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Found 16 results

  1. Match starts with Shocker burning La Parka’s mask on the ringpost. Holy shit that is awesome and 1000% rudo. First fall was a big ol brawl and Shocker has some incredible punches against Parka towards the end. Shocker dancing and gloating after every punch just puts it over the top. Finish has rudos beating some ass and Parka’s has about half of his mask ripped. Dandy puts it on and dances around. Second fall and tecnico comes back with Casas going fucking crazy and then he gets Parka all riled up who posts Shocker with some retribution and sends him into the chairs. Antifaz and Zumbido also are killing it in the stands and there is just action flying all over the ring. Parka has some ladies purse and is pounding Shocker with it. Antifaz and Zumbido take stage and duke it out. Casas and Bestia say hold my beer and they start kicking each other in the mouth. Tecnicos win the second fall when things break down and they get some big dives. Third fall makes a big mistake in integrating the comedy spots with the referees. It felt shoe horned in and really unnecessary. Luckily it doesn’t go too long and we do have an exciting breakneck finish with dives and sequences. Finish has Parka with a nasty looking sharpshooter really cranking back on Shocker to get the submission. Casas and Zumbido are still going after it after the bell. Great match from Monterrey. Give me Parka vs Shocker Hair vs Mask please. **** (8.1)
  2. Lucha in 2000 is becoming a conodrum for me. This was a very good match and the talent is amazing but there is still something missing and overall, I miss the bevy of hot feuds that seemed to populate the scene at the beginning of the year. In one way it is commendable that most of these men can have these “roll out of bed” good matches on a consistent basis. On the other hand, you can see how someone like Casas could be a top 10 worldwide worker for the year and just based on booking and the style I can’t in good conscience rank him that high. Him and Dandy go after each other here a lot and Panther also mixes in some good work. Shocker and Zumbido were a little more low key but they did continue to get some interesting beats out of Tarzan Boy. A very good match but one where I hoped for a great one going in so overall perhaps a bit of a victim of circumstances style match. ***1/2 (6.9)
  3. A rating I really waft back and forth on. This had good action throughout and told a nice story of giving Ultimo Guerrero the rub while highlighting the right people in Olimpico. I liked Rivera and Mr. Mexico continuing their hot feud together. I do wish the Infernales might have been in something more meaty on this card given how great they have been in 2000 but again having a Torneo Cibernetico built around you on such a big card is no shame at all. ****
  4. That rudo faction is just amazing and ruthless. You take some of the best members from other units and combine them here in Monterrey for a super prick faction. Perro was the main focal point of there attack with Porky getting his chance to shine as well. I think the only thing holding this back from being great would have been a bit more hate and Safari and Lizmark being more than just warm bodies. Overall, a ton of good spots and work by Satanico and after disappearing for a while, he is back at the Fall of the year to make another claim at being a top 10 worker of 2000. Coming off the heels of Steiner vs Goldberg, no way was this near as athletically impressive as that match, but it made more sense. ***1/2 (7.1)
  5. This was a fun way to get PWO2K going! Solar has been a favorite since I went through 1990 EMLL, but lots of the other guys were fairly new to me. The ones that stood out the most were Zumbido and Violencia. Violencia is terrific at setting up other guys for spots and eating moves. If I'm a high flyer, I want Violencia as my opponent every night of the week. Zumbido is just awesome -- he does the Shawn Michaels working style, but pairs good flying offense with the exaggerated bumping. There were a couple of rough moments -- Mr. Mexico's dive at the end was pretty awkward, and the attempted backbreaker from Solar at the beginning didn't quite hit the mark. Fans in the building seemed a little bored, but in 13 minutes, they accomplished what I hoped they would -- showcase some guys and get me pumped for the decade ahead. ***
  6. This match felt like a great Grateful Dead set that falters by seguing into Space and Drums just because they have to have those songs inserted into the second set of a show for an arbitrary reason. The brawling in the beginning of this was incredible and some of the better brawling we have seen in 2000 which is saying something given some of the lucha stuff we have seen. The rudos are brutal and with tecnicos like Parka and Casas, they are willing to bump along. Then the match stalls out in the third fall doing more traditional lucha spots and not seemingly having any direction. Really disappointing as I thought we were headed to a great match. ***1/2 (6.8)
  7. This was the lucha action I was looking for. Classic pairings with Villano vs Panther, Dandy vs Atlantis and Panther vs Atlantis. We even get Zumbido and Niebla being tremendously entertaining in their dance off. Everything takes time to develop and just melds itself into an extremely satisfactory match. The rudos have been looking impressive throughout this show and pick up another win here. I didn’t think this really developed any blood feuds for the future but for 8 really established lucha stars, they went out and did their best to satisfy the fans and viewers. ***3/4 (7.6)
  8. So Scorpio and Shocker are pulling double duty which is amazing. What a day for lucha around the country. This is a big brawl that has Scorpio juicing. He had a hell of a day as these two matches can’t be further apart. This probably has Casas looking the most pissed off and personal as anything else we have seen in 2000 so far. Shocker says he got fouled because it Is Shocker. Overall Scorpio is able to score the pin for the rudos which is really satisfying given what we have seen from him throughout the day. ***3/4
  9. Short match but finally a bit of juice seems to be injected back into CMLL. This had the tecnicos all dressed in Felino gear which was an awesome touch and the action was relentless. The finishes were really good here with the powerbomb for the first fall and Fuerza sneaking in the nut shot for the second one. Blink and you will miss this match but it is perfect popcorn wrestling. *** (6.0)
  10. Fun, fun, fun match. I don’t think this could reach the great level with the bucket being used by the rudos like the Aja Kong trashcan but this match had a punch of old grumpy rudo guys beating the shit out of the tecnicos and then the tecnicos looking for revenge. It is a simple story but can be told well. Zumbido is such a bump freak and he riles up the Monterrey crowd tremendously. I liked the double team moves that Dandy and Dantes performed and think they would have been a great maestro touring tag team here. Tarzan Boy also looked more refined and better here with control on his dives than in some of his CMLL efforts. Overall, a strong match and it made me want to see more of all the pairings involved in the future. ***1/2 (6.8)
  11. Really quick match that played more as a backdrop of things to come than in ring action here. Casas gets beat up on and Shocker is not amused and deserts him. A lot of shifting pieces in CMLL and it will be intriguing to see where they all shake out. *1/2
  12. How can this match not kick ass with these pairings. This is the most spirited we have seen Casas so far this year as he is rocking and excellent goatee and goes right after Shocker. Rudos clean house and then do a boss strut. This pisses the tecnicos right off who come firing off, clean house and then do the strut themselves. Tremendous. Porky goes through some comedy segments and he is the king as the tecnicos take the first fall when Porky splashes Shocker. Rudos come back and take second fall quickly with some good triple teams and a nice dropkick from Zumbido. Third fall things get really violent and Emilio gives his most fired up exchange of the year beating the shit out of Zumbido at ringside. Just then all HELL breaks loose as Fuerza, Black Warrior and the rudo brigade come out to beat up the tecnicos. This draws out some tecnicos led by Atlnatis and then the whole roster comes out and starts brawling with each other in the ring. This feels appropriate given the faction warfare booking we have seen in CMLL so far and the action is chaotic and too tough to follow in a good way. A fireball gets used and we even go backstage with Psychosis being arrested and Emilio looking for a piece of him. Fans and wrestlers are scattered everywhere and it is presented in a hectic way and something so nontraditional for CMLL. Zumbido is now almost a defacto tecnico when they return and they scurried away the invaders of Parka and Psychosis. So much like CMLL in 2000, this match didn’t come out like I expected but it was a wild ride and they continue to be my promotion of the year. **** (7.9)
  13. Another balls to the wall 10 minute lucha match for these guys. Not much in the way of a feud but a ton of crazy dives and constant action along with some character touches like Shocker's dance on the outside when his team is victorious. Fine with this feud staying the course as a entertainment feud more than a blood feud. *** (6.1)
  14. Really good lucha to start out with Zumbido and Antifaz and then Panther and Niebla going long. Things get chippy and Santo and Panther are circling on the outside and they are having a damn good rivalry. Inside, Porky is able to do some comedy doing a big fat splash into the corner on the entire opposing team. Porky also does a big dive off the top rope to win the first fall. Santo kicks the shit out of Panther in between falls. Zumbido flies into the sky off of the legs of Antifaz and down into the floor. A great bump. The match breaks down again and we get a huge brawl between everyone but the focal point is Pnather and Santo. Panther takes him down into the seats and really goes to down on him. We come back from break and he is working on the mask. Santo makes his comeback and after watching The Rock do his in the previous iron man match, you see why Santo and Rock are iconic draws as Santo does a great fired up job of doing one. It culminates in a tope taking out Panther. Big time dive train is next that peaks with Porky performing a dive. This leaves Panther and Santo as the sole people left in the ring. We get some back and forth and Santo clinches in the clutch for the victory. Great match and redemption story within the match for Santo. ****
  15. One of those "what everyone else is doing" tags but a fan way to see how well the roster was constructed in CMLL at this point and why so far, it is easily my favorite promotion in January 2000. Nothing here was offensive at all and everyone got a chance to shine when needed. In some ways this is the perfect comparison to Kidman vs. Psicosis from a few days earlier of a tv action packed match. **3/4
  16. It feels good to be in Arena Mexico. I am unsure if Zumbido trips or gets crotched on the top rope but he is pinned in about 25 seconds of action. Black Warrior isn’t far behind. We get some more wonderful CMLL clipping with the rudos in control and Black Warrior doing a huge tope into the stands. Zumbido follows and Pimpenela is able to win the second fall for the rudos as B. Warrior powerbombs and pins Felino. Black Warrior bites off Felino’s mask and holds it in his mouth in my favorite spot of the match. Into the third fall we go with Zumbido and Safari facing off. Felino comes in and we get the built up pairing with him and Black Warrior. Safari is able to hit a really cool Asai Moonsault as the tecnicos are flying around all over the place now. Felino hits a big powerbomb from the ropes with both guys bouncing off the mat and him having to hang on to prevent losing his mask. The tecnicos win. Some good stuff here and there and good fire between Warrior and Felino but the clipping killed it for me coming off the heels of the Olimpico vs. Panther match and the NJPW junior stuff. I hope this isn’t a trend that continues in CMLL. Also, our boy Zumbido seemed a bit off in this one. **1/2