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Found 27 results

  1. This was probably my favorite of the Baszler title defenses. Although the matches are hit and miss for me, Baszler's persona has always impressed. I love this MMA destroyer sadist gimmick they're going for with her. Here it was on display wonderfully with Baszler just going straight for Storm and zoning in on a weakness. For her part, Toni Storm put in an amazing babyface performance selling her leg to perfection. I'm a huge mark for crumble spots and there were some lovely, lovely crumble spots here. Some good false finishes too especially with Storm just escaping the clutch long enough to set up the count out finisher. ***3/4
  2. This is for Toni's World of Stardom title. The pre-match for this is weird as both cut promo that are directed at English speaking critics rather than the match itself. The actual match does get off to a nice start as they do some quality matwork. Toni looked great here, especially in how she would mix in big moves in with her matwork. What her title run lacked in defenses it sure made up for in quality. Kagetsu's performance was a mixed bag, she was really spirited but her selling was lacking. Also, I really hope that every one of her title defenses doesn't have multiple ref bump/distraction spots in them. All in all, this was a very good title match. ***3/4
  3. This is a rematch of the World of Stardom title match that ended when Iwatani hurt her arm only a few minutes into the match. They play off of that in the early going as Toni does some nice, Bret Hart style, subtle heel work. First, she tricked Iwatani then ended up going after her arm anyway . The middle part of the match did a nice job of leading up to the finish although I though the finish itself didn't have as nice flow to it. In the end, it is nice that they were able to have a great match after the awkward situation in their first one. ****
  4. In this match Toni puts her SWA title vs. Viper's ICW title. Out of the matches that this two have had with each other this was my favourite. They pretty much cut out the cutesy 'watch Viper do World of Sport spot' part of the match in favour of just throwing flat out bombs. Viper also took some nutty bumps including a piledriver from Toni on the stage. The only thing I didn't like about this match was Toni no-selling an apron dive and a Michinoku Driver from Viper. Other than that, this match was a super fun bombfest. ****
  5. One of the best intergender singles matches I've ever seen, maybe even THE best one, because nothing else comes to my mind that has been on this level. Thatcher was amazing in this; he had wrestled Nick Gage, Daisuke Sekimoto & Munenori Sawa just few hours before, and now here, around 3 AM he still had this one to go vs. Toni Storm. He was grumpy as hell, beating & stretching the shit out of her. The match was 99% dominated by Thatcher, just as it should've been. Toni sold Thatcher's brutal work over her very well & I liked the desperation she showcased through her comeback attempts & great facial expressions. The finish was very well done too, really the best way you could put Toni over Thatcher. Great stuff. ****
  6. This was billed as a dream match with the legend Satomura against the current World of Stardom champion Storm. I had muted expectations for this match since this wasn't a main event title match and neither of these two had really impressed me lately. With that said, I absolutely loved the first half of this match! It's just nothing but matwork. A hybrid of shoot style, UK style, and traditional pro style. I honestly could have watched them do just that for twenty minutes. Things aren't quite as good when they get in to *Big Moves* mode but the match doesn't lose that much. At least things didn't get egregious like they did in the Meiko/Ayako match from January. A great match that's done in a way that you wouldn't expect. ****
  7. This is Yoko Bito's swan song, which is a shame since I think the last four months have easily been the best run of her career. She looked really good matched up with Satomura and it's too bad that they couldn't have had a singles match in Sendai Girls in her last couple of months. Iroha was a standout here as she worked extremely well with both Storm and Satomura to the point that I'd love to see those two singles matches. A strong match and a nice way to cap off Bito's career. ***3/4
  8. I really liked the SWA title match that these two had earlier this year so I was looking forward to this one. While being shorter than that match, this one is almost as good. They just cut straight to the heavy hitting and keep it up the whole way till Toni wins it with a nasty piledriver. I hope these two work together more in the future cause they have surprisingly good chemistry together. ***3/4
  9. I liked the work in this match. While it did lack a big narrative hook, they did a very nice job of progressively building up the offense in the match as they went along. There was a couple of nasty spots where Sane was off but they covered up for it in a way that didn't cause the match to lose momentum. Really entertaining even if it was a bit run of the mill for these two. ***1/2
  10. 5★STAR GP - Finals: Toni Storm vs. Yoko Bito The Strong Zero kickout here was not as effective as it could have been because Toni and KLR wasted the spot earlier in the mid card, which was total nonsense. This was definitely a Toni Storm match; a lot of movez were happening and not much else. This also had one of the weakest crowd reactions of the show and it's the finals of the tournament. The rolling piledrivers looked cool, though, I gotta say. bad
  11. This is a rematch of the SWA title match that these two had in Stardom earlier this year. I didn't care for that match because it got too cute with "look at Viper do World of Sport stuff" and never felt like a title match. Here, they keep it to the opening sequence and nothing after that. What they did end up doing was super physical with both women taking some big bumps. Niven actually pinballed around really well for a woman her size. Didn't particularly care for Piper showing remorse during the finish after having no problem crushing her throughout the match. Still a very good match. ***1/2
  12. 5★STAR GP Blue Stars Block: Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm Toni is the unbeatable superwoman, and Io is in a vulnerable state due to her neck injury. They play up the danger of the Strong Zero piledriver that caused the injury and it led to intense moments. Io does this counter to the piledriver that was innovative and stunning. I'd go a little higher on this, but Toni's headbutts are atrocious. She has to learn how to disguise her thigh-slapping better. ***1/4
  13. A fantastic main event & truly the perfect match to introduce the PROGRESS Women's Championship with. Just super fun action from start to finish w/ all 3 women being great - they all showed some really good looking offense & Jinny was terrific in her ultra heel role. ****1/4
  14. This is for Io's World of Stardom title. I really liked the first half of this. They paced it so well and managed to work in a few good nearfalls too. The early matwork was great with Io using some shootstyle matwork to counter Storm's British style but then Toni mixes it further by working in some shootstyle of her own. The early second half of the match does drag but that's the only time that you feel that they are working towards a draw. The finishing run is interesting as they do something similar to Io's match with Shayna Baszler as the ref halts the match after Io gets KO'd by a nasty Storm piledriver. Unfortunately, Io does come back a little too soon which wasn't helped by Toni just sitting around seemingly waiting for Io to attack her. Even with the annoying flaws, this is a great match and probably would have been my joshi MOTY if they hadn't have happened. Still, yet another impressive showing for Io and the best performance from Storm in her career so far. ****
  15. Even though both women have titles at this time, this is a non-title match. The opening to this has some really good matwork as Hojo goes all shootstyle to try and counter Storm's British style. Things take a different turn in the middle of the match when Storm goes after Hojo with her butt attacks so Hojo decides to start working over her butt. This isn't a comedy spot, Hojo legitimately works over Storm's butt like it's her arm or back. It's weird. Still, if you get past that awkwardness, the rest of the match is really well worked. The nearfalls leading up to the draw are well worked but at fifteen minutes it is a bit short. ***1/2
  16. Cinderella Tournament 2017 Final: Mayu Iwatani vs. Toni Storm This didn't quite reach the hype levels of some of the previous matches with the crowd, and I probably wouldn't have liked this as much as I did if Toni was facing anyone else. Mayu was built to take these moves; her selling was superb, limbs flailing like spaghetti, and her facial expressions are great too. Storm was an absolute superwoman here and adsorbed everything that was thrown at her. It'll take another Blue Nikita to stop this Kiwi of Steel. ***3/4
  17. This match is for Storm's SWA title. I was really interested in seeing this as Negra has looked good this tour and this was a chance for her to have a long single's match, (unfortunately, she had to leave not long after this show so this was her last match for now.) She looked good here again, especially in the early going reacting/countering Storm's matwork. Also showed a lot of personality that got the fans into the match. Yet another quality performance from Toni Storm, which is a good sign if she is about to get a big push in Stardom. A below the radar match that everyone should watch. ***3/4
  18. This is for Storm's SWA title and is Kyona's forth title match this year. I really enjoyed the opening with Storm trying to use her British style matwork but Kyona countering it with her strength so Toni has to get inventive in order to counter back. Very good back and forth at the finish with Storm busting out some nice new offense. Another standout title match performance from Kyona and one of the better performances from Storm. ***3/4
  19. In a promo before the match, Storm says that Hiroyo is a dream opponent for her. They don't try to do anything epic here, but they still go out an have a really fun match. The whole match is back and forth between the two of them, neither one of them is in control for too long. In fact, they must have lost track of the time because they don't really build to a finish as the time limit just ends which felt different if unintended. A very fun match. ***1/2
  20. This is for Storm's SWA title and is also Purrazzo's first single's match in Stardom. This match was a really nice mesh of Storm's UK style with Purrazzo's US style. Purrazzo looked great here. While she doesn't do anything flashy, she makes everything she does count for something. I wish they could have had another five minutes or so because they probably would have had something great if they had more time to build to a proper finish. As it is though, this is a terrific short match. ***1/2
  21. This match takes place on the final night of the Block stage of the 5*GP. Iwatani was already eliminated but Storm still had a chance if she won but would need a tie-breaker in order to advance. The opening of the match is great as you have the contrast of Iwatani's quick pace and flashy offense verses the matwork and strikes of Storm. The match eventually builds to an exchange of strikes and big moves. The finish is a bit weird as Storm hits Iwatani with an Air Raid Crash but Iwatani instantly gets up and hits her dragon suplex only for both women to not be able to answer the 10 count afterwards. Even with that this is still an entertaining match and hopefully we get to see a more fleshed out version in a rematch in 2017.***1/2
  22. Another 5*GP match. Here, Storm is in first place while Nikita is midpack after dominating the younger girls but coming up short against the top women. This was a nice, solid match. Nikita isn't a spectacular worker, she does a reverse rana that looks pedestrian, but she executes everything well while mixing in some good heel work. Storm is her usual shelf here. Nothing that will blow you away but still very entertaining. ***1/2
  23. This is a 5*GP match between two UK workers. This match is put together really well. They start out doing some British style exchange of holds. Then naturally build to a modern New Japan style of finish with elaborate teases of finishers and nearfalls. The best showing for each woman in Stardom so far and it was nice to see both of them being over with the crowd. ****
  24. This Storm's first defense of her newly won SWA title. This starts out with some fun British style exchanges. One thing I like about Storm is that she is subtle with her influences rather than parade around with them like some of her male peers. Shanna manages some success when she can pick up the pace but is never really able to maintain it. Solid, entertaining title match that is a good showcase for what Toni Storm can do. ***1/2
  25. This is a tag match set up to preview the next two singles title matches. This is the best performance from Storm so far as she has some really good exchanges with Shanna and does a great job of working over Hojo. Chelsea looked good getting beat down in the early going and hitting so nice offense down the stretch. Shanna had some neat sequences although her execution was a bit iffy at points. An entertaining match that had some fiery performances from everyone involved. ***3/4