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Found 14 results

  1. A pretty classic apuestas match with a lot of intrigue and pagentry. For one, it was up in the air who was losing. Secondly, the crowd really bit on every near fall and had a nervous energy that was impressive to watch. As far as the actual work of the men, I didn't think Psycho was up to snuff but Wagner gave a splendid performance. His crowd brawling was excellent and the way he ripped the mask of Psycho and went for the cut was vicious. Psycho did provide some good nearfalls down the stretch and I liked the match ending on his big Code Red finisher. Wagner is a silver fox and looks like a cartel leader so he will be fine without the mask. ****1/2
  2. The entrances set the whole tone for this match. Both coming down off lifts that would normally be used for construction. The video package playing in the middle of the two, whilst they are angrily trash talking. It was a tremendous visual. As way Wagnery having a large entourage and Blue Demon Jr having only one, which is his son, Hijo del Blue Demon. The match starts out hot, with Blue Demon attacking Wagner before he could take the honorary mask off and busts him open, with the blood turning some of the mask red and smashing him with a bottle. Just absolutely great rudo work from him. Him and his son double teaming Wagner to hit a chop was just a tip of the iceberg. Wagner showed he wasn’t averse to brawling and whacks Blue Demon Jr with a metal pan rips the mask and busts him open. The match got much more intense when Blue Demon Jr used a hammer of all things and goes to town on Wagner’s back and hand. The visual of Blue Demon Jr being drenched him his and Wagner’s blood whilst furiously locking on the Fujiwara armbar was amazing. And teased Wagner tapping for it in the match so well every time. Wagner’s short comeback with him desperately trying to win Demon with the Wagner drivers was so great as you could feel the urgency and desperation that he had. The finish was good, the interference I could’ve done without but the use of the weapon fit the hate filled feud they’ve built for the past year. Awesome match really. Blue Demon isn’t renowned for being a good wrestler but he brought some great rudo work in this match to match Wagner’s technico performance. ****3/4
  3. Mascara is pretty limited--he can't do much more than punch, kick, and roll people up. But damned if this isn't a Pat Patterson-level booking masterpiece. The first two falls are over quickly in that perfunctory "let's get them out of the way" manner, but the finishes are delightfully screwy. First, Aguayo is going to town on 2000 in the corner, raining punches on him, when suddenly Chocolate calls for the bell for a low blow. Very cool and out-of-nowhere finish and good use of the standard long lucha replay, as we break down whether or not Aguayo really punched him low or not. You can almost see Chocolate under the hood trying to find "indisputable evidence" whether or not to overturn the call. The ruling on the field stands, and Aguayo is down 1-0 before he has a chance to take a breath. Universo 2000 makes his presence known in the second fall than then Mascara gets greedy, clobbering Aguayo with brass knucks so blatantly than even the heel ref Chocolate has to DQ him for it. That's two falls out of the way in about 5 minutes, leaving about 20 for the rest of the match. Aguayo does a monster blade job off the knucks shot and levels Mascara with every bit of offense that he has, while Ano is just trying to keep his head above water with small packages and cheap shots from Universo. Eventually Mascara's mask is all red, and I can't tell if it's because he bladed himself or it's Aguayo's blood. Universo nails Aguayo as he bounces off the ropes, and as Chocolate goes over to reprimand him, Aguayo recovers to BLATANTLY uppercut Mascara in the nuts as the crowd loses their shit. Universo throws a fit, but Chocolate doesn't see anything and Aguayo covers for the win and the mask. The crowd loves it, and I rejoice never having to tell Universo and Mascara apart again going forward. One of the most markout-worthy finishes on any Yearbook, a perfect poetic-justice ending built across three falls. I tend to dislike the heel ref shtick in lucha because they never seem to get any comeuppance, so when they inadvertently aid the babyfaces through their own incompetence that sort of feels like a satisfying payoff. AAA would copy this sort of layout with Tirantes, Los Gringos Locos, and Blue Panther in the famous double apuestas match the next year, to similarly great results. As a match, this wasn't as good as Cien Caras' mask loss, but from a booking standpoint it's a highlight of any year. This also has Universo, who does one of the greatest jobs of a ringside second I've ever seen.
  4. The one-fall stip threw me, twice over--once at the false finish and again after the restart. This still built well from matwork to lots and lots and LOTS of near-falls, probably the most of any lucha match I've seen. Also countout teases for near-falls. All the bailouts gave this a very disjointed feel, but it did make the counts more meaningful. Speaking of which, the story here is another officiating controversy, and again it's done in an ambiguous, real-sports bad-officiating way rather than just a plain blind referee. Gotta say that having this on the same card as Aguayo/Mascara is overkill, even by lucha standards where the heel refs are part of the show. La Parka gets every benefit of the doubt on every close two-count and at least one near-COR, though replays seem to support the referee. He then ties up Lizmark and gets a three-count, with Lizmark not getting the same benefit. Replays again seem to support the referee, and Dr. Morales and Arturo Rivera sound like they're one step away from coming to blows themselves in the booth. But after a LONG delay, long arguments, and a conference with the Box y Lucha commission, apparently the match is restarted and we pick up where we left off. The turning point is Parka taking a horrific bump into the corner post, and it's pretty much downhill from there, as Lizmark locks on a shootstyle side mount submission. This was good, and a really coming-of-age performance for La Parka, but as I said--disjointed. The match was building up a ton of momentum and I'm not opposed to the idea of the restart, but the absurd length of time it took (it must have been close to 5 or 6 minutes, or more) stopped things dead in their tracks. And the officiating controversy didn't pay off as spectacularly as it did with Perro and Mascara Ano, though Lizmark deciding to go with a submission after not making any headway with pins was a clever touch. One for a La Parka comp, no question, but overall not quite as fun as the mask match on the same card.