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Found 11 results

  1. The main event for the fourth night of the Catch the WAVE tournament is a matchup of two former winners. Ohka continues her strong run recently here as she works a match were she wisely avoids a lot Mizunami's power attacks and takes some measured shots of her own. Mizunami does a good job of selling for Ohka's offense despite Ohka looking be far the least imposing of the two. Just a strong display of very smart work. ***3/4
  2. This is the main event of the second night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. This match is just a straight forward slobberknocker as these two spend pretty much the entire match going right straight at each other with some nasty shots. Ohka has stepped up the last few months as she has picked up the pace of her matches and relied on hard hitting strikes. Yamashita looked the best that she has in awhile mainly because the match perfectly fit her strengths as a worker. Another strong match for a tournament that has been really good so far. ****
  3. This is a rematch from the previous month when Ohka beat Ohata to win the Regina di WAVE title. Right from the start, this match is super physical. A mix between big moves and nasty strikes. It's similar to the Satomura/Hamada match that happened earlier in the month in Sendai Girls but I feel that this match was better at being coherent. The exchange of big moves during the finishing run was done in a logical fashion. A very entertaining title match. ***3/4
  4. This is the tag title switch that never ended up on WAVE Network for whatever reason. The match itself gets off to a rough start with Ohata no-selling a bunch of Ace Crushers from Miyazaki but one it gets going it turn into a damn good match. They keep a great pace with both teams pulling off some slick double team moves and sequences. The finish is particularly nasty as Miyazaki busts out a moonsault footstomp of all things to finish of Miyazaki. Not at the level of Avid Rival's stuff later in the year with Best Friend but still pretty enjoyable. ***3/4
  5. This is the final to a No. 1 contenders tournament for Misaki Ohata's Regina Di WAVE title. This was a very strong performance from Yumi Ohka. She had no problem matching the physicality of Mizunami and also capitalized on the work on the neck work that Nozaki had done in the semi-final earlier in the night. Ohka does about a hundred big boots in this but each one is measured and hits with such impact that it doesn't come off as a repetitive move. Actually really looking forward to watching Ohka vs. Ohata after this match. ***3/4
  6. I wish WAVE Network would post more OVER SUN matches because they few that they have posted have all been really good, if not great. Here they take on NEW-TRA who have been on a bit of a hot streak of their own lately. OVER SUN control the early going with their size and experience advantage but NEW-TRA eventually work their way back into the match with some nice counters and double-teams. The finish is some great back and forth, especially with Ohka dishing out some nasty big boots, including absolutely drilling Kadokura with one to get the win. Fantastic match. ****
  7. This is an historic match because it's the first main event of a major joshi show to feature a transgender wrestler. The match itself was better than I expected it to be. Ohka has looked really good in tags this year but usually comes off as bland in singles matches. Here she looked good. Her offense is pretty basic but she used it effectively and hit some nasty shots. ASUKA looked good as well, even hitting some great, Manami Toyota level spots as highlights. They do go a bit long as the match loses some steam towards the finish. Given the historical context of the match they both give a quality performance. ***1/2
  8. This is a really fun trios match. A lot of that is because both Avid Rival (Mizunami & Ohata) and Over Sun (Ohka & Miyazaki) are really good, established teams so that allows both Yamashita and ASUKA to be bit players. They do spend a share of the match building up the Ohka/ASUKA match for the upcoming anniversary show. ASUKA, the first transgender wrestler to be part of a joshi group, looks good if a bit of a generic joshi high-flyer. Good showcase for WAVE's talent. ***3/4
  9. Sekigun (Alex Lee, Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka) vs. MK4 (AKINO & Sonoko Kato) & Rina Yamashita This was highly enjoyable, and easily one of my favorite OZ matches of the year so far. It's Ozaki's homecoming in Saitama and the match had an energetic vibe. Yamashita was on fire; I dug her lariat exchange with POLICE. Ohka looked really great, knocking everyone down with her deadly boots. Everyone had their moment and delivered a great main event! ****
  10. This is a #1 contenders match for the DUALSHOCK WAVE tag team title that were held at this time by Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami.) Iida and Yoneyama start off doing some effective work over Miyazaki's arm which she did a great job a selling throughout by working her offense around it. Ohka ringwork was great. She was in beast mode the whole match, working stiff and busting out some very nasty variations of the Bloody EX. The most impressive thing about this match is that while they worked a quick pace, they all kept their limitations in mind and rarely overextended themselves. A surprisingly great match which is easy to skip over since the only one in the match consider a top worker is Iida. Don't skip over this if you have WAVE Network. ****