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Found 21 results

  1. This match is for the Beyond the SEA tag titles held by BORDERLESS (Yoshiko and Yamashita.) I hadn't been impressed at all with BORDERLESS so far as a team but they really clicked here and this was by far their best match so far. It doesn't hurt that Arisa puts in a tremendous performance here as she is slowly starting to put together another run of top quality performances. Sasamura is a K-Dojo trainee that showed some promise. Hopefully, she starts making tape on a regular basis. This is just a great main-event tag. ****1/4
  2. OZ Academy Openweight Champship: Yoshiko (c) vs. Hikaru Shida Great match. Shida is getting creative with those knee strikes lately, the lariat counters and the Kamigoye were awesome. There was stiffness and nice sequences, but the finishing run was lacking. Still, Shida winning the Openweight is one of my favorite moments of the year. ***3/4
  3. It would have been understandable if these for to treat this match as a throw away. It's your basic "Let's make a tag match out of the top two singles matches on our next show." Arisa and Tsukka don't treat this match like that at all as they spend any time that they are in the ring together trying to rip out the other's soul with her bare hands. Yoshiko and Mizunami don't match that intensity early of the former Best Friends but they do slowly ramp it up throughout. The finish is basically the four of them pairing off so that they can random beat the heck out of each other. Unexpectedly great match. ****
  4. This is Sareee's last match as a member of the SEAdLINNNG roster. You can tell how much she meant to the promotion by the fact that she comes out to no fanfare and jobs to a simple lariat from Yoshiko. Otherwise, this is a super fun joshi trios match. They keep up the pace of the match up the whole way with some nice double/triple teams included. The sequences between Sareee/Kobayashi and Mizunami/Yamashita were particularly impressive. ***3/4
  5. OZ Academy Openweight Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto © vs. Yoshiko Standard Hiroyo style main event with back and forth movez, but Yoshiko is an interesting enough opponent to make things feel fresh (for me, anyway). Hiroyo's trying everything to hold on to her belt, digging deeper within her moveset and going back to the drawing board a couple of times, but Yoshiko keeps returning fire. There's a strong sense of struggle; good selling too. ***1/2
  6. This was a fun tag main event for a B show. Hiroyo and Kuragaki make a good powerhouse team. Shida has some impressive power spots of her own along with her kendo stick for backup. I haven't been a fan of the changes that Yoshiko has made to her in-ring style, (being more of a fast paced, quick hit wrestler) but it worked well her in a tag setting. Good showing from everyone here. ***1/2
  7. Regina di WAVE Championship: Rina Yamashita © vs. Yoshiko It feels surreal to watch a joshi event that takes place in the same venue Okada and Tiger Mask W fought in. This borrowed a lot from the SEAdLINNNG match, but since this is Rina's turf she was the focus of this story. The action was intense and hard-hitting, and the closing lariat battle was epic. ****1/4
  8. ULTRA U-7 Tournament - Final: Takumi Iroha vs. Yoshiko I wasn't really into this one. It starts to pick up when Iroha does a tremendous sell of Yoshiko's sleeper hold, she was foaming at the mouth, struggling to catch her breath.. but the work before it was dull. Definitely one of the weaker Yoshiko matches this year. ***
  9. Mima Shimoda vs. Yoshiko Yoshiko is a true pro, who can put on an entertaining match against just about anyone. Shimoda is not the performer she used to be, but she is in great shape and I thought she did a fine job here, albeit some awkwardness. There's outside brawling, chair shots to the head; Yoshiko drives Shimoda through one of the venue doors at full speed. This was a fun match. ***1/4
  10. Rina Yamashita vs. Yoshiko These two are like alternate universe versions of each other, so they make for great rivals. The finish is a lariat war where they're just trading heavy smacks, knocking the bajeezus out of one another. The selling and execution made it one of the more compelling lariat exchanges I've seen in a while; the blood from Rina's mouth splashes across her face in a sweet visual. ****1/2
  11. These two get in each others faces right at the start of the match and don't really let up the whole time. Anytime either one takes a moment to taut the other she would just rush over and clock the other. Even though this is only a ten minute match, they use the time effectively enough the during the closing moments as the crowd are buying the near falls at the end. Hopefully there will be a longer rematch in the future because these two had great chemistry together here. ***3/4
  12. Sareee vs. Yoshiko This was Sareee's debut as an official member of SEAdLINNNG. The layout was simple, it's a competitive 50/50 type of match, but these two are bursting with charisma and fire. They definitely belong in the main event of Korakuen Hall. The flow is captivating and all of the moves looked great. Yoshiko's performance is remarkable. She's an absolute wizard in the ring; a super natural beast. Everything she did was so crisp and 'effective'; there's a high kick she connects with towards the end that she beautifully follows up on with a lariat. Sareee's movements in the ring are so striking; she's the successor to Ayumi Kurihara (who she adopted her uranage from) in the way she executes her dropkicks and suplexes, and hurls herself into wild bumps. The ring, the sea and the mountains belong to Yoshiko and Sareee. ****3/4
  13. Not sure why it took me so long to watch this but it was every bit as horrifiyingly amazing as I expected. Classifying it as anything other than pro wrestling would be unjust. There's a pro wrestling angle before the match. There are irish whips during the match. As a viewing experience, I loved it. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable rating it due to all the whining that could ensue about rewarding unprofessional behavior, but I am not one to really talk about morality in pro wrestling. The match starts with a creepy minute long staredown. They get into each other's face, after which Act punches Yoshiko in the face. Then the fighting starts-they both throw hands but Yoshiko easily overpowers Act and takes her down. At points it seems Yoshiko doesn't even care to fight, as she stops Act and stares at her as if to stay "I've proved my point. we can go back to working now, I don't even care". Every chance she gets Act jumps on her only to get beaten up more, which makes the irish whips look that much weirder. Act's stablemate (I assume) goes after Yoshiko post-match, yelling "you're not a real champion, this is pro wrestling , wrestle" and so on. The visuals of Act's broken nose and swollen eye were as chilling as it gets, if you have the stomach for something like this it's quite the experience.
  14. On paper, this looks like your typical vets vs. youngster match, but the big difference is Yamashita and Yoshiko work like a Hokuto/Kandori type team. The story is that they are competitive when they work together but the dislike for one another keeps that from happening as much as it should. Both Ayako and Nanae are pretty nasty with their working over of their opponents. I've enjoyed the bitchy vet version of Ayako that showed up earlier in the year. There are some slow spots here since they work a half hour draw, but when the match is really going it's some fantastic stuff. ****
  15. Match Link This is the return match for the controversial Yoshiko as she had been away from wrestling since the incident with Act Yasukawa last year. I liked the story that the match told. It was more about Yoshiko having to prove herself in order to move on with her life/career rather than trying to play off the past. Takahashi controls the early going of the match in such a way that it makes Yoshiko's comebacks seems earned. Finish does come a bit out of nowhere which was a bit of a jolt but didn't take away much from what they had built up to at that point. ***3/4
  16. It is the weirdest thing that in 2016, the closest thing we have to a Tenryu/Hashimoto style battle of mythical asskickers match is between two tubby japanese girls in a vanity promotion with a ridiculous name. All the people I read who watched this show hated this match. Why do they hate it so much and I like it so much? Maybe I'm just an imbecile without knowing it. I guess they expected fat, old Aja to be little more athletic and Miss "I once shattered the face of a drama actress" Yoshiko to work a good clean no frills technical wrestling match or something. Anyways, I loved big chunks of this. Loved the entire opening section with Yoshiko going right into attempting to strangle Aja and Aja just slapping the equilibrium out of her. Yoshiko kind of works like 1990 Kawada, asskicker with a few flying moves, but because she is thick her sentons etc. look great. Yoshiko understood perfectly how to sell for Aja, as she was landing lots of little shots, but whenever Aja clocked her back her eyes would gaze into space as if she had been knocked completely out of the match. I didn't even hate the slow brawling on the outside because Aja just grabbed this huge piece of metal and chucked it right at Yoshiko like we played King Kong when we were kids, and somehow the slowness fed into Yoshiko's comeback. Didn't hate the endless lariat exchange, because it was done perfectly, and I can buy these two bears getting into a slugfest much easier than when it's two skinny jokers doing it. Yoshiko has a really hurty looking, Ikeda-like slightly modified short lariat where she hits Aja in the ear and the side of the neck. They both sell it very well, and the hits get slower but still land hard, until they are doing that old school "only held up by eachother" spot which I love, and then Yoshiko lariats Aja right in the face. Loved Yoshiko lifting Aja like it was Hogan/Andre, loved Aja doing a feint and clocking Yoshiko, loved both women selling during the finishing run. I'm not going to pretend this is a flawless match or something, but still. Those flaws are forgettable. Loved the match, really.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOLTkNu5LJ8 This is a match that had be building for a few years since Satomura first showed up in Stardom back in 2012. The opening is great as Satomura is in full beast mode at the start. This makes Yoshiko have to muscle her way back into the match. The middle portion is a nice war with the two exchanging hard shots. Finish is nice as Meiko switches off from DVDs to a sleeper depending on what opening Yoshiko gives her. A really well worked match. ****
  18. Match Link This is a match that has been teased since Yoshiko made her return in March. After that match, Arisa Nakajima confronted her and Nanae that started their feud. This starts off with some really chippy matwork where attempted counters are hair pulls more often than not. After that, this turns into the type of match you would expect between these two, a mix of stiff strikes and big moves. Nakajima starts going after Yoshiko's arm in order to limit her main offensive weapon, the lariat, but Yoshiko does some nice 'gut through it' selling. Arisa also does some really great selling of her back while on offense after it gets worked over. The finish has some terrific back and forth with nearfalls for both while also teasing a draw. Another fantastic show from Nakajima plus a nice bounce back from Yoshiko after a disappointing performance against Aja Kong a few weeks earlier. ****1/2
  19. This is a tag match where there are a few issues going on. First, Yamashita has been challenging Nanae for most of the year, while Yoshiko has been having issues with various veterans, Ayako being one of them. Add in the fact that Nanae and Ayako have been frenemies since their AJW days. The match itself is really great. It's surprising that with so many joshi groups and so many interpromotional angles being done over the years that matches like this can still get great crowd heat. Nanae and Yoshiko have become a great team. They work together so well that they are able to carry the action with a makeshift team like Ayako and Yamashita. Ayako continues her run of quality performances here. Yamashita reminds me a bit of a young Meiko Satomura. She's not a flashy but has great fire and ring presence for someone who hasn't worked for less than three years. Another quality joshi tag from this year. ****1/4
  20. Match Link This is the main event of Nanae Takahashi's 20th anniversary show. The big strength of this match is the team dynamics that all 4 setup in the early part of the match. Takahashi and Yoshiko work well together as a team while Satomura and DASH are a contrast in strength and speed. They really ramp things up at the finish with a mix of hard strike exchanges and big finishing moves. Another great interpromotional main event, which has been happening a fair bit in joshi for the last year or so. ****
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra8NmNGxhMY Match starts at 1:57:50 This is a continuation of Nakajima's feud with SEAdLINNNG, specifically Nanae Takahashi. To be upfront about it, this is 25 minutes of pro wrestling nuclear warfare. The hatred between these two teams is palpable from start to finish. It isn't enough for one side to simply beat the other, they have to break them both mentally and physically. The work in the match carries a nasty edge the whole way through. The only real knock I have against the match is that there are a few messy moments in the middle that take away from it a bit. Overall, though, this match provides a unique experience. Like the Hojo/Satomura draw from last year, this is the one must-see joshi match of the year. ****1/2