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Found 15 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. So I want to start this thread by declaring that Wrestle Dream Factory/Yume Factory (the fed of Masashi Aoyagi and Motegi) was fucking awesome. I've watched all the Samurai TV airings from 1997 that I could find and the shows were a blast to watch as a mix of fun, stiff undercard matches that had sleazy dudes potatoeing eachother and about 2 great matches per show. Chaotic karateka vs. wrestler matches, blood, stiffness, hatred and Yoshiaki Fujiwara, this fed had it all. I'm mainly starting this thread to ask about how we can get more Yume Factory because Lynch only has a handful of discs and this stuff is gold. Basically the world's greatest Ersatz-WAR. So that got me thinking about all those forgotten Z-level indies like Yume Factory, W*ING, Kageki, IWA Japan, Capture International etc. I know next to nothing about most of those. I get that back then AJPW and NJPW junior were all the rage so people didn't care as much for these sloppy indy guys. Those feds had interesting guys like Tajiri or Akitoshi Saito kicking around. Also, one thing I noticed is that in current indy wrestling, most wrestlers tend to be skinny and handsome, while then wrestlers usually were tubby and ugly. I wonder how those factors affect working ability. It got me wondering that if even a fed like Yume Factory that barely draws 500 people into Korakuen Hall can produce awesome matches and feuds, there might be other cool stuff that was lost to time. I know there are some old geezers on this board who used to watch that stuff.
  3. This also delivers the promise of an IWA Japan vs. Yume Factory match. Picture 4 sleazy heavyweights potatoeing the shit out of eachother, add a ton of blood and you have this match. You know it's an awesome match! Tarzan Goto is one of the most mean wreckingball wrestler dudes ever, and this match really showcases him both doing some cool actual wrestling, and fucking dudes up in really graphic ways. Motegi is very lovable as this legendary sad sack who tries really hard, and he takes a monster beating from the IWA guys, getting waffled with chairs, punched and bloodied and he fires right back with full force hits. Miyake is perfectly fine as a disdainful shitbag kneedropping and stomping dudes in their bloody face. Nakano fits perfectly in this kind of savage potatoefest as a hot tag with his eardrum shattering slaps and enzuigiris and awesome powerslam, also he comes in with a bandage over his eye resulting in some gross spots where he gets hit in the eye with chairs and headbutts that would make Terry Funk cringe. Finish was not as epic as the body of the match but kind of worked as a payoff. This pretty much ruled.
  4. Gritty, seedy, blood-drenched fight. Umibozu was Aoyagi's face painted buddy and not afraid to potatoe someone with kicks. Rikio Ito is this roided wannabe Roadwarrior and a pretty terrible wrestler, but this kind of match anyone can do. All you need to do is throw stiff potatoe lariats and work the cut. At one point Ito grabbed Umibozu and tried a spinning Powerbomb where I was sure someone was gonna get badly injured. Shinichi Shino, for a W*ING nobody, looked a decent heel, and Aoyagi was more like the Aoyagi you all know. Aoyagi and Umibozu bleed and fight back with stiff kicks and punches, eventually Aoyagi takes off his belt and starts strangling Ito while Umibozu is stabbing Shino in the head while pulling his hair as if he was trying to scalp him. If a karateka vs. Garbage wrestler match that turns into attempted murder sounds good to you this is your match.
  5. Yes, I'm pimping a Motegi match now. What are you gonna do about it? Altough I'm pimping this mostly because of Shinichi Nakano, who had gotten all MUGA and really darn good at this point, as if he was hoping for getting another shot in NJPW or AJPW, but only ended up doing those weird 90s MUGA shows that never made tape. Dude looked way too in shape to be wrestling in fucking Wrestle Dream. This is easily the most epic a match Motegi has ever been in, as they rip it up on the mat and do a sleazeball BattlARTS match full of super stiff, nasty stomps and kicks to the hamstrings, short headbutts and truely spiteful slaps aswell as a bunch of ultra tight pop-his-arm-out-of-his-arm submission work. I could see some people hating the selling and lack of invetiveness, but the intensity was enough for me. There is a story about Maeda making Nakano pass out with a Boston Crab in the NJPW dojo, and his holds had the feel of a guy who held a grudge about simple holds cranked in to a point beyond human tolerance. Then they build into a gazillion big moves and nearfalls that actually work and don't come across as corny, as they had the selling in place and never did any stupid fighting spirit shit. I kinda got the feel that because Motegi is sorta part owner of this fed the match was designed to make him look good, but to his credit he tried hard to overcome his general crappiness. Motegi landed a really nice missile dropkick, and his desperation dive where he landed on his face was pretty gruelling and added to the match. Nakano has the really great offensive moments, his flash enzuigiri's are amazing, he also has the best powerslam and double wrist flip you've ever seen and also punches Motegi in the face for being such a sad sack. So there you have it, the greatest Masayoshi Motegi match ever. Whatever that means to you.
  6. Prepare to have your dreams shattered. Wow did that suck. You see a matchup like Fujiwara vs. Aoyagi, and you think „Why have I never heard of that“ - well the reason is that it was bad. Straight up. The one cool moment comes early on when the are both throwing wild bodyshots at eachother. The rest of the match is Fujiwara just eating Aoyagi up, and not even doing a very entertaining job at it. Aoyagi rushes Fujiwara with a nice kick combo in the corner reminding you who he is, the rest of the match is Fujiwara taking him down over and over again, sitting on him and slowly prying into submissions. You keep waiting for the indy promoter to turn the tables on the legend but it never happens and Aoyagi is forced to tap out at just the 10 minute mark. Don't know what Fujiwara's issue here was, maybe carried over hostility from NJPW or he thought Aoyagi was beneath him because he was shorter. Eitherway this is not the match you fantasy booked, move on with your lives.
  7. This was a match I was 50/50 on, as it was a pretty damn great Aoyagi performance vs. a really dull Miura performance. Miura sucks and has no clue and he dominated much of this match, wondering what to do, showing more confusion than aggression. He worked over Aoyagi's leg for the match, and there were a total of 3 interesting things he did: a) trying to moonsault the leg headbutting the leg and c) removing Aoyagi's knee pad. Aoyagi's selling and comebacks on the other hand were just awesome. I have no idea how Aoyagi learnt to sell this well, but he understood perfectly how to dish out devastating kicks while also hobbling arround and collapsing looking very anguished on his bad leg. He also brought out the stiff punches for this one. Easily his best performance from WYF, but wasted on a slug. What's with Aoyagi getting shitty opponents in his own fed?
  8. WDF opening matches keep on delivering. This was less of a horrific fascinating trainwreck, and just a really fun match with stiff shots and some matwork. Fujizaki continues to bring the hatred, in this case he goes at it with generic rookie Tsukioka (the future Kuishinbo Kamen) and bah gawd Tsukioka actually gives it back to him! Fujizaki starts the fun with stiff headbutts and slaps, and Tsukioka gives him back some with Tenryu style kicks to the face and stiff punches from mount. Man it's insane these two wound up being comedy workers, can you imagine the universe in which Fugofugo Yumeji and Kuishinbo Kamen had an epic bloodfeud? Takeru looked like the IWA Japan resident Hayabusa ripoff, and actually wasn't a highspot machine, in fact he was easily outshone by Makoto Saito. Saito hits a gorgous springboard tope and also almost breaks Takeru's face with a spin kick. This was worked almost like a mini-AJPW epic under 15 minutes, stiff shots and neck-crushing suplexes and neat double teams and some decent enough matwork. Somewhere on the verge between fun and really good, but man I wish there was a company around right now that put on wrestling like this.
  9. When you find out about Masashi Aoyagi having his own promotion, you picture a bunch of reckless crazy wrestler vs. karate fighter spectacles. Instead it's mostly reckless seedy indy wrestling involving some half baked wrestlers mostly coached by Masashi Motegi. This, however, is the match that you picture when you hear "Masashi Aoyagi booking a sleazy indy fed". Mochi, Taru and Okamura are guys from Koji Kitao's dojo who all dress in black. You won't be surprised to learn they all have terryifing haircuts. Fukuda, Kamikaze and Kotsubo (famous caveman comedian) are the hybrid wrestlers to combat them and this is pretty much a dojo gang war where the karate guys spin kick recklessly and the wrestlers are looking to grab them and go for takedowns and head-dumping suplex moves. While it was more of a professional wrestling match and not like your typical Aoyagi different style, there was still lots of chaos and disdain to enjoy. Super fast paced general anarchy with a bunch of guys throwing kicks and flying around. For some reason the WDF homeboys work as the heels, it seemed the Buko dojo guys had their whole entourage with them so the whole match was ultra heated. Kamikaze despite being on the "wrestler" team took his time to soccer kick the Buko guys in the face. Taru took a good beating, incuding a bunch of dropkicks to his face and getting squished with sentons and double stomps, and the finishing stretch that had all the guys throwing down was pretty great and had a few neatly timed moments despite the mayhem. Especially loved Fukuda who decided he had enough and just hurled one of the karate guys around like a ragdoll with suplexes, then did this really awesome faceplanting bump for Mochizuki leg trip. Kotsubo, for a guy who has been nothing but shit in every match I've ever seen him in, had the night of his life when he went at it with fellow nobody Okamura (not the guy who went to CMLL) and had one submission counter into a chokehold that was probably the greatest thing he ever did. He was enjoying himself too and you know you are watching something special when fucking Tsubo Genjin is bringing it. So yeah, you had different style fighers trying to prove who's best, guys getting hurled around with uncooperative suplexes and decked sideways in the temple by surprise flying Mochizuki kicks, guys in black karate gis doing dives etc. Can't say I didn't love this match. Also note that all the Bukoh guys in this match would go on to be in Toryumon/Dragon Gate. How the fuck did that happen?
  10. WDF is the kind of shit you start watching when you run out of BattlARTS. Everyone in this fed has a haircut straight out of Gummo, and everyone here hits stupidly hard. Cosmo Soldier is pretty green/possibly a backyarder who blows half his spots and hilarity ensues. Fujisaki and Saito are the WDF guys while Cosmo and Sato (no idea about that guy) are billed as IWA Japan scum so interpromotional hatred ensues aswell as hatred for no talent piece of shit pretty boy wrestlers, and they brutally beat the snot out of Cosmo. You really don't see this kind of shit anymore. Fujisaki and Saito are your ersatz Otsuka and Ikeda and ready to throw down and pummel a masked tanned goof into oblivion. It's kind of funny to watch these two nobodies puffing their chests and acting like they run shit, but yeah the shots in this match here are no joke. So you are watching this mess of an indy match full of kicks to the face, stomps to the jaw, dropkicks to the kidney and general pummeling anarchy full of awkward painful looking moves (especially the double teams), to the point where the crowd gets behind behind the crappy indy sleazeball and wills him on to keep going despite getting near KO'd a few times and then it dawns on you that Fujigasaki and Saito are Fugofugo Yumeji and K-Ness of Dragon Gate. And then you want to order some wrestling tapes from the alternate reality where Fugofugo Yumeji stayed Tadahiro Fujisaki and ended up saving japanese wrestling. I didn't get much from Sato. He took the dangerous head dropping back suplexes from future Fugofugo pretty nicely. This was 15 minutes of awkward brutal trainreck and pretty glorious.
  11. This was another piece of fucking great pro wrestling. This was not quite the same chaotic, savage massacre as the previous Goto vs. WDF guys tag, but more of a great southern style tag. Some really fun back and forth wrestling early on which was damn cool to see from such a fat guy as Goto, before Motegi ends up suicide diving right into a Goto chairshot (did I mention Motegi is actually awesome?) which sets up the heat section of Goto again mercilessly fucking up Motegi with various foreign objects, including drilling his face with an umbrella. Motegi screaming for his life while Goto was stubbornly trying to crack a beer bottle over his head before he just breaks it and carves him up gave the whole thing a Hillbilly slasher movie feel. Goto has fucking great punches, too. It all builds very well to Nakano getting the hot tag and in turn messing up everyone with his simple, violent offense. Aside from Goto being awesome you also had the future Kikutaro who at this point was a fun fatboy wrestler that gets messed up by the veterans for being a newbie, at one point Nakano just grabs him and drills his face with knee strikes. Really well worked match that blends southern psychology and japanese hierarchy thinking.
  12. Uuuuhhhhh it's Fujiwara vs. A japanese Fake Undertaker. And they go to the mat! Shinigami counters the Fujiwara armbar by rolling through and locking in the stomach claw! Uh so Fujiwara actually sells a good deal for the living corpse and gives him a lot of offense. So you squash Masashi fucking Aoyagi, but this joker gets an actual match? Fujiwara, you're a mystery sometimes. There are some fun spots here such as Fujiwara countering the BRAIN CLAW~ with an armbar or Shinigami following up the stomach claw by working the stomach. But mostly this is a match of the „what the hell am I watching“ sort.
  13. It's Karatekas vs. Wrestlers round 2. Another fun little gangfight that was a little shorter and faster paced than the previous match. The match was a little sloppy, but when a bunch of dressed in black karate punks and sleazy indy shooters get into a fight you don't want perfectly executed moves, you want reckless kicks and dudes getting dumped on their necks, and there was plenty of that here. So, the sloppiness added to the match, as you got plenty of crazy moments where a wrestler would go for a dropkick and get kicked in the kidney in mid air etc., also TARU did this crazy Undertaker dive where he falls on his head. The most violent part about the match were the saves as anytime there was a pinfall or submission attempt somebody would get kicked in the back of the head or punched in the ear, at one point Mochizuki unloads with short kicks to Kotsubo's face. Fukuda looked pretty great as he was just hurling around dudes again with suplexes, cranking in submissions and at one point hit a dropkick here basically jumped into the air and landed in the other guys face. This indy feud is a rush, exactly as good as it sounds on paper.
  14. Yeah this was pretty damn fun also. This is Fujiwara & Nakano working as the Anderson brothers, tough veterans roughing up the young highflyers. Fujiwara and Nakano really can dish out a beating aswell as cut off the ring. I especially liked the spot where Nakano cut off one of Yume boys by grabbing his head and bashing it into into Fujiwara's skull to knock him silly. Nakano in his brief wrestling exchanges looked legit too. He had an awesome side throw. Fukuda & Kamikaze work pretty well as poorest mans Rock'n'Roll express. They even do a segment where Fujiwara & Nakano feed into a bunch of bodyslams and then Kamikaze hits a fucking Sasuke Special because he's indy trash. Finish plays off the previous Fujiwara/Fukuda interactions if you are into that.
  15. Fujiwara and Fukuda had a very good singles match later in the year, and their story began at Yume Factory. This is a match very much carried by Fujiwara, who is really spry and turns it up to 11, totally being in "I can cripple you in two seconds" mode. Fujiwara brings the stiff fucking punches and matwork and Fukuda proves himself a game opponent. Kamikaze is the guy who'd go on to be in Big Japan and Zero1, and while I'm not going to pretend his exchanges with Kotsubo were good, they weren't dull either, and soon your attention will be back to Fujiwara snapping fools arms. I really liked the finish where Fujiwara kills Fukuda dead and seems to have the match in the bag but gets tricked.
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