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Found 24 results

  1. Two expiration of time matches on the same show? I take it one of the dates is off, but I’ll still go with 1/1 for both until or unless I’m corrected. Eaton and Ware are a heel workrate machine as a tag team, although I think part of it is the overall sense of urgency. This is rushed since it seemed like they wanted to get in the body of the match before the show went off the air, but it’s very good all the same, and the benefit is that they do get in opening shine, heat on Taylor and a hot tag to Rougeau, so the match doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything. I’d love to see these teams in a longer arena match. ***1/4
  2. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Terry Taylor - Mid-South 6/1/85 My recollection is that this a contender for one of the best matches of the 1980s and is one of my all-time favorite Flair matches lets see how it holds up. First Twenty Minutes: Fuck yeah, this holds up. Incredible opening twenty minutes. I love how Flair always starts off clean against Taylor before working himself up into a lather. I think he underestimates Taylor and thinks he can take him by conventional means only to realize he is in for one helluva fight. I love Taylor's body language in this. He is confident and you believe in him to become the world champion. Taylor grabs a couple headscissors early out of a Flair headlock. Flair is bit annoyed, but he goes back to his strategy of taking it to the mat. Taylor rides a hammerlock. There a ton of little details to watch for in this match. Flair is selling the arm and pulls the ropes to try to loosen it up. Watch closely you will watch Taylor try to pick up that arm, but cant quite find an opening until Flair forces his hand by coming in with a collar elbow tie up trying a suplex attempt, but Taylor blocks twice before Flair gives up. Flair takes him down twice with drop toeholds, but both times cant hold Taylor. Taylor/Flair now work a side headlock sequence that blows the Reed one outta the water. Tons of interesting stuff. Taylor cranking to stop Flair from getting a knee crusher. Flair tries movement to gain an advantage, but on the second attempt Taylor does not even humor him and drops down into a headlock when Flair drops down. Smart, conservative wrestling. Taylor wrenches the front facelock and I love how Flair goes for a suplex and Taylor wrenches hard and the way Flair hollers and then falls it is just so perfect. These are the things that make him better than everyone else. Flair drives Taylor into the corner three times and finally forces a break. Now tempers flare and a fire fight breaks out. Taylor to his credit does not back down. He goes blow for blow with the heavy-handed Flair in just a great sequence. I love Flair feigning with the left only drop low into the midsection with the right. Just a great spot. He throws Taylor out and he rushes back in the ring. Vero's Hero is here to fight, muthafucka! They fire off into the corner, love how Flair bullies him in the crowd only for Taylor to rifle back. The ref interferes and hooks Taylor's arm and Flair nails that short knee to the family jewels of Vero's Hero. With that the twenty minute mark is reached and the Nature Boy is finally in control. I loved, loved how they built into this fight. You see Flair goads him into this. He knows that in the chaos there will be opportunities to sneak in a cheapshot. He got Taylor off his smart, conservative gameplan and he is reaping the benefits. I am so excited for the next twenty minutes! Final Twenty Minutes: They don't relent for one second in this match. Flair punches Taylor right in the face and I love Taylor grabs his face and sells it. Flair is incensed and is choking Taylor. He grabs an arm and they work a good armabr sequence. Flair uses the ropes and hair to control Taylor. Flair goes for chops in the corner, but loses control and is sent flying into the opposite the turnbuckle. Flair tries to get a suplex quickly, but Taylor drops down the back and it is a sleeper. Taylor actually gets a suplex in before eating knees. Taylor don't quit. He is up and rocking Flair with rights until the Flair Flop. This portion feels like an up and down the court basketball game as they start throwing out nearfalls until Flair thumbs him in the eye to finally stymie Taylor. Flair, who clearly realizes he is starting to get in over his head, applies the Figure-4 hoping to end the match. Taylor reverses the pressure. Flair is still nominally in control as Taylor is selling the leg, but misses the kneedrop and he ends up in the figure-4. Flair pushes Taylor off on the second attempt. He thinks now is the time, it is the time to fly. RUH ROH! He sure does go flying. Taylor is on fire with the punches and general intensity. Taylor rattles off nearfalls again, crossbody, backslide. Flair grabs a sleeper on a criss cross, but cant hold Taylor who drops down and kicks him off into the ref. So when Taylor gets another backslide there is no ref. Flair rakes the eyes and throws Taylor over the ropes. He needs to get the ref to count him out! Doesn't work out. Flair suplexes him back in and a big elbow to Taylor he is trying to get up only gets two. Taylor slugs it out with Flair just throwing bomb after bomb. Flair flops on his face. Taylor just needs that one big move. O'Connor Roll will this be it...Flair reverses he has the tights...1, 2, 3! Incredible match. I think what I like the most about is the intensity of both combatants. You really believed that this match was the most important thing in the world. The sense of urgency was very high throughout the match and never relented. Taylor was really awesome in this. He was firing off some great shots. The back half once Taylor made his initial comeback was Flair cheating like a muthafucka to win the match. Eye thumb sets up the first figure-4, but Taylor persevered through that. Then the rake of the eyes and throwing him over the top rope. Taylor survived and overcame. However, you could tell he just did not have much left in the tank and Flair yanked the tights to win. It was a war of attrition and they fought like hell. It is matches like this that are the reasons I love pro wrestling. *****
  3. Terry Taylor vs Chris Adams - UWF TV 5/3/87 Vero's Hero puts in one of the best performances of his career as the entire match is one long, simmering heel turn. I noticed something was up almost immediately when did not shake the Gentleman's hand. Also, Taylor did a great job early on showing how insecure he felt. He would try something and nothing would stick. While Adams was always one step ahead of Taylor, whether it was taking him over with a headlock or double wristlock or powering him down off a leapfrog sequence. We saw Taylor try to pick up the tempo, slow it down by going into ropes or the outside or counterwrestling, but at each step Adams was a head of Taylor. I thought the way Taylor sold was much more like a heel would where he looked like he was being wimp whereas a face would fight through the pain. You could really feel the insecurity in Taylor's mind and that insecurity led him to start taking shortcuts. Like a kneelift to the Gentleman when he gave him a clean break or a closed fist. The closed fist started sending off the alarm bells in JR's & TA's heads especially as the ref confronts Terry Taylor. It is clear that Taylor favorite heel was Ric Flair, who he worked with closely in 1985. There were a lot of moments in this where Taylor looked like Flair, but not moreso than late in the match by the way he begged off. As good as Taylor was at slowly ramping up his heelishness, I thought Adams wrestled as the consummate babyface. His scientific wrestling was both exciting as it was pure. I loved his hope spots being pinning combinations. This was nowhere near Flair/Steamboat, but in a lot of ways it felt like that. By Adams wrestling so pure, it really highlighted Taylor's heelishness. Taylor bumrushed him with a headbutt into the midsection and finally Adams realizes that Taylor is being a prick and he headbutted Taylor into the midsection and here comes the heavy blows like punches and clotheslines. I love how Adams is now throwing it back in Taylor's face. Adams collides with the ref on a criss cross sequence. In the previous Adams/Taylor matches they have helped each other into the ring. This time TERRY TAYLOR PILEDROVE ADAMS ON THE CONCRETE! As a nice touch, Taylor plays dead and the ref counts both men down. Of course, Taylor is able to get back up and win by the countout. At the beginning of the match, Terry Taylor was cheered and by the end he is resoundingly booed. Taylor cements his heel turn in his post-match promo. I loved the story this told of Taylor's insecurities leading to him joining the dark side. I don't know if you could do a heel turn just based on how someone's tactics changed in a match. I loved the simplicity of the times. Taylor and Adams both delivered excellent performances. ****1/2
  4. Ted DiBiase & Terry Taylor vs. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts -UWF TV 10/12/86 Country Whipping Match Bill Watts was clearly one of those people, who have never listened to the lyrics of Born In The USA. Was it every babyface's entrance theme? I am a total sucker for matches like this and this did not disappoint at all. I loved the energy, chaos and violence of this. I thought this was another badass DIBiase performance. His stock is starting to go up in my book. I thought all four men did a great job blending crowd pleasing spots with the violence. I liked the babyfaces railroading Buddy Roberts and isolating him from Hayes. Hayes then not wanting to be tagged in was funny. I thought the straps definitely livened up the usually bland Taylor and DiBiase and the Freebirds are the perfect heels to stooge and bump for them. I loved Taylor strapping Hayes from behind. Just as we saw in World Class, Buddy Roberts was the spark plug for the Freebirds and he did through eyerakes and choking. At first it looked like Taylor play face in peril, but he roared back with his strap. It was a nasty eyegouge by Roberts that fucked up DiBiase that started the FIP. I loved DiBiase's sell of this complete with losing control of the strap. DiBiase clobbered right with Roberts and I like this electricity DiBiase is bringing. DiBiase looks like has things in hand, but back from commercial and DiBiase is getting his ass whipped. I cant believe the Freebirds are actually getting work on top after all those World Class matches with the Von Erichs. I really liked the heat segment. Roberts strapping Taylor in the face on the apron was great as was all the double teaming and choking. I think I like DiBiase better as a face, he is really good at selling. Hayes will not be purely sexy in this match, but purely sadistic. I like that quote. DOuble clothesline! He leaps and makes the tag to Taylor! Taylor was a totally fine hot tag and the finish was a bit abrupt with just a hot cross body. I really enjoyed this one was an awesome TV main event. Finish being abrupt was my only complaint. ****1/4 After the match, there is a great brawl. Taylor goes throat first into the railing and there is a great sell. DIBiase looks for his black glove in this trunks, but Hayes blindsides him and uses the BLACK GLOVE AGAINST HIM!!! Awesome, awesome ending. Definitely makes you want to tune in next week.
  5. Ted DiBiase vs Terry Taylor - Mid-South TV 7/3/85 Vero's Hero is set to take on Teddy Boy in a battle of former North American champions that are looking to get back in the hunt as everyone is jockeying to get a title match with the Nature Boy. Flair in tandem with Eddie Gilbert was getting tired of Terry Taylor's challenges and got him bumped off in favor of The Nightmare. Eddie Gilbert said The Nightmare gave his contractually obligated rematch to Terry Taylor and was owed no more. DiBiase had a beef with Taylor because he never got his and slapped the taste out of his taste to start this impromptu TV match off hot. These two wrestlers have reps for being a bit on the bland side, but I thought they showed some good fire in this TV sprint. Nothing in this match would revolutionize pro wrestling and there is no spot that wows, but it is a very entertaining bout and just nice to see these two in this setting. I feel that DiBiase wrestled up to this match where sometime he can be overshadowed. He was one the creating the movement and energy in the match. His punches looked good and everything he did felt urgent. I liked him going for the figure-4 early and Taylor going for the dropkick->pin early. Taylor was gritty in how he worked the arm with nice knees to the biceps and a forearm to the face. DiBiase created the action forcing him into the corner and unloading with the heavy artillery. The heat segment was fine with Taylor peppering in a nice backslide, which I bit on since they were working at such a fierce pace. Just as Taylor looked to be mounting a comeback, DiBiase hit the kneecrusher and into the figure-4 and then reversal spot. Taylor wanted to continue the work on knee, but DiBiase was in the corner and this necessitated a break affording him the opportunity to load his glove. I liked how he missed at first so there was a bit confusion in my mind if Taylor would eek this out which conflicted with the sense of impending doom and then BAM! Taylor was out. I probably wont remember this match in a couple months, but it was a fine TV match. There was really no hook. They worked hard and everything felt urgent. Good match. ***
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  7. This was fine for what it was. Way too short to tell much of a story. Still the finish set up a variety of stuff. Like multiple ref stip, , special ref, No DQ etc. 2*