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Found 10 results

  1. Teddy Hart is one of the most compelling figures in the indy scene and his feud with Homicide is legendary. Teddy is legit crazy and is a guy who will no show events or refuse to the job, but the dude always puts on a show. He will pull out some of the most ridiculous and contrived things you will ever see and he is also willing to bleed buckets and brawl all over the area if need be. He also packs some heat behind a lot of his right hands. He is also known for doing endless moonsaults in matches and I have even seen him poorly calculate a dive and just land on a sea of fans. Him and Homicide have had an ongoing feud in the Northeast for almost 15 years now, but the matches have mostly all taken place in JAPW and these guys legit hate each other and will shoot on each other mid match. It is by far one of my favorite feuds in wrestling history. They will go from throwing worked punches, to fish hooking, shoot punching each other in the mouth, to hitting some brutal chair shots on each other, to throwing each other down flights of stairs. BLK Jeez is formerly Sabien from the BLK OUT CZW faction from years ago and Dezmond Xavier has been working for iMPACT!. Both guys are interchangeable here to me and I would've preferred if we got Azrieal, Insane Dragon, Jay Lethal or any of the other JAPW regular Jr.'s instead of these two. This starts out as a three way between Homicide and BLK Jeez and Dezmond as they don't even know if Teddy will make it to the match. 2 minutes in and Teddy's music hits and he walks out and this entire thing breaks down with Homicide and Teddy confronting each other, but getting attacked from behind by BLK Jeez and Dezmond. Teddy here hits some of the most ridiculous spots you'll ever see before this gets really entertaining with Teddy finally getting to brawl with Homicide in the stands. Some of the highlights here are Homicide and Teddy punching each other in the mouths, fish hooking each other, biting each other, Homicide trying to break Teddy's ankles by hitting Teddy with some wild chair shoots to his ankles, Homicide and Teddy flipping each other off while Homicide tries to put Teddy in a sharpshooter and Homicide telling Teddy this is for Shawn before trying to hit him with a Cop Killa. There's also the addition of Julius Smokes being here a hype man. He's all over the place and he takes off his belt and his butt is being exposed to everyone for the entirety of the match while he whips Teddy with it. Teddy opts that he doesn't want to get whop with it and he chases J-Train down around. BLK Jeez and Dezmond drag this down a bit with some somewhat sloppy exchanges in the ring, but luckily Homicide and Teddy are ringside pushing and throwing guardrails and tearing the ringside apart. Really bizarre entertaining spectacle.
  2. Just by looking at the line up of guys in this match, you should know what to expect... Surprising enough, Teddy is the babyface and Da Strong Style Thugz are the heels and for the first bit of the match it's basically a handicap match with them beating up Teddy until Teddy gets his hope spot in which is a... Moonsault! And the lights go out like the usually do and Necro comes out like the toothless, barefoot hillbilly hero to save Teddy from the mugging and turn this into a proper four corners match... Then the match develops with Ki v. Necro and Teddy v. Homicide pairings and it's chaos. Necro takes some nasty double stomps here including one in/off the bleachers and one off the top rope into a bridged wooden panel between the guard rail and the ring from Low Ki. Homicide forks Teddy like he's Abdullah the Butcher and but Teddy doesn't bleed like he's Carlos Colón in Bayamón like he did in the cage match against Homicide and B-Boy. There's also a betrayals near the end and confetti flying to celebrate the victory. Pretty great stuff.
  3. The JAPW Homicide and Teddy Hart continues... Not as great as the previous cage match between Homicide and B-Boy vs. Teddy and Jack Evans as it lacks the blood and intensity from that match, but this is still really fun. It's basically a handicap match for the early part of this before the lights go out and Samoa Joe comes out and cleans house. Joe and Hernandez brawl around ringside while Teddy and Homicide go at it in the ring. Joe returns to the ring and he sets Homicide up for the Hart Attack before he turns on Teddy and powerslams him. Homicide then buries Teddy with a brutal Cop Killa. Fun match.
  4. As every other Teddy Hart match, utter chaos. His pants seem like they were made out of an Ikea rug. There's a ton of wild crowd brawling here and it's not particularly great, but definitely entertaining. Teddy busts out a moonsault off a vending machine and he still has time to vend a bottle of water... Teddy also gets a gruesome gusher and eats a brainbuster on a standing chair on the outside. They brawl back to the ring and Teddy eats a nasty chair in the corner before they head back to the crowd and there's crazy visual where Teddy is literally looking straight into the camera with a bloody face before he busts out another moonsault off a table onto the commentators table and he tells the ref. he will kill him if he stops the match. They head back to the ring and it's pretty much a wrap at that point as Teddy eats a vicious super kick before hitting a nasty cradle DDT he calls Captain Crunch on Lethal. Fun stuff.
  5. This is a 4 way TLC match for the JAPW tag titles. Teddy Hart's tag partner is Homicide who refuses to come in into a couple of minutes in the match when Teddy's getting beat up by everyone else in the match. Homicide cleans house before turning on Teddy and them punching each other in the mouth. This isn't the flippy spot fest that I expected, but more of a wild brawl with unprotected chair shots flying everything, unbreakable tables, Homicide forking Kashmere and nasty ladder spots. Some of the highlights include Teddy punching people in the mouth, Teddy unprofessionally suplexing Acid through a chair, Teddy powerbombing Jay through the remains of a table, Homicide missing a tope con hilo and going through a table, the SAT hitting an air raid cash on Mark off the ring apron through a table, Jay hitting a Jay Driller on Kashmere through a table and endless bumps off ladders. The Homicide vs. Teddy Hart feud was built through out the match too as they verbally attacked each other when given the chance to. The post match mess was fantastic -- Teddy sucker punches Homicide in the mouth and then goes nuts doing flips on him. Homicide then flips out and destroys the tag title with the ladder and ring post. Definitely not for everyone, but I definitely enjoyed this fiasco.
  6. Another chapter in the wild, hate filed Homicide and Teddy Hart feud. This is crazy as you'd think. I like Jack Evans and B-Boy, but what we want to see from this is the Homicide and Teddy Hart exchanges and luckily there's a lot of focus on these two. Teddy does a nutty moonsault off the top of the cage to the outside onto Homicide. Homicide also wrecks Teddy with an LP record and then forks him and he bleeds buckets. There's some other cool stuff, such as Jack getting hung upside down on the cage and then getting face lifted by B-Boy and a super cool visual of Teddy pouring blood while Homicide rams his faced against the cage with a close up from the ringside camera. Also, no one takes a Cop Killa like Jack. He takes it on his neck/head/face and it looks brutal every time. In the finishing stretch, the lights go out and Jim Neidhart comes out to a massive pop. Neidhart and Teddy hit the Hart Attack before Teddy hits his flippy finisher off the top. Fantastic match.
  7. Teddy comes out with a wrapped up arm and Homicide viciously goes after it throwing him to the corner and Teddy has to leave due to it. so it turns into a handicap match. According to a Steen, he was talking with Homicide before the show and they were told Teddy couldn't do the match because he had suffered an arm injury and they saw him doing pull ups on a hoop. Classic Teddy. The match is a bit one sided, but it's a handicap match for the majority of it, so it makes sense. Steen gets a brutal beating at the hands of Da Strong Style Thugz as they isolate him, namely getting the skin of his face peeled off by B-Boy from a face kick. Steen finally makes the hot tag after an extensive beatdown and Generico makes a fiery comeback, before he gets destroyed too and Ki unmasks him which gets him massive heat. However, Ki ups the heat by putting Generico's mask on. Near the end, Teddy makes a return and hits a DDT, before he gets dumped off the top rope and Steen gets wrecked again, namely getting dropped with a brutal backdrop and a nasty double stomp from Ki off the top. Great match.
  8. This is the their first ever singles match and I've never seen it before despite being intrigued by it since they built their feud all over the indies namely being involved in a wild brawl at a CZW show some 14-15 years ago. It starts out a bit slow and the commentators mention Teddy injured his knee during a TNA TV taping, however that doesn't stop him from pulling out a top rope Asai moonsault on which he re-injures his knee and then it gets crazy. Homicide begins exploiting Teddy's bummed knee by constantly bashing it with wild chair shots and by doing a modified Bret Hart-esque corner figure 4. Homicide also puts a crazy beating on Teddy suplexing him into the guard rail and they brawl all over the arena and Homicide hits Teddy with a piledriver on the bleachers and he also tosses him from the bleachers. And of course, Teddy being Teddy, despite the bum knee he still hits some of his contrived offense before getting blasted by a huge lariat. Homicide continues with a post match beatdown that sees Jack Evans run out to save Teddy and he only ends up getting crushed with a running Cop Killa. Fantastic match.
  9. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x81ey5_teddy-hart-vs-bryan-danielson_sport