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Found 6 results

  1. We are firmly embedded in the Atlantis and Villano feud as they pair off at the big brawl and Villano starts going after the mask ripping it. Atlantis mask is a mess as he is having to use his hands to cover up. Due to the mask ripping, the tecnicos win the first fall. Segunda starts with more of the same and Atlantis is wrestling this match maskless which is a pretty impressive feat that he is able to guard his identity. Villano doesn’t give a shit about anything and keeps slinging him into the chairs. Tecnicos make a big comeback with Atlantis getting a back up mask for him to use. They really start attacking Villano and Atlantis is all fired up. The tecnicos end up getting DQ’d in an interesting reversal when the rudo ref says they didn’t respond to his commands. Great receipt with Villano going head first into the chairs and then Atlantis picking them up and slinging them down. I love seeing Atlantis show this kind of fire. Pierroth is favoring his leg so of course Casas attacks that locking in a half crab. Atlantis and Villano come back for an inside the ring sequence with Atlantis rolling through his offense. Pierroth and Casas do a good job as a secondary feud showing some hate against each other as well. Niebla and Wagner get in on the fun with a nice sequence and a big Niebla tope. This leaves Villano and Atlantis back at it and Villano gets the submission win clean as a whistle. Wow, what a great finish and they cut to crowd members who are pretty stunned. This was an excellent hype piece and a I can’t wait to watch the build to the apuestas match. ***3/4
  2. Take the two hottest feuds in wrestling and combine them in one trio is a recipe for goodness. I didn’t think this quite reached the level of some of the other stuff based mainly on the lack of double and triple teams but it was some great stuff. I like how Atlantis vs. Villano has a hate feeling to it but a more classical feel. Satanico vs. TB is straight Jerry Springer hatred. The snippets of Atlantis mixing it up with Satanico made me hope they tangle it up one last time. TB gets his revenge on Satanico for the first time in a while and Emilio piles on with his signature dive from the apron. Tarzan Boy goes for a dive and wipes out clutching his knee. Atlantida and that is a win for the tecnicos. TB is hurt on the outside but still getting stomped on. ***
  3. Fuerza Guerrera against Negro Casas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Villano III paid off fans for their seats, so his brothers could set front row! Take that Ted DiBiase. First fall is quick, highlighted by Atlantis and Villano III doing an awesome exchange ending with a vicious Atlantis tope. Then we get the dream between Casas and Fuerza which does not disappoint, before the tecnicos quickly wrap up the fall. Falls ending does not stop Villano III and Atlantis as they brawl all around ringside. With Atlantis ripping up the mask in revenge from the previous match and even beating up Villano III right in front of his brothers.Atlantis tries to freaking rip the seat off a chair to use to kill Villano III. This feud is the best. Casas' reaction to Salvaje coming at him was priceless. Salvaje gets one shot before Casas loses it on him, although the rudos use their numbers to tie up the match. Casas is a house of fire in the third fall. I truly think Casas would had been the best hot tag wrestler in southern wrestling he was so great here. Atlantis clears house and goes for a tope, but the Villanos brothers jump up and stop him and drag him outside the ring to kick his ass. An old lady tries to get the referees attention to get him to turn around to see the cheating, but he ignores her. Camel Clutch by Villano III seems to get him the win over Atlantis, however some dude in a suit lectures the referee. The referee ignores the lecture and raises the rudos hands! I loved this, but it was pretty short. Maybe *** 3/4.. maybe ****.
  4. The Villano angle that formed out of the mask match is really one of the more unique and in depth one I have ever seen. With losing his identity, Villano is now left to question his moral compass and his entire belief system. This is brought into the forefront right away here as Villano and Atlantis take it to the mat and Villano gets angry at Pierroth and Fuerza coming in to take cheap shots. After the mat work, Villano gives a clap showing his appreciation. Casas and Fuerza come in next and that is a classic pairing so them going after each other is always welcomed by me. Rayo and Pierroth being the final pairing is a little odd because its by far the least intriguing of the three but they kept it brief. We then get a snippet of Casas and Villano which has me salivating and starts with a handshake before transitioning into a really quick sequence. Pierroth is mad that Villano is shaking hands. Villano gets put as the proverbial sacrificial lamb as all the tecnicos hit a big move on him to put him away on the first fall. Pierroth and Fuerza contemplate a walk out between falls as the tecnicos are putting Villano over. Pierroth and Fuerza get Atlantis in a vulnerable position and Villano refuses to take the cheapshot. I really can’t get over how engaging this storyline is. Rayo is put in the same position and the same thing happens. Fuerza has had enough of this shit, fouls Rayo to draw the DQ and then beats the piss out of Villano. The rudos then tie Villano up for Pierroth to get his electricity skewers that he shocks Villano with. Villano’s selling here is magnificent. Another match that isn’t about the action per say but like the first Villano and Atlantis match, the storyline and development was some of the most memorable and well done stuff I have seen. ****
  5. This match couldn’t reach the levels of the previous trio but it did have some good stuff mixed in it. Villano and Atlantis continue their march to the big match together with Atlantis trying to go after the rudo tandem from the onset and getting beat down. We see Villano grab a drink from the crowd but sadly the camera cuts away before we see what happens. There is some weird clipping in the second fall too where Emilio and Dr. Wagner are in the ring and then we go straight to Villano and Atlantis without any tags. Villano was able to obtain the victory and the build remains strong six weeks out. Charles and Shocker had a go at each other throughout this match and that was a fun looking feud. Shocker for his part stayed out of the way mostly. Fun stuff. ***
  6. Porky does a cartwheel in his opening pairing with Guerrera which was excellent. Markus honestly doesn’t look that far behind Porky in the weight department. Villano and Atlantis have another good brief exchange that culminates in Villano submitting to the Atlantida again. Villano again cant get along with his team and this is becoming a trend my man. Fuerza shoves him to knock some sense into him but he shoves Fuerza back to the cheers of the crowd. With all of that miscommunication, the tecnicos are able to gain the victory as Villano stomps out in disgust. Ok this is leading somewhere and I am interested. We did get enough glimpses of action here to that moved things along. **3/4