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Found 17 results

  1. Shout-out to the guy who dabs when the camera cuts to him early in the match. If you like Kevin Dunn-esque quick cuts to the crowd after every move or referee count, CMLL is your wheelhouse. This is a pretty darn good Volador Jr. performance, at times seemingly wrestling himself as Mephisto doesn't do a whole lot. Big raised double underhook facebuster by Mephisto for the quick first fall. There's a nice escalation there when he hits that off the top rope for one of the only decent near falls in the third stanza. Superkick->backstabber for Volador even things up before we head into the referee-count heavy final caida. Volador is expectedly flying all over the place, and Mephisto's main offense is blocking the aerial attacks and trying for a quick cover. Those don't connect at all as potential finishes, Mephisto is a big dude and doesn't get any kind of sustained offense, which left this lacking a bit for me. Things spice up with a huge crossbody off the top into the crowd by Volador and he escapes Mephisto's feet on the ropes after a powerbomb before hitting a Spanish fly off the top rope for the win. ***1/4
  2. The first falls were worked just so they'd get out of the way, the "climb on the top rope only for the other wrestler to stand up and do an avalanche move" is CMLL's version of the "bounce of the ropes-eat a move", there was no structure to this other than "let's do a bunch of cool shit", they went overboard with the slap effect strikes and Cavernario botched a dive pretty hard-he even botched the recovery. Those are my reasons for not rating it as a great match. Because the stuff they did REALLY is neat-it's hard to look at something like Volador's big dive and continue being cynical about wrestling. I was also amused at how Maximo and Tirantes were more over than the actual competitors. If you ever feel like just wanting to watch a bunch of awesome looking dives and highspots this is it right here. I'm not going to post a million GIFs or descrive a bunch of spots they did-but trust me. It's good workrate with enough *basic* psychology and quality feeding for it to work, even if Volador will play to the crowd when he should be selling. ***1/2
  3. This was really neat. If you watch enough of CMLL (or any promotion or wrestler really) you'll eventually notice patterns in how matches are worked and structured. This started out with Rush jumping Volador Jr.. on the ramp and slamming him onto a wall about a minute into a match. That's CMLL signaling to me this is a match I'm going to like. What I really liked about this is that it felt Rush was even more out of control than usual and how little offence Volador got in. Usually Rush would throw a drink into someone's face once, here he did it like six times, he choked Volador with cables and a shirt, it was a joy to watch. I also popped for Puebla staff telling the guy that tried to help Volador recover to stay out of it, I imagine stories of Rush doing crazy shit are a big part of why they did that. Volador was just fine here, he didn't drop selling even when playing to the crowd and I liked his repeated suicide dives as a comeback and him selling his leg after the last one was a really neat detail that both played up Rush briefly attacking his leg during his control segment and allowed Rush to get back onto offence more easily. I loved the ending of the first fall, Rush usually either wins it with a Dropkick or gets DQ'd for something cliche, here he Dropkicked Volador but continued beating the hell out of him for a while before getting the DQ. I wasn't in love with them Dropkick>pin spam Rush was quilty of in the end and the finish was what it was but I imagine these two could have an amazing hair match. ***3/4
  4. This was fun although I remember liking last year's Casas-Volador Jr. matches more. Opening matwork was fun and Casas' stomping on Volador Jr. before submitting him was a cool spot. Casas' leg work was good looking albeit inconsequential. Third fall had some cool spots like Casas' Powerbomb counter and some nice kicks to the face but Volador seemed lost most of the time and the way these matches are often paces with stuff-pause-stuff you need the stuff to look good and work and a lot of Volador Jr's spots just don't. **3/4
  5. Neither of these guys are exactly my favourites but I decided to give this the benefit of the doubt. 10-15 minutes sounded like the ideal time for the type of match these two were going to work. The issue with this is that they only have a certain amount of ways to create momentum and when you're working this type of match it does become repetitive. But man they just do so much insane stuff and a match that leaves me gasping for air deserves a high rating, even if they did climb on the top rope the same way one too many times. ***3/4
  6. A MOTYC out of nowhere. A trios match is a better setting for the type of insane spotfest they wanted to do than a singles match and all the faults of the Casas-Volador Jr. singles match were completely absent here. This is probably about as far as Casas could go in doing crazy athletic stuff and it was great, having him as the glue that holds the match together really helped, as did having Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi as the supporting crew, those guys are lunatics, I think about a minute or two into a match there was a Missile Dropkick countered into an Orange Crush Bomb or something equally ridiculous. This type of match can rule with the right lay out and amount of time and they hit it out of the park here. MONEY THROWN.
  7. My anticipation of this match significantly subsided once Casas said in an interview he was going to wrestle Volador's style of match. Casas has carried Volador plenty of times in the past but this is probably the least of their singles matches, it was sad to see Casas overreach and botch his spots which you usually never see. It was still fun, and Casas' Sunset Flip Powerbomb bump was INSANE, but I'd rather see Casas do anything else than watch him do a Cena-Owens type of match against Volador Jr. ***
  8. Talk about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl2mvBC18EI#t=0
  9. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19zgwy_volador-jr-c-vs-mascara-dorada-njpw_sport?search_algo=1