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Found 13 results

  1. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-22-love-and-rockers/ Sick of all the talk about politics and doom and gloom in 2016? Join the West-East Connection--Kelly and Marty--in 1988 for more great WWF tag team action and feel the Loooooove! Matches discussed: Rockers vs Conquistadors 9/29 MSG Hart Foundation vs Fabulous Rougeaus, Brother Love referee, 10/10 Boston Hart Foundation vs Fabulous Rougeaus 10/24 MSG Demolition vs Rockers 10/24 MSG Demolition vs Hart Foundation 10/29 SNME Brainbusters vs Young Stallions 11/12 Philly
  2. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-20-nice-guys-finish-last/ Kelly and Marty welcome not one, not two, but THREE new tag teams to the show as they hit up the summer of 88 in WWF! On tonight's episode: Demolition vs The British Bulldogs, 4/22 SNME The British Bulldogs vs the Bolsheviks, 7/23 Spectrum Demolition vs The Powers of Pain, 7/23 Spectrum The Rockers vs The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, 7/25 MSG Demolition vs The British Bulldogs, 7/25 MSG Hart Foundation vs The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, 8/6 Boston
  3. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-18-putting-smiles-on-peoples-faces/ Kelly and Marty ring in the new year of 1988 with a eclectic sampling of matches from the WWF! British Bulldogs vs Conquistadors, 1/9/1988 Boston Strike Force vs Hart Foundation, 1/9 Boston Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls, 1/24 Hamilton British Bulldogs vs Islanders, 2/6 Philly Hulk Hogan/Bam Bam Bigelow vs Andre the Giant/Ted DiBiase, 2/6 Philly Strike Force/Randy Savage vs Hart Foundation/Honky Tonk Man, 3/5 Boston Cage Match Burnt out on wrestling? Kelly and Marty have the cure for your blues with another episode of Tag Teams Back Again!
  4. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-17-the-fabulous-ones-vs-the-moondogs/ Kelly and Marty are back, this time journeying down South for some hot 80s Mempho tag action! Matches examined tonight: Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl 9/4/1981 Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 4/4/1983 Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 5/2/1983, Stretcher Match Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 6/13/1983 Fabulous Ones vs Moondogs 1/9/1984, Anything Goes New Fabulous Ones vs Pretty Young Things 5/18/84, Falls Count Anywhere New Fabulous Ones vs Phil Hickerson and The Spoiler 6/25/84, Tennessee Street Fight
  5. https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/tag-teams-back-again-episode-15-gwe-top-25-sell-out-special (PTBN link to follow) Kelly and Marty jump on the GWE bandwagon and somehow talk for 4 hours and 40 minutes on only their top 25 wrestlers ever. Foolishly they thought they would also have time to run down their top 25 tag teams as well. (haha...next time we promise!) So GWE junkies, here's another dose to feed your addiction!
  6. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-16-kelly-and-martys-top-25-tag-teams/ Celebrate the end of the GWE with another long-ass countdown show! Kelly and Marty go over their top 25 tag teams, with some crossover but also a lot of differences. This podcast is the last word on lists for 10 long years!
  7. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-14-action-personified/ Kelly and Marty dig into the obscure corners of 1987 WWF and come up with another exciting batch of footage, this time highlighted by the phenomenon of the Jumping Bomb Angels The Shadows vs Scott Casey and SD Jones, 9/12 Boston Jumping Bomb Angels vs Leilani Kai and Judy Martin, 6/24 Louisville Jumping Bomb Angels vs Leilani Kai and Judy Martin, 7/16 Lake Placid Hart Foundation vs Strike Force, 10/27 Syracuse Demolition vs Ken Patera and Billy Jack Haynes, 11/7 Boston (Marty watched this one) Demolition vs Ken Patera and Billy Jack Haynes, 11/7 Philly (Kelly watched this one) Jumping Bomb Angels vs The Glamour Girls, 11/24 MSG Strike Force vs Hart Foundation, 11/24 MSG Playlist (Including bonus matches) Harts vs Strike Force title change
  8. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-13-strike-force-vs-the-islanders-part-2/ Kelly and Marty ring in the new year by finishing their epic two-part look at the Strike Force vs The Islanders feud from 1987 WWF! Matches discussed on the show: 10/3 Boston 10/10 Philly 10/16 MSG, Best 2 of 3 falls 10/6 Milwaukee, Tito Santana vs Haku 11/7 Boston, Two Referees 11/7 Philly, Two Referees 12/5 Philly Playlist (For both parts)
  9. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-12-strike-force-vs-the-islanders-part-1/ The wait is over! Kelly and Marty bring you part 1 of their long-awaited look at the sensational Strike Force vs The Islanders feud of 1987. No stone is left unturned, as the boys look at the build towards this epic battle. Follow along as the Islanders turn heel, Tom Zenk leaves his partner high and dry, Ricky Martel goes at it solo, and finally, Tito Santana enters the fray. Part 2 (dropping in a few weeks) will look at the war between the two teams in various cities in the Northeast. On tonight's show: Can-Am Connection vs The Islanders 5/30 Superstars The Islanders vs Paul Roma and Jim Powers 6/14 MSG Rick Martel/JYD vs The Islanders 7/11 Boston Rick Martel vs Tama 7/25 MSG Rick Martel vs Haku 8/22 MSG Strike Force vs The Islanders 9/21 MSG
  10. Ricky Jackson

    Tag Teams Back Again 2015

    I had a blast doing this show with Marty "Superstar" Sleeze for the past year, so check it out if you haven't already. 1985-1987 WWF tag wrestling is thoroughly discussed, as well as special topics like Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics and the Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose and Doug Somers feud from the AWA. https://soundcloud.com/jerryvonkramer/sets/tag-teams-back-again Look out for the next episode, and first of 2016, Part 2 of our history of the Strike Force vs the Islanders feud, within a week!
  11. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-11-oui-oui-ricky-martel/ Kelly and Marty continue to rock and roll and strut and cut their way through 1987 WWF. We talk about French Canadians, cocaine, the decline of the white bread babyface team, Mark Jindrak (????) and of course lots o' tag team wrestling. Tonight's lineup: Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs, 4/28 SNME The New Dream Team vs Rougeau Brothers 5/9 Philly Demolition vs Killer Bees 5/18 MSG Hart Foundation vs Can Am Connection 6/3 Rochester Demolition vs Can Am Connection 6/6 Boston Brutus Beefcake, Rougeau Brothers vs The New Dream Team, Johnny V 6/23 Indianapolis Hart Foundation vs British Bulldogs 7/25 MSG Playlist to follow
  12. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-10-the-wwfs-most-unusual-tag-teams/ Join Kelly and Marty for a free-wheeling ride through unusual 1987 WWF tag teams! All the stars are here. Hogan! Savage! Piper! Kim Chee! Steamboat! Race! SB (Special Bee) Jones! Matches discussed: Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, JYD vs Adrian Adonis, "King" Harley Race, Randy Savage, Elimination Match, 2/23 MSG Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Billy Jack Haynes vs Adrian Adonis, Hercules, Paul Orndorff, Elimination Match, 3/7 Boston Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper vs Kamala and Paul Orndorff, 3/14 Philly B. Brian Blair and SB Jones vs Demolition, 6/1 Kitchener Hulk Hogan and Koko B. Ware vs Kamala and The Honky Tonk Man, 6/2 Buffalo Playlist
  13. http://placetobenation.com/tag-teams-back-again-episode-9-bigger-better-badder/ Kelly and Marty are back baby! On this episode the magnificent month of March 1987 in the WWF is examined. In addition to three other bouts, four tag matches from the legendary Wrestlemania III card are analyzed. Hart Foundation vs Rougeau Brothers 3/7 Boston Hart Foundation vs Islanders 3/14 Philly Demolition vs British Bulldogs 3/15 Toronto Can-Am Connection vs Don Muraco and Bob Orton Jr 3/29 Mania III Dream Team vs Rougeau Brothers 3/29 Mania III Hart Foundation and Danny Davis vs British Bulldogs and Tito Santana 3/29 Mania III Killer Bees vs Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff 3/29 Mania III So join Kelly, Marty and 93, 173 crazed fans for more tag team fun!