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Found 5 results

  1. What started as Parv throwing me the scraps when it came to wrestler bios on Titans ("Kelly, I don't have time for DeNucci, would you mind...") has evolved into me becoming pretty excited when a new obscure name pops up on the docket to research for an upcoming show (coming soon...Rick Stallone!!!). If I'm fated to be remembered as the jobber expert, well, I'm going to be the best damn jobber expert out there. I'm going to use this thread to work some things out, going where few fans dare tread, and hopefully retain my sanity. You can have your projects where you view the greatest matches of the 2000's or classic Japanese wrestling, that's easy. You can have your Flair's and Misawa's. I think it is high time the job guys, the guys who made the stars look good, get their due. Give me Scicluna, Doherty and Moooooose. *****? I'll be happy with *. When it comes to jobbers, specifically WWWF/WWF jobbers of the 70s and early-80s, perhaps none is more fondly remembered than "The Unpredictable" Johnny Rodz. Rodz was basically the leader of the NYC jobber crew and, as mentioned by Tito during his interview with Parv and Pete, highly respected backstage. Recently, we watched a match between Rodz and SD Jones from 3/16/81 MSG and it was damn good, with Rodz looking fantastic as a total dick heel. This got me thinking, "what do we know about Rodz as a performer? Does he warrant examination?" I say yes he does. I'm going to start by looking at an earlier encounter between the two. Johnny Rodz vs SD Jones - 8/7/76, MSG Rodz is decked out in some of the most pimp 70s wrestling gear possible - Red and white striped trunks, with what appears to be a crescent moon symbol, over top red and green tights with striped boots. Kung Fu eat your heart out! Like their match from 5 years later, we start out with a snug mat exchange. Jones is very young, in great shape, and also quite green. Probably owing to that greenness, this match doesn't really go anywhere. Rodz works an armbar with Jones fighting and failing to escape, aided by Rodz taking shortcuts to maintain the advantage. We get the obligatory black stereotype spot where Rodz punches Jones on the top of his head and ends up hurting his hand. Jones' fired up comeback spot lacks polish, and overall Jones' offense here looks awkward and tentative. Not much heat. The finish has Jones winning with the "WWWF Special" - the double pin spot off a German suplex, where the suplexee gets their shoulder up before the three count and the suplexer is pinned. Not much of a match, but it is interesting to see how far these two would come in 5 years as far as working a compelling match is concerned. Jones was definitely green, but Rodz was a solid performer in 76. He just didn't have much to work with here.
  2. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-24-wwf-at-philadelphia-spectrum-december-1980/ In this very special episode, Pete, Johnny and Kelly pay tribute to two icons of wrestling… JerryvonKramer, aka “Parv”, aka The President of the I Hate Bob Backlund Club , aka “Spanky” and Kal Rudman: Everyone’s favorite drunk, pervy, wrestling commentator (pictured second from left, likely high as hell) On the docket: 12-13 Dominic DeNucci vs. Sgt. Slaughter 12-13 Larry Zbyszko vs. Tony Atlas 12-13 Rick Martel & Tony Garea vs. the Samoans Best 2 out of 3 Falls 12-13 Pedro Morales vs. Ernie Ladd 12-13 Bruno Sammartino vs. Ken Patera Also on tonight’s show: -Philadelphia: America’s #1 sports town in 1980! -Fantasy Booking #1: Super 8 (possibly Bob Crane in disguise) films Tony Atlas being walked on by a woman while Kal watches, smoking a cigarette, at the Holiday Inn across from the Spectrum -Fantasy Booking #2: Kal goes to Memphis and meets the Fabulous Ones -Visit Izzy Bernstein’s House of Blue Tights (with red trim)! -Extended discussion on everybody from Sgt Slaughter, DeNucci, Pete Rose, and Ernie Ladd, to Bill Watts, Greg “the Bull” Luzinski, and The Living Legend
  3. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-23-continental-wrestling/ Big thanks to Martin for once again joining us on the show. Join the Titans of Rasslin’ as they head to the Heart of Dixie for a look at 1980s Continental wrestling from Alabama! Parv is busy in Ireland, so Kelly assumes the hosting seat again, joined by Pete, Johnny and, making his triumphant return to the show, The Fifth Teen Titan Superstar Marty Sleeze (otherwise known as Martin), for a look at wild and bloody action from one of the more underrated territories of wrestling’s eclectic past. Listeners at home or on the road, follow along by watching the Continental playlist, exclusively found on the Anti-Network, Titans TV! On the docket: 1986 The Bullet vs The Nature Boy Ric Flair 1986 The Fuller’s vs The New Guinea Headhunters Cage Match 1987 The Return of Mr Olympia Saga 1988 The Dirty White Boy vs Dr Tom Prichard Feud Also on this episode: -A brief look at the history of pro wrestling in Alabama, 1950s-1980s -Gordon Solie utters the GLOAT (Greatest Line Of All Time) -Halloween Havoc 2012: He-Man vs The Banana--Dance Floor Death Match -Ron Fuller: the human tripod -Ranking the 80s Superbabes -A look at one of the most shocking and memorable angles of all time: “I’d like to talk to Tom”
  4. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-29-part-1-georgia-championship-wrestling/ Join us as the Titans of Rasslin visit Earth II, where Pete doesn't exist (actually he is trapped under a pile of thousands of wrestling DVDs, updates throughout), and the team of Kelly, Parv, Johnny and Marty Sleeze explore the amazing world of Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS! And for the first time ever, the material covered on the show is so vast that a second part is required (look for it in about two weeks). On the docket tonight: 1979 Ole Anderson promo / Bobby Heenan and Ernie Ladd promo 1979 Ernie Ladd attacks Chief Jay Strongbow 1980 Tommy Rich vs. Dennis Condrey TV title match 1980 Ole Anderson turns on Dusty Rhodes + Ole falls out with Lars and enlists the aid of Terry Funk 1980 Mr. Wrestling II and The Assassin discuss why they wear a mask Also on tonight's show: -A look at the history of GCW, its important relationship with Ted Turner-owned television stations, and the role it played in the story of WCW -In-depth discussion of Mr.Wrestling II and Tommy Rich -Stongbow's humiliation makes Parv...uh, giddy -Fantasy Blaxploitation booking: Ernie Ladd is "The Big Cat of Harlem" -A show-ending comparison of early-80s GCW and WWF
  5. Ricky Jackson

    Titans TV

    http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCS2YuKB3mMDfKDImRq01wA Welcome to Titans TV! Are you expecting all the matches we've discussed on the show to be available for free? Ha ha, no. But we can offer you the next best thing! Hours upon hours of wrestling from around the world and throughout the ages, all conveniently available at your fingertips! Forget about subscribing to a "network", Titans TV has you covered!!!!!!! Check out the playlist section for footage from the amazing territories of yesteryear, including: -New York (watch SOME of the matches discussed on the hit podcast Titans of Wrestling , you freeloaders) -Georgia -St. Louis -Florida -World Class -AWA -Los Angeles -San Francisco -Memphis -Continental -Calgary -Portland -Plus footage from around the world--Mexico, Japan, England, Puerto Rico--and throughout the ages--as far back as 1895! Also, ALL the matches discussed on episodes #7, 15, and 19. Plus a first look at the matches and angles that will be discussed on Episode #23, Continental Wrestling from the 80s! Lastly, check out other playlists, featuring: -Titans of Wrestling: The Soundtrack -Titans favorites Dominic F'N DeNucci and The Baron -Bonus Features: an assortment of supplemental bits to enhance the Titans experience -Titans Bios: Your favorite wrestler biographies, now in video form! (and one already blocked by WWE on copyright grounds!) Fans of professional wrestling rejoice! Titans TV is here!