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Found 43 results

  1. Takeshi Morishima defends the GHC Heavyweight Title. Talk about it here.
  2. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19v3f2_kenta-c-vs-takeshi-morishima-noah_sport?search_algo=1
  3. Two big guys maul each other for 5 minutes. Primitive match, but I prefer them doing this over some drawn out 10 minute affair. Morishima looked like he could've been great if he had worked more Otto Wanz style matches. He certainly looked up there slugging it out with Vader in the corner.
  4. This was really underwhelming given the sides involved. Quiet crowd and the action isn't as fun as the other multi man tag Noah matches. There was an FIP segment here with Kenta, but I would've preferred if Kikuchi was the one in the role as he's more polished at this point and a much better guy in that role than Kenta. The highlights of this for me were Kenta getting tossed out of the ring by Kanemaru and hiding going under the ring before Akiyama gets his hands on him and then hiding behind Kobashi and Rikio squashing everyone except Akiyama when he got the change to. Skippable match.
  5. Shibata's interactions in the early stages w/ Marufuji & especially Morishima are all kinds of awesome. His stuff w/ Maru has some really great back & forth exchanges, and his stuff w/ Morishima, my goodness. Really made me bummed out that we never got a singles match between them during this time period, as they were involved in 2 excellent tag classics on the opposing teams. Ibushi is very much treated as an afterthought by Maru & Mori, as he had only been in the business for about 2 years around the time this happened. Love when Shibata & Mori are trading blows, and Ibushi tries to join in by striking Morishima from the back, Morishima just completely ignores him. He doesn't feel the strikes by this young flippy fella. That leads to a great FIP segment w/ Ibushi getting beaten & stretched by Maru & Mori. Great stuff. Shibata's hot tag is great too, he runs wild on Marufuji for quite a while until Maru tags in Morishima, which leads to him & Shibata rocking the place again. Once Shibata tags Ibushi in, the lad FINALLY gets to unleash his offense on Morishima - he shows him that he is no joke as he manages to briefly stun him. That doesn't last for long though, as it ultimately lead to Morishima just crushing him with a DISGUSTING Lariat & a Backdrop. Amazing stuff. ****1/2
  6. Nifty little big man tag team battle in which everyone looks good in. We get some crowd brawling and big dudes whaling at each other. Fools engaging in slap battles with Rikio is one of my favorite things of 2001.
  7. Typical fun energetic mutli man tag Noah Korakuen Hall match. One of the things I've come to appreciate of Noah re-watching all these older matches is the diversity of the midcarders and undercarders -- i.e.; Akitoshi Saito, Jun Izumida, Makoto Hashi, Kentaro Shiga, Takuma Sano, etc. and Saito is the standout here for me hitting Ikeda with some vicious kicks and hitting some great looking body punches on Rikio. Some of the other cool moments feature Akiyama goading Ikeda and Rikio into the ring and then running out of the ring so they can get ambushed from behind by Saito and Hashi, Ikeda bringing the heat and the post match chaos with Honda coming out to make the save. Really fun stuff.
  8. Not a MOTYC or a great match by any chance, but a fun big man match. Not a bomb fest and they actually work in more brutal strikes and bring a bit of hate towards each other and the entire post match shenanigans just elevates that here. Fun stuff.
  9. This is boatloads of fun. This kicks off with a pretty brutal slap fest between the Takeshi's. After there's a pretty awesome moment with Ogawa getting tagged in and goading Akiyama who then comes in and Ogawa gets him to turn his back on Marufuji and Rikio who then jump in the ring and jump him from behind. This then breaks down into a southern-esque six man tag with Marufuji working from underneath as the FIP and he takes a brutal beatdown including some nasty body slams and getting put into some nasty manjigatames, namely from Morishima who tries to break the dude's spin in half. His comeback was not bad, as he kept it short and tagged out as soon as he could and smartly jumped off the ring apron and stayed on the floor to put over the beating he had taken before instead of jumping back on the ring apron and waiting to get tagged back in immediately. This breaks down and there's this cool spot where Marufuji tries his flying corner elbow on Akiyama, but Jun catches him in midair and hits him with a gut buster, sucks he doesn't really put that over much and is back to hitting highspots seconds later including an extremely weak looking dropkicks on Morishima. There's also this sweet looking double team spot here between Morishima and Akiyama on Marufuji where Morishima picks him up in front the turnbuckle and Akiyama dropkicks Marufuji from behind and he goes neck first into the turnbuckle. The guy who shines the most to me in this match is Shiga, who continues to look great in multi man tags. He hits some smooth looking submission attempts on Marufuji including a manjigatame during the beatdown and some slick armlocks in the finishing stretch one which he catches Marufuji in off a flipping dive from the top rope. Really fun match.
  10. This is far better than it has any right to be. While the lineups indicate it should be a squash match, it turns out it's not as Morishima and Shiga put on a fiery performance. They take up the approach Marufuji did in the previous match against Misawa and they attack NO FEAR before the bell and it's awesome because the crowd gets going and they stick to everything they can and Shiga takes off Omori's shirt and he chokes him with it. Then what was originally a squash for NO FEAR turns against them and they are the ones getting squashed and the fans begin to believe Morishima and Shiga will pull off the upset before Omori smashes Morishima with an Axe Bomber and the sight of an upset is over. Really fun match.
  11. This time it's Morishima's turn to jump Danielson during the entrances, and that certainly set the pace for the rest of the match. Morishima absolutely destroys Danielson for most of it - Danielson's bladejob is sick & Morishima's offense is absolutely brutal. Bryan's selling is tremendous & his big comeback was great; he shows great fire in it & gets to stun Morishima for a little while - just for a little while indeed, because very quickly Morishima shuts that comeback down w/ an absolutely vicious looking lariat. The finishing stretch is superb; some really great callbacks to their previous meetings there. Excellent, brutal sprint. ****1/2
  12. Danielson is pissed off & full of fire! He is not gonna do your Code of Honors and shit, he wants to get revenge on the man who destroyed his eye. Morishima had said before the match that he wouldn't target that eye of Danielson, which was the story of the match - Danielson took Morishima to the absolute limit, hitting him with his best shots & refusing to die. Morishima threw bombs at Bryan, clobbered the shit out of him, but Dragon wasn't gonna go down easy. Him getting his foot on the rope after the Backdrop Driver was the straw that broke camel's back; Morishima got pissed off about that big time & started to go after that eye of Danielson that he hurt at Manhattan Mayhem. Danielson still managed to get one big Small Package nearfall, and motherfucker did that piss Morishima off even more! Brutal ground & pound on that eye to end the match w/ a ref stoppage. EXCELLENT storytelling. ****3/4
  13. This is Sugiura's debut and this match is way better than it had any right to be. Sugiura looked like a natural throwing Shiga around and the Morishima and Rikio exchanges were the highlights for me. Fun multi man tag match.
  14. I just CAN'T BELIEVE that there was a SUB-10 MINUTE NOAH MAIN EVENT in 2007. I mean that in the most positive way possible. We start things off with them going right to the business with a crazy intense strike exchange that ends up with KENTA getting the control w/ a nice lariat. KENTA does a great job working over the champ - Morishima gets a nice comeback with a big lariat, his comeback is quickly cut off in awesome fashion by KENTA who gives him a HUGE German. Badass. KENTA again controls for a while only for Morishima to get the control with a LARIAT. Clearly the story they told in this match is that key to success is a goddamn lariat. Always a lariat. The finishing stretch was tremendous with Morishima getting fired up during their strikefest - he pushes KENTA to the corner as he pummels him with those strikes of his. Just a really great, classic sprint. Is this really a NOAH main event match for the ROH World Championship or a G1 Climax tournament match? ****1/2
  15. This happened 10 years ago. It's pretty wild to think that KENTA is the only one who hasn't retired from in-ring competition out of the 4. This just had super fun, hot interactions between 4 of the best wrestlers in the world - Bryan & Nigel, Bryan & KENTA, Morishima & Nigel, Morishima & KENTA. Great atmosphere, great sequences, FIP segments, hot tags, an all-time great balls-to-the-walls finishing stretch - this truly had it all. Terrific match; one of the best tags ROH has ever put on & a helluva way for ROH to debut in the PPV biz. ****1/2
  16. This was AWESOME. Featured a really good FIP segment on Bryan, and then it just built & built to the finishing stretch which was one helluva climax. ****