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Found 10 results

  1. AnHonorableMention

    Pro Wrestling Explosion Feb 8 2019

    Facebook Event Page THIS IS THE EXACT ORDER OF THE SHOW, FROM BOTTOM (open) TO TOP (headline) PWE title match: Alex Payne (C) vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams Freddy Flamingo vs. TJ Crawford! Smash Bradley vs. Billy Avery! Troy Nelson vs. CPA (special stipulation match) Sly Stetson vs. Grizzly Redwood (“should only take a minute” says Stetson)! GALACTIC ROYAL! ***INTERMISSION*** Shockwave the Robot open challenge! Yodeling Yohan Wunderschintzel vs. Anthony Greene (mustache match)! Joe Gacy vs. Jimmy Rave! Ernie Osiris/Prince Nana vs. Alex Payne/Shane Hagadorn! Beefcake vs. Green Ant (opening the show)! Friday night, Feb. 8th at PhilaMOCA in Philly (531 N. 12 Street). $15 adv, $20 at the door. 6:30 doors, 7:00 pm show! Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets
  2. Another really good match from the weekend. I'm really starting to dig Hot Sauce's cheap shot face punts. He's not Kawada with them, but they're great. He hit some great looking ones on Kingston at the Bloodspot event and he hit one here on WALTER that got WALTER going before WALTER chopped him down. As we know, WALTER is great at being a bully and it's no different here. Hot Sauce however more than held his own and wasn't afraid to bring his own. Lovely finish with the arm trapped rear naked choke. Nifty match between these two.
  3. This was just as much fun as it looked on paper. Really great action from start to finish - great stuff like Hot Sauce sneaking in at times to try & get that victory, Riddle going toe-to-toe with the big lads & of course the exchanges between Lee & WALTER. Those chops were SICK. ****1/2
  4. We start things off with some really fun grappling back & forth between Thatcher & Garrini. It's good stuff, and I really liked the smile Thatcher flashed after they get up from the mat; it said "wow, this kid is pretty good". Then we get Ringkampf doing some awesome work over Hot Sauce, which eventually leads to a Thatcher FIP segment. Thatcher is one of the best FIP's in the world right now; watching him sell his ass off is always a joy. Williams & Garrini did some fantastic work over him. WALTER's hot tag was superb - he beat them up with those vicious chops, big boots & threw them around with his brutal suplexes. Fantastic stuff. From then on, the match kicks into it's finishing gear & it's really great w/ great sense of urgency to it. All around, just a really great match. ****
  5. Despite being super talented, Catch Point tags (specifically Yehi & Hot Sauce) never seem to be anything more than solid/low-level good territory. Which is fine, and I totally appreciate those contributions, but given their talents you just expect so much more. This is another low-level good match. The action is good & fast-paced. There's not much of a story, but you see some nuance here & there. Oh, I def. need to mention this: there's an absolutely insane spot half-way through the match where Jaka overshoots a tope suicida and explodes into the crowd. Shit had my eyes poppin' out of my head. Dickinson hits the Pazuzu Bomb on Hot Sauce and Dickinson & Jaka are the new champs! Rating: ***¼
  6. Good match. Catch Point is the more experienced tag team & it shows. Dijak & Elgin have chemistry, but not at the level Williams & Yehi do. There's some really good back-and-forth exchanges, and the match is well-paced, but this was a little long in the tooth & shaving a couple minutes off would've helped the quality. The crowd seemed burnt out, as well. There's some real nice nearfalls towards the end, and it felt like Dijak & Elgin had real chance to upset the tag champs when they were isolating Williams, but Catch Point ultimately comes out victorious after Yehi cleans house in a hot comeback. Rating: ***¼
  7. Much like the match Keith Lee had vs. Zack Sabre Jr the night before, this was a tremendous David vs. Goliath battle. Keith Lee continued his streak of great performances - just love him do his work on top. He's tremendous at that. Hot Sauce was great as the fiery hard hitting babyface working from underneath. Great match. ****
  8. Tracy Williams sucks. I can't remember seeing a praised wrestler that has as poor slap throwing technique as he does. And while I have nothing against guys doing dives against Riddle the way they it was set up here was shit-not to mention doing it early on minimized its effect and shock value (well, indy guys doing dives isn't really shocking and so far I'm of the impression anyone who's compared Evolve to Battlarts has no idea what they're talking about). He's also incredibly dull when in control of the match-he can execute MOVES right but not good enough that I'm going to actually be impressed by his Dropkicks and Knee Drops and good grief is he bad at tying them together in an interesting fashion. A really good performance by Riddle however, lots of nifty slams and takedown by him, his counter knee looked absolutely disgusting and got a bigger reaction than any of the thigh slapping in the previous bouts. He rocked Williams with some nice strikes and put on a strong selling performance. They did some nice Piledrivers in the stretch and while I like the idea of the finish it was much closer to, IDK, Shawm Michaels vs Kurt Angle than Ikeda-Ono, if this leglock is so dangerous you shouldn't hesitate before kicking someone in the face. He should study how Takada, a much better worker, kicked Fujiwara in the face in their 10/25 match. No weird Triple H pauses there. **1/2
  9. Worst Evolve match I've seen so far. It actually started off pretty good, doing junior chain wrestling with Johnny Gargano was the best Tracy Williams ever looked, and Galloway was a solid hot tag, still the majority of this was so dull and uninteresting, Gulak and Williams had one nice combo move and Gulak will do one thing per match that I like like steal a Finlay spot or something that looks like a Finlay spot at least, here it was dragging Gargano by the feet into his corner, but outside of that it's clear he and Williams have no idea how to work, they're just so boring, so many stomps and armbreakers leading to nowhere. The double submission spots are also getting ridiculous but I did like Gargano and Galloway switching who they were doing them on for it made a ridiculous visual. It felt like it was much longer than it was, Gargano and Galloway were fine in fighting back and I kind of feel bad for them for being in a match this bad. *1/2
  10. There's a pretty big amount of people on the EVOLVE roster I don't care for (hence me not keeping up with the company) but there are also some guys that have been getting praise that I've never seen. So I figured I'd give them a chance. And. Maybe I shouldn't have. This wasn't any good. Probably the most useless skill a wrestler can have is executing a move correctly. I'm sure Lance Storm is a solid trainer but he wasn't even nominated for the GWE which is very telling with the long career he had. That's what this match was essentially. They grab a wristlock, a bodyscissors, something. Then move on. Some wrestlers can execute moves so beautifully that's enough on its own, but that wasn't really the case here. Just. Wristlock. I've seen wristlocks. You can make wristlocks work. You can actually work the hold itself. You can use it to build heat and suspense and then get a big transition out of it. You can add peril to it. They did none of that here. Just. Wristlocks. And moves. Lots of them. I imagine this is what Marufuji matches look like these days. Yehi's short outburts of suplexes was nice but even that wasn't anything memorable. I'm not sure exactly what emotion Yehi's weird facial expressions and the weird tongue thing were supposed to convey. At least Triple H-Dolph Ziggler made for an interesting insight in crowd control. *1/2