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Found 54 results

  1. First time posting here so why not about a match with all-time fav Dick Togo. I finally signed up for DDT and am running through some fun-looking stuff for this year, and I hadn't heard all that much about this match, which was handily my second favorite on the card. Oyama is an MMA guy in his first, as far as I can tell, wrestling match, and he's the story here. I thought he was quite impressive, more so even in his head/neck selling than his grappling. Togo is his usual masterful self and KUDO is a fine change of pace for Oyama. There's a Takayama/Oyama rapid punch exchange at the end because of course there is, and maybe Oyama's worked punches aren't great at this point, but this is still overall a terrifically fun match. ****
  2. Team UWFi finally steps up. Holy Demon Army are more than willing to threat them as kickpadded jobbers early on, but Takayama decides he's had enough and the kick the shit out of Taue. Unlike what you might expect Taue has the funnest interactions with the shooters in the 1st half, quite similiar to what Tenryu might do with a shooter if he were ganglier and not quite as good. Taue eats a good beating and the 2nd half has some nice stiff moment. I'm a little unsure what to make of this match as it's Takayama & Kakihara finally looking like threats but also Kawada seemed to be mailing it in aside from his obligatory 1 great sell and the match was dry here or there despite not going very long anyways.
  3. Cool trios match which had some matwork and for once, ended without a gazillion bajillion nearfalls. The highlight was obviously Hase working the mat against he shooter cats. Though, the goal of the match was to put the UWFi crew over strong, I thought that considering AJPW always gets praised for it's psychological brilliance, they could've done a better job. I'm not sure I by Hase easily taking down and dominating Albright on the mat. It made him look like a fat dude with nice suplexes rather than an unstoppable beast. And Kobashi was taking some really stiff knees from Takayama, but was fine a minute later. Johnny Ace was fired up but kind of threated everyone like a jobber. Ah, to nitpick forever! It was a fun match and that's what counts.
  4. This match is ugly, folks. But really fun too. But ugly, really. The one issue that appears really quick is that Makabe, a few weeks removed of being renamed Togi, is not very good. Not good even. So the beginning of the match with a long sequence against Honda just drags forever. Each time Takayama tags in, the match comes alive. Each time Makabe gets back in, it's a yawnfest with his boring, plodding brawling style. So, from there, Kobashi beats the shit out of him and now it gets fun, as soon enough after another heat sequences that works a bit better (Takayama gets things moving), the match loses it's structure and it's just a bunch of brawling outside, Honda suplexing Takayama from the ramp to the inside, Makabe getting blood and Kobashi beating the fuck out of him even more. And finally, a short but nice teaser sequence between Kobashi & Takayama, foreshadowing a title match in the future maybe. Kobashi was just the Man at this point, he could adapt to any situation. So he brawls, tries to make Makabe's stuff look good (but fails, as Makabe can't even do a powerslam right) and then, fuck it, beats him even more. Meanwhile, some Honda ugly goodness too with him trying to smothers the outsiders one after another. Well, it's an ugly match, that moves from boring to a fun mess, to the point I'd call it quite good in the end, but man, Makabe was not good and really took that one down a bunch of notches. Watching the other three make up for it and Kobashi beating on Makabe (who 's only good for that use at this point) unmercifully finally made the match fun, basically.
  5. This is a GHC heavyweight title opening round match and it's really good big guy pro-wres. Izumida isn't exactly Takayama's size, but he's brave enough to go toe-to-toe with Takayama. Not every match needs to be worked as a 30 minute match with a ton of head drops and nearfalls and they prove that here. They go under 10 minutes, but they hit each other with some brutal face kicks and big knees to the chest. Takayama sub 10 minute maches in Noah are great and Izu joins Shiga in the list of underrated Noah wrestlers.
  6. This is far better than it has any right to be. While the lineups indicate it should be a squash match, it turns out it's not as Morishima and Shiga put on a fiery performance. They take up the approach Marufuji did in the previous match against Misawa and they attack NO FEAR before the bell and it's awesome because the crowd gets going and they stick to everything they can and Shiga takes off Omori's shirt and he chokes him with it. Then what was originally a squash for NO FEAR turns against them and they are the ones getting squashed and the fans begin to believe Morishima and Shiga will pull off the upset before Omori smashes Morishima with an Axe Bomber and the sight of an upset is over. Really fun match.
  7. This was a fun match with everyone dishing out stiff shots and Anjoh making jokes. Takayama was wearing biker gloves for some reason, but other than that his exchanges with Anjoh and Tiger Mask were the highlight of the match. Tiger Mask works best against heavyweights because it adds some restraint to his work and Takayama forces him out of his usual spiel by not going along and making him actually hit the mat and work exchanges instead of just hitting his spots.