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Found 21 results

  1. This is Yoko Bito's swan song, which is a shame since I think the last four months have easily been the best run of her career. She looked really good matched up with Satomura and it's too bad that they couldn't have had a singles match in Sendai Girls in her last couple of months. Iroha was a standout here as she worked extremely well with both Storm and Satomura to the point that I'd love to see those two singles matches. A strong match and a nice way to cap off Bito's career. ***3/4
  2. Hard to believe that this is the first singles title match that Io has had in five months. I found the way that these two worked this match to be really interesting. Bito's whole approach to the match was to use some really grinding matwork in order to slow Io down so that she could hit her strikes and big moves. In return, Io has to tries to maximize any opportunity that she has to pick up the pace. There were a couple of rough spots during the finish, notable the two of them trying to pull off the old 'rana counter to the Die Hard Kansai, but nothing that really hurt the match. Overall, this was the second straight awesome Korakuen main event for Bito and it's as great as any of Io's other matches from earlier in the year. ****1/4
  3. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Yoko Bito © vs. Takumi Iroha It was refreshing to see Iroha work a 'high drama' style match, and it felt like a return to form for her. The action was great for the most part; they managed to keep things fresh for the 30-minute draw. I didn't think the B Driver near-falls were as effective as they could have been, Bito doesn't put that certain 'finality' into the move. Iroha on the other hand was doing a fine job of that. A good match, but there were a couple of things that prevented it from being great. ***1/2
  4. Hey, remember when Stardom use to have really good tag/trios matches on their house shows. This was a flashback to more enjoyable times with this match. QQ cut off the ring on Kyona and do a good job with working her over. The best part of this match is how Kyona never really spends enough time out of the match to truly recover from the beating she took early on. She's able to hang in there for most of the match but QQ keep knocking Bito out of the picture eventually hitting a Bombs Away/Moonsault combo for the win. ***3/4
  5. This is for Bito's newly won Wonder of Stardom title. The match is also in the same building that Kyona won the tag titles earlier in the year with Hiroyo Matsumoto, so there's intrigue as to whether she can win her first singles' title here. Kyona controls the early going with her power but Bito manages to stay in the match with her kicks. With a longer build to the finish, this match might have been up there with Kyona's run of title matches from earlier in the year. Even so, this match ended up being the lone bright spot in a pair of really awful shows for Stardom. ***3/4
  6. This match looked like something that would be on Mid South/UWF TV in the mid-80's. Just two big wrestlers going right at each other in a hard, physical way. In her pre-match promo, Bito said that she had to avoid being crushed but unfortunately that's exactly what happens with Viper topping things off with a flip dive off the apron. Bito manages to survive though but she has to swing for the fences if she has any hope of winning. A nice book end to a solid tournament for Viper and a surprisingly strong one for Bito. ***3/4
  7. I didn't know what to expect here as these two had a very good draw last year but their title match in July was a dud. Surprisingly, Bito was a standout here. She worked at a near BattlArts level here, just drilling Iwatani with her strikes and stretching her out with her submission. It forced Iwatani to have to go big on offense to have a chance and she manages to steal the win with a reverse rana. Best match of the 5*GP after three nights. ***3/4
  8. It's amazing that for a twenty year old wrestler with just over a year of experience that Hana Kimura knows how to use her ring presence so well. She only does a few moves regularly (big boot, dropkick, and a standard vertical suplex) yet her matches rarely feel overly basic and bland. You would expect a broken down twenty year veteran to work like this not someone so young. Just a surprisingly very good match here. ***3/4
  9. Wonder of Stardom Championship: Mayu Iwatani © vs. Yoko Bito Mayu's a great bully, always enjoy her workover segments. She was stomping Bito's head and hitting these nasty kicks. I thought this was an improvement over the Stardom x Stardom match. They kept things tight and focused. ***1/2
  10. 5★STAR GP - Finals: Toni Storm vs. Yoko Bito The Strong Zero kickout here was not as effective as it could have been because Toni and KLR wasted the spot earlier in the mid card, which was total nonsense. This was definitely a Toni Storm match; a lot of movez were happening and not much else. This also had one of the weakest crowd reactions of the show and it's the finals of the tournament. The rolling piledrivers looked cool, though, I gotta say. bad
  11. Konami, Michiko Ohmukai & Yoko Bito vs. Oedo Tai (Hana Kimura, Kagetsu & Kris Wolf) So Oedo Tai are breakdancing ninjas now. Alright. At least they've gotten a new and better entrance theme. Konami was amazing. Mommy Michiko is in incredible shape, and showed no signs of rust. Bito pinned Wolf with a Splash Mountain, which was interesting. This was a fun match! ***3/4
  12. World of Stardom Championship: Mayu Iwatani © vs. Yoko Bito I wanted to like this more, but there was just too much awkwardness, and during key, tide-turning spots too. They were trading heavy strikes; Mayu's legwork and the way Bito sold it was great. It had an intense feel, but the big moments they built to would have been so much more effective if they weren't so sloppy in execution. Bito just seemed off her game. ***
  13. This is for BY Ho's Goddesses of Stardom tag titles as they are challenged by rising star Kyona and veteran freelancer Matsumoto. Like both of her other two title matches from earlier this year, the match is built around making Jungle Kyona look like a major player in the promotion. Again, while there are times where her work isn't smooth and her inexperience shows, she still manages to look like she can hold her own. Hiroyo looked great here too. It shows you how she's a super underrated tag worker she is when she already has two great tag title matches this year with completely different women in both matches. The finish is well done as the match is held in Kyona's hometown so the crowd really gets behind her during the nearfalls and the eventual win. ****1/4
  14. 5★STAR GP Finals: Yoko Bito vs. Tessa Blanchard This match is notorious for its dead crowd, and the crowd is indeed dead. From the very start, they clock out of this. They're not buying what Tessa is selling, but I thought it was great! I know heel control segments are meant to engage the crowd, yadda-yadda, but ignoring that and focusing on the performance itself, she did a great job execution-wise. She was taunting and degrading Bito, in between hellish beatings. It's classic 'Merican-style heel work. The bad in this match mostly falls on Bito; she was out of place multiple times, no-selling the legwork and just off in general. It's unfortunate because I like her, but she was awkward as hell throughout most of this. Her kicks in the finishing sequences were sweet, though. ***
  15. This is yet another Queen's Quest trios match, not that I'm complaining as they are usually pretty good. The main goal here is to setup the High Speed title match between Iwatani and Watanabe, which unfortunately was for not as Momo hurt her ACL a few days after this. That's a real shame as the work between her and Iwatani here was a highlight. Mimura gets in a fair bit of offense to and it's nice to see that she adding more moves beyond her various rollups. She also puts up a gutsy fight at the finish until she accidentally gets hit by her teammates making her easy fodder for QQ to finish her off. Yet another super fun Stardom/QQ trios match. ***1/2
  16. This is a fun six-man that main-evented this show. While Queen's Quest came out with their newly won Artist titles, they weren't on the line here. QQ take control in the early going over Kyona and do a good job of working her over. The match really picks up after Iwatani tags in as she has a couple of great exchanges with Io and Momo. They work in a couple of nice car-wreck spots before QQ cut off Kyona and finish her off for the win. ***1/2
  17. This is the main event of Stardom first show of the year with the new tag champs, Hojo and Bito, taking on Io and her Queen's Quest partner HZK. The QQ duo control the early going with some effective bullying tactics, managing to cut off the ring on both Hojo and Bito at separate times. HZK looked solid working as a heel and was fine holding her own during the finish although she should try to develop her own shtick rather than aping Yoshiko. Io and Hojo carry the the finish of the match. The two of them continue to have fantastic chemistry together. A high quality main event to start off the year for Stardom. ***3/4
  18. This is Bito's biggest match since her return back in June against Kairi Hojo. Bito takes control after the opening exchanges with a great looking headkick that Iwatani sells like death, even teasing a count out loss just a few minutes into the match. Bito offense while in control isn't all that compelling but the selling from Iwatani is so good that it keeps you interested in the match. The action does pick up towards the finish with the two of them doing a good job of working convincing false finishes before time is up for a draw. ***1/2
  19. This is just a make shift tag to preview a couple of matchups in the 5*GP. Even though that is the case, all 4 women go really hard here and have a really exciting match. It does pretty good job of previewing Iwatani/Bito, the two of them showed great chemistry here. Watanabe gives a spirited performance here. She takes a fair beating in the early going but makes a nice, fired up comeback at the end. Quite the quality match for something that could have been a throwaway. ***3/4
  20. This is Bito first time tagging with either Io or Hojo since her return. This is a surprisingly competitive match considering that you have some of Stardom top girls on one side taking on the B-team of the companies heel group, Oedo Tai. Hojo especially, does a really great job of putting over the offense of their opponents to make you believe that they have a chance, even when none of them have any real big offense. Very entertaining in an unexpected way. ***1/2
  21. This is Bito's return match after a 4 year absence. It was surprising to see just how competitive Bito was right from the start. She gets the early advantage on Hojo, staying threatening till the end. She did seem to run low on gas towards the end but the match layout covers for it by keeping the match moderately paced with high-impact strikes. Overall, a surprising strong return match and it will be interesting to see how Bito continues to develop during her return. ***1/2