is making a huge presence every time he shows up on tape now. He gets the pin which is well deserved. ****
  2. Just a shitload of fun. This was the first match in 2000 where I really got the vibes of Togo being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He was flying all over the place here but also executing some great offense and selling when need be. Demekin works now as Hub in really low level indies but he looked fine here. Delphin and Buffalo really in some ways continued to be the classic heel and face pairings for the promotion. 8 minutes of all out action that never let up. I dig Osaka Pro a good bit. ***1/4
  3. This is the semi finals of the big singles Osaka Pro tournament and really exemplified the variety of styles that Osaka Pro can display and make them mold organically throughout. I know it is a promotion that really sings to me, but it hits my sweet spot and the work is top notch. Some good early chain wrestling had Togo on the losing end so he takes out his frustration with an attack on the outside using chairs and tables. Hoshikawa is busted open and Togo works the cut with aggression. Hoshikawa is able to hang on and like in an apuestas lucha match, he mounts a comeback delivering the same attack to Togo that was given to him. Now Togo is bleeding and the fight is on. The match shifts into a finishing stretch that blends between big moves off of suplexes and some expert striking from Hoshikawa. Those final kicks he delivered to win in particular were some of the best strike exchanges we have seen in the year. Togo shows his respect to the victor and Osaka keeps on humming along as one of my absolute favorite promotions of the year. **** (8)
  4. This was the most humbled Murahama has been this year. The match only lasts six minutes but it is high octane with weapons, stiff strikes and the signature Togo highspots. Togo gets to look like a beast stunting every big attack from Murhama and responding with either a stiff weapon shot or a way to regain the advantage. Togo puts him away with a big senton. This match felt necessary in the development of Murahama within the promotion as a stumbling block that happens to all athletes on the rise. ***1/2 (6.8)
  5. The trial series for Murahama continues. When Buffalo/Togo are teaming up, you are at optimal capacity for the Osaka Pro rudos. Tsubasa helped add a lot of flash and aerial moves here as he was flying around and hitting everything cleanly. Murahama continues to dazzle both in being worked over and then fighting from underneath with ferocious kicks making him look like the ultimate pint sized ass kicker. ***1/2 (6.9)
  6. Some good stuff with Buffalo and Sugamoto to start off but then Delphin and Togo enter and the match as expected takes a bump up on pace and intensity. Delphin has some legit swank dolphin gear on tonight. He actually puts Togo down on his ass and beats on him with stomps. Togo goes low to end the onslaught. After that, the match breaks down with the heels in control and brawling on the outside. Back inside, Delphin is our FIP which is not what I expected but it is fun to see as it is different from the norm. Legion of Violence in a heel beatdown role is just smothering as they do frequent tags and a bevy of bruising offense. Once Delphin tags out, we go into our ending run. Sugamoto has good potential from what we see here and I feel like an idiot when I look him up and realize it is Gamma. Buffalo and Delphin is our main pairing down the stretch until Togo breaks up a pin and takes up that role. Sugamoto gets isolated and pounced on by LOV and Togo picks up the win with his senton. ***3/4 (7.3)
  7. I was really looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint. After a very brief feeling out process, things open up and they don’t stop. The heel unit is relentless just bruising up the faces around the ring and trying to gain any advantage possible. Togo and especially Buffalo in this match were amazing. Murahama plays FIP for a while and the crowd is so invested in the guy. You can hear the shrieks from the females any time he either gets a near fall or is in danger. The match ebbed and flowed in a natural way and felt chaotic but contained like those tremendous 1996 M-Pro matches. Buffalo gives Delphin a brutal clothesline over the top rope and has Murahama on the ropes until Murahama is able to reel off a sweet looking back spin kick and gain the upset win to the delight of the crowd. Osaka Pro is the best. **** (8.0)
  8. A weird start with the heel faction having a wrestler trapped and they put a cigar out in his mouth. The match starts proper and it is another great six man from these guys. Togo/Buffalo/QUALLT all mesh so well as unit and bring an evil focus to the match. Demeken is the main FIP and he does an admirable job building up sympathy to the big tag. The final is also impressive with everyone flying around and QUALLT spraying the mist to stunt Hoshikawa. Togo puts the match away after a pedigree and huge ass senton. Another killer six man that goes toe to toe in entertainment with the Toryumon stuff. ***3/4 (7.6)
  9. This big ol brawl was my favorite of the Onita Pro stuff this year. Onita was mostly front and center for his team but Togo also had many highlights and added a good bit to the proceedings. I saw the huge file length and thought this was going to be a long brawl and was shocked when it finished up in just over 13 minutes of action even if it did feel like a fully formed match. Afterwards, Zandig and Wifebeater make a surprise appearance and challenge Onita and friends to a CZW vs USA series including T-Shirts. Afterwards, we get a long goodbye with Onita going around, saying adieu to everyone, and spitting water in faces. Then we get a long backstage segment where I ate lunch, did some actual work, and checked twitter while Onita led everyone around intensely. This ends with a callout from Choshu. ***1/2
  10. Togo, Buffalo and QUALLT are heel's heels, which makes this a solid match. They go with the tried and true Southern tag formula, which almost always works, although this match would probably come off a little better in a slightly bigger venue. Togo has been working with Delphin and Yakushiji for years and it shows by how smooth all of their exchanges are, although they still manage to make everything look hard-fought. Osaka Pro is largely a promise unfulfilled at this point, even with some very good matches. I think the missing piece is atmosphere, as the work has been consistently good. ***
  11. I am starting to turn against Onita Pro. I am a Onita mark and death matches are my soft spot so this is tough but here we are for the third month in a row with a big multi man match where a lot of the end result doesn’t have any rhyme or reason. There still is enough Onita fire and big spots to keep me somewhat entertained but I want more substance. It is compounded by the fact that even though I feel like I am fairly astute at Japanese wrestlers in history from this timeframe, I had huge troubles distinguishing many people in this match. It felt like a lot of the match was Onita and everyone else and that includes great workers like Togo who just weren’t the focal point until the very end where he gets the pin. I do still dig the finishing runs where the crowd is right around ringside making everything feel more chaotic. **1/2
  12. I did not expect Ebessen in gimmick this soon after seeing him in Onita Pro. This match was a shit load of fun that with more time could have been up there with the great Mich. Pro matches of the 90’s. Everyone was given a chance to impress and the comedy moments were implemented seamlessly with the hot action. Togo and Ebessen in particular had great chemistry with each other and the match culminates in them battling it out resulting in Togo hitting his awesome senton for the win. ***1/4
  13. These clips are a little weird as I think it was two matches. Either way, Delphin and Togo have great chemistry throughout this and are extremely entertaining. Togo especially in the first portion was a mad man just flying around all over the place. Togo is busted open and gains the pin in a sublime moment. The second clip is a ladder match and has some spots utilitzing the ladder. Yakushiji is flying around all over the place and Hoshikawa gets misted. I would like to see all of this in full as again Osaka Pro is turning into one of my favorite promotions to watch. NR.