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Found 7 results

  1. This is an interesting group of people. You have Yusuke Kodama. Someone who is aesthetically appealing but missing that tangible quality. And you have Shotaro Ashino, someone with some much talent and ability. Particularly on the mat but can sometimes possess the overly ambitious ideas of Kurt Angle. Yes, I do mean that as a criticism - the way he can sometimes be working on the arm for a while then randomly throw a German for example. El Lindaman - he has personality of a 6ft5 speed fiend but the body of a 5ft4 weightlifter. And Shigehiro Irie. The man used to possess a green mohawk. And that’s all you really need to say about him El Lindaman is a perfect little shite in this match. He has a small frame, but by no means does he wrestle as such. He is very aggressive, used a ton of chokes and claw holds early on. Lindaman’s expressions make his performance. Looking into the refs eyes while he is counting to five and counting along. The little smiles he pulls when he counters something Kodama does early on or knocks Ashino off the apron. Irie being the base of his aerial moves perfectly encapsulates why the were a good little team in the match as well. Irie is the brute (and not the cuddly bear he normally portrays) and Lindaman is the smarts. Now while I enjoyed Lindaman, Kodama didn’t compel me as a face. He doesn’t look like a face and while he is impressively smooth, he isn’t able to show that fire required in the role he had in the match. I just didn’t feel in anyway like I was rooting for Kodama to get the tag. Ashino when he got worked over by Strong Hearts was similar but Ashino sold much better. His suplexes to Lindaman looked really good. I thought him and Irie going against each other felt a little flat. They seemed to be protecting that pairing for a potential singles match but from what I saw he, I’m a little cold on the idea. The finish with Ashino finally getting control with the ankle lock after the aforementioned suplexes was good. Seeing the little terror in El Lindaman tapping out was a good finish for the match. The match didn’t blow me away but I liked the brief tag work by Strong Hearts. I dug Ashino fighting against the 2 on 1 assaults. Irie was fine for what he did. And Kodama continues to be only visually enjoyable. ***1/4
  2. There's 2 titles for the show. The Outbreak title which is the Wrestle-1 title. Then, TNA's which is One Night Only Global Impact 2014. In case anyone was confused... Anyhow, I was completely ignorant to the fact that Sanada wrestled in TNA. I've been doing research for 2011-2015 AJPW and Sanada shows up early on in his team with Manabu Soya. So, I got distracted and watched a few Sanada matches in TNA including a recommended World title challenge vs AJ Styles. However, this match for Aries' X-Division belt is the best. It's thankfully more Jr. Puro style than TNA TV style. It's fought at a quick pace with excellent execution and with little daylight between strikes. Aries still has it. He was hitting his repertoire like it was 2007. Sanada was on point and impressive as well. They're very similar in style and build so, there was a nice parity story early on. This match had wrinkles added to Aries' spots. Sanada had him scouted it would seem. Its what made this memorable. They changed it up from the "I'll do my stuff, you do yours, let's go home" match they could have worked. There were some nice surprises and the finish was pretty good without going too far. It was a competitive fight that delivered what I was expecting and a little bit more. Highly recommended especially if you're in a re-watching 10 year old ROH mood.
  3. Hana Kimura vs. Takako Inoue I thought Takako did a good job leading the rookie, and her work on top was crisp. I liked the STF struggle, and how she was clawing Hana's thigh during it! Hana also put on a strong showing with much stiffer elbow strikes than her ACE match with Hiroyo, and her front dropkicks and brainbuster were great as always, and I really enjoyed her selling (oversight to not have her take Takako's stun gun!). ***1/4
  4. Hana Kimura vs. Natsumi Maki Hana-chan's new gear is a thing of beauty. A thing to treasure. The first half of this is a bit rough, which is a given as these two are still rookies, but this picks up in the second half. There's a great struggle when Hana applies her sleeperhold and I liked the way she presses the advantage with a running boot after Natsumi gets the ropes. She really shined here with her most impressive deadlift brainbuster yet and batshit-impactful front dropkicks. **1/2
  5. Good grief I should've just continued watching ZST. Terrible modern junior match. Opening is them doing bad looking arm wingers, wrist locks and hammerlocks and them chain wrestling manages to look more like a dance than the worst Will Ospreay flip flops. The selling is highly questionable-they sell in the moment but the damage is forgotten as soon as they move on to the next move. The finishing stretch is filled with modern puro tropes like "look at how strong and cool I am" fighting spirit no selling. And hey-this is pro wrestling. You can make everything work. But they don't since they're not good at wrestling. This is essentially a junior workrate match-so you're hoping they're at least going to do something cool-but they don't. It's just a bunch of average action crammed together. Yamato's Spear looked really bad and his Reverse Kokeshi is the most embarrassing looking move I've seen in a long time and there were a couple instances where I wasn't sure if they'd botched or their moves just looked like shit. *1/2