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Found 13 results

  1. JIP match built around Satomura trying to cut down the higher ranked KAORU and Ishii trying to cut down the higher ranked Satomura. Some really good exchanges here especially between Satomura/KAORU aswell as a few neat team spots and great Death Valley Bomb teases. I would've liked the Satomura/Ishii pairing to go a little deeper considering how good their singles match early in the year was but I guess it was not that kind of night. Or they clipped it out. Ishii hits a reall great senton bomb for her troubles.
  2. GAEA youngster matches can have a weird pace where it's kinda like a heated BattlARTS tag where it randomly breaks into mat exchanges and stiff shots. Especially when you have Satomura in there who will mix up amateur style holds and kicks. I have no idea how the average fan will like this kind of stuff as there is always a ton of neat stuff but also structure and selling are somewhat wonky. Still this had an actual dynamic with Uematsu & Hirota working together to topple their higher ranked opponents and they were quiet vicious doing so. Whenever one caught Satomura or Kato in a half crab the other would run in to stomp on their had. Some neat spots and they didnt overstay their welcome.
  3. JIP. Watching Nagashima will make you realize fast she was one of he more innovative workers around in 1998. This was closer to your typical sprint joshi but paced slow enough and with enough selling to make you appreciate everything. Lots of slick sequences and counters. Uematsu brings a nice vicious edge to this workrate-y match, hitting some brutal knee combos and punching Nagashima square in the jaw at one point. One thing I like is that many of the spots shown here would be near physically impossible to do for most male workers – especially the bridge up spots and Nagashima landing on her feet from the Northern Lights Suplex. Roughly 7 out of 13 minutes shown on both TV and comm tape.
  4. GAEA runs a lot of sprints, but this was the kind of match that felt like a mix between NWA Studio grappling and BattlARTS with more high flying. Very unique match where both kept stubbornly going for specific moves. Both kept trying for a suplex, Uematsu for the Northern Lights, Kato for the Dragon Suplex, and they had some cool ways to work around these moves. In between that Kato had her kicks and Uematsu a nice shotai, and Kato kept trying to choke her out. You could tell they put thought into every move they tried. That kind of singular focus was really unique and it produced a compelling match. The weak point was the finish which I thought failed to pay off what they had been building up in the previous 10 minutes, but the work was cool and interesting which is what you want from your GAEA.
  5. GAEA goes UWF! This was probably the closest you'll get to serious girl shootstyle, as they wore plain black outfits and stuck to working a no frills UWFi style contest. The work won't make you forget your high end RINGS but it was genuinely exciting contest with perfect pace and layout. Uematsu surviving an onslaught of stiff kicks and almost toppling her higher ranked opponent with a knee to the face and palm strikes and hooking the leg was a great moment. Short but good. Also, for the scientific record: KAORU is fine as hell.
  6. May have been even better than Kato/Nagayo. Uematsu just threw the kitchen sink at Nagayo and it ruled. Incredibly vicious. Matches had the nifty submission counters and Nagayo kicking her in the face aswell. Nagayo had that Inoki vibe where she looks like she could snap a limb anytime. Sick near dislocation finish too. All in less than 6 minutes! Dig it.
  7. This was #245 on our friend shodate's list of the Top 250 90s matches. Good thing because otherwise I probably would've never watched this. This was fantastic and instantly became one of my favourite joshi matches of the year. Lots of cool uncooperative exchanges throughout, and the match told a good story. You had Hokuto being two classes above both opponents (and making that very clear), Uematsu refusing to back down and wrestling a class above hers, and Kaoru and Ichiki trying everything to gain the advantage and topple their opponents. There were some basic spots such as biting, stomping eye rake or hair pulling toss which felt really violent here. There was also plenty of awesome receipt spots, especially whenever Hokuto felt disrespected, she would step up and show who's boss usually by booting someone in the face. There was also plenty of head droppin death moves and crushing diving attacks. Despite that the match didn't feel like overkill and ended at just the perfect spot. Little weak transitions here maybe, but yeah all things considered I enjoyed the hell out of this.