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Found 10 results

  1. I really loved the heel stalling from Owens that kicked this match off. This was very similar to the Cena-Rusev match as far as layout, at least before Sami's head bump, although Zayn is much easier to get behind at this point and shows great aggression. He really should be at worst one of the top three or four guys on the main roster. Owens was good here, but I think Zayn's selling, offense and commitment to his character was top notch. It was a great performance from him. I like how Owens can use his highspots in a way that doesn't take away from him as a heel. I thought this was really great booking and losing the title without losing the match was a great way to get both guys over stronger than they were coming in. Best match of the month for me at this point. ****1/2
  2. If nothing else this match will always be a watershed moment for women in mainstream wrestling. Sasha, in particular, was well thought of before this match. But after this match, people started talking about her as being the best in the WWE, if not the world. The match itself starts out with some back and forth exchanges leading to Becky ending up with the slight advantages at the end which force Sasha back on her heels. Sasha fires back in a big way by blocking a Becky kick and yanking her down to the apron by grabbing her arm. Sasha follows that up by spending the next several minutes just torturing Becky's arm, with the big highlight being Sasha bending back Becky's arm with her foot. I did like Becky's comeback leading to a good near-finish with the armbar, even if her selling was a bit spotty along the way. Didn't like the finish though as Sasha basically has to no-sell not just being thrown into the steps after her dive, but also the arm work, by putting on the Bank Statement with Becky right by the ropes. The last 90 seconds is what keeps this from being in the top tier of women's matches for the year. ****1/4
  3. Pretty solid spotfest and all of them are pretty good in the ring. Charlotte still has a little awkwardness but nothing that won't go away in time. I just think she's so naturally talented that it's easy to overlook how a lot of her stuff looks a little unseasoned. Another throwaway match, but a good showcase of the women in NXT.
  4. This reminded me of a WCW cruiserweight match with WWE-style facial expressions mixed in. This was very good, but seemed to be missing something to go over the top. It had a good build and there were some great highspots and nearfalls, but it was kind of shallow. Not sure that's the right word, but it seemed pretty forgettable even though it was well worked. ***3/4
  5. My dude Dream gets pro wrestling like no one. From straight up wearing Prince Puma tights to having a Hulk Hogan-based entrance, he is absurdly over, to the point where he outshines RICOCHET. Loved the reference to Rock/Hogan, too. The match itself was tons of fun, with Dream using some of Ricochet's spots early on, and getting overly confident. Ricochet showed that he can absolutely be an incredible all-around performer, as opposed to the shit he was doing with Ospreay a while ago. Reminder: Velveteen Dream is only 22.
  6. Velveteen is MONEY. Oozes charisma, airbrushes his opponent's face in his attire, has incredible mannerisms... and of course, the top tier entrances. The 30 or less knockout was a fun semi-stipulation to the match, and did they deliver. Crowd was so much into it from the get go. A fun slugfest with some sloppy moments. Ohno is a good base to make people shine (like Sullivan on the previous Takeover), but man did Dream make this match work wonders. Fun stuff. Dream deserves to be in the main roster after some polishing - that first Death Valley Driver spot was SCARY
  7. First of all: Shayna fucking rocks. Her presence reminds me of Minoru Suzuki, like one of those people that is legit dangerous, but at the same time they actually draw your attention to the violence they display. Considering she's new to pro-wrestling, it's amazing she can project that aura so well. As for the match itself, I enjoyed it a lot. Baszler being in control for much of the match, with Moon having offensive spurts is the best idea. The fluke-y finish worked well, and albeit some might have problems with the length of the armbar spot, I felt it was some well-made suspense. Good stuff. Shayna HAS to win the title on the near future.
  8. Really great opener. Some convincing near falls that the crowd bough, and a nice Frye/Akiyama tribute trading strikes. I was worried that Gargano forgot about selling the arm during the match, but right on cue he started selling it again. Johnny Gargano may be the best babyface in the world right now. I enjoy Almas' work more than many, and he held his own in the match. The finish was the distraction from Almas' manager at ringside throwing a t-shirt at Gargano, which was a little bit cheap for my liking, however, it plays into Almas' character. ***1/2
  9. Coffey

    NXT Takeover Respect

    Tonight is the next Takeover event for NXT on the WWE Network. Pretty stacked card, in my opinion, if you're a fan of the NXT shows. NXT Women's Championship: Bayley© Vs. Sasha Banks 30 Minute Ironman Match Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Finn Bàlor & Samoa Joe Vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable Vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Finals: The Winners of each Semi-Finals Asuka Vs. Dana Brooke Asuka (formerly Kana) in-ring NXT Debut Apollo Crews Vs. Tyler Breeze
  10. Coffey

    NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

    NXT Takeover Brooklyn is tonight on the Network. Looks like it's only a 2-hour show. Thought this should have it's own thread. Anyway, the card: NXT Title: Finn Bàlor© Vs. Kevin Owens (Ladder Match) NXT Women's Title: Sasha Banks© Vs. Bayley Samoa Joe Vs. Baron Corbin NXT Tag Titles: Blake/Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss)© Vs. Vaudevillains Jushin "Thunder" Liger Vs. Tyler Breeze Apollo Crews (Uhaa Nation) NXT in-ring debut Sold out Barclay's center ("more than 13,000 fans"), so crowd should be hot. Although I'm sure they don't have as many seats up for NXT as they do for Summerslam. Not sure how that all works.