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Found 20 results

  1. Not on par with the previous Kanemoto ZERO1 match with Yoshihito Sasaki, but it's still a good interpromotional match. To me the highlight of this is the Kanemoto and Takanishi exchanges. Kanemoto is great as working as a bully invading heel as proven in the Yoshihito match and Takanishi is a local ZERO1 young lion underdog. Kanemoto's beatdowns on Takanishi are great as he just bullies him around by slapping him around and playing to the crowd. Taguchi and Takaiwa are perfectly fine here as they are mostly just background noise, although we get some brief Kanemoto and Takaiwa exchanges. The finish of this is great as Takanishi gets some hope spots in and the crowd is red hot for it. Kanemoto of course demolishes him and he teases a ankle hold before starring at the fans and lifting Takanishi up by the hair and hitting him with a brutal Tiger suplex and then locking him in a leg capture ankle hold. Good match.
  2. Plenty brutal match that was characterized by Hashimoto looking great and and Ogasawara having an absolute meltdown, resulting in some gritty highly uncooperative exchanges. Ogasawara seemed too concerned with protecting himself so Takaiwa at one point just starts decking him for real. To make up for the chaos surrounding the karateka, there were some damn good exchanges between Takaiwa and Hashimoto. Hashimoto looked peak level sharp, including busting out some awesome submission counters dropping his full weight on Takaiwas shoulder, and Takaiwa looked great as a gutsy underdog trying to cut through him with lariats. There were some choice Fujiwara/Hash exchanges too altough Fujiwara went to his comedy later.
  3. After watching this I am pretty sure Sean McCully would be Top 30-20 in the world in 2018. His crowbar spin kicks and knees ruled and he was always grappling, keeping this moving. Takaiwa can handle himself in this kind of trainwreck, muscling up a clueless McCully for Powerbombs and Death Valley Bombs. At one point he just leapt forward and forearmed McCully in the throat. Only about 7 of 10 minutes are shown but this will give you everything you want in spades.
  4. The build up hypes it as "MMA vs pro wrestling". The idea of Takaiwa trying to bulldoze through Aoki who would in turn try to grab flash submissions sounds great, but it's not exactly what we got here. A promising opening had Takaiwa desperately avoiding Aoki's submission counters and Aoki pinning himself on a sleepr, but the middle of the match wasn't as creative, as it mostly consisted of Aoki grabbing submissions over and over again. He wouldn't lock them in completely and then hold them for two minutes, but it never seemed like he could actualyl win with one of them nor were Takaiwa's escapes especially interesting. Aoki's strikes and kicks were disappointing, and the finishing strech was kickstarted by Takaiwa finally getting some prowres moves in and going for the kill. This created a game in which Takaiwa needs a big move like a Powerbomb or a Death Valley Bomb, while Aoki needs a submission, and both can counter each other. Aoki's last Korauken match had him choke out Funaki while Funaki was trying to deadlift him, so it was a clever thing to build on. ***
  5. Angry juniors clobbering each other. Takaiwa's a caveman, but his brute style works pretty well in this kind of match. Kanemoto knows how to beat people up in interesting ways. Unfortunately, the match suffered from lack of structure and meaningful transitions. For example, Kanemoto was getting worked over, but made a random comeback with a single slap and was out of trouble. Also, Fukuda hit an amazing looking chokeslam against Takaiwa, but was met with a DVB 3 seconds later. Fukuda was in young lion gear here but fired up to make up for it. Ohtani didn't do much of note beyond his usual program. Decent match.
  6. A new challenge arises as I wonder how to accurately transcribe chinese names, almost wishing they'd just gimmick them in a full caps single word. Lin is a natural-his charisma and wit really shine in a match like this. It doesn't look like he's quite figured out what to do offensively yet, but here it didn't matter much, as all he had to do was pinball was Takaiwa's offence and make goofy faces. An entertaining squash. ***
  7. Now this was a blast! KENTA as the young scrappy underdog was always money & Tatsuhito Takaiwa did a very good job of being the grumpy veteran. He just stretched the shit out of KENTA with those submissions - KENTA answered with some hard hitting comebacks, which all got cut off very quickly. Awesome veteran vs. rookie match. ****1/2