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Found 9 results

  1. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis - MSG 1/18/82 In the stodgy, lumbering early 80s World Wreslting Federation, Bob Backlund brings a dynamism more akin to Mid-Atlantic. I don't want to say that is overlooked by his proponents, but I don't think his critics give him enough credit for working the cutting edge style of movement in an area where everyone was accustomed to a slower pace. Yes, Backlund works holds, but he is always working the headlock or arm and peppering in spots in between. Adonis is a perfect opponent for Backlund in this regard because he excels at bumping and moving. Even though the majority of the match revolves around a long heel in peril sequence, it never drags too much because Backlund is always working the arm and Adonis working ways to get out, but ends up thwarted in a most entertaining fashion. The story was Backlund using Adonis' desperation against him by countering at every turn from the get go. This is a Backlund staple: you go running at him with a fist and he will single leg pick up you to make you foolish. So a similar effect he was always reapplying his wristlock. Adonis rolls up on the armstretcher-rowing spot. In doing so, Adonis does manage to bloody Backlund with by rubbing his palm in Bob's face, which I was surprised caused that to happen. The hardway blood definitely helps as it feels as though the playing field is level. Adonis even busts out a proto-Sling Blade. With his newfound advantage, Adonis starts throwing bombs to win the match (neckbreaker, slams, suplexes) and Backlund is getting crazy awesome kickouts. Adonis hits a piledriver, but it is only a decent one. Backlund knocks him off the top and Adonis crotches himself in most epic fashion. Backlund gets a receipt for the the stomp to the groin with his own stomp to the groin. Backlund then shows him how you muthafuckin piledrive someone. I like how Backlund threw back these moves in Adonis' face It is a shame he used that as a transition move. Good Night Irene! Backlund dives to the outside to break the hold, but shakes himself up in the process. Adonis rams Backlund's head into the turnbuckle and taps a gusher. They tease the countout, but Backlund makes it back in. I bit on the countout finish hard. A great, great boxing match breaks out; the ref loses control and awards the match to Adonis on cuts to set up the rematch, which was on an untelevised MSG card. BBBBBOOOOOOOOOOO!!! For Backlund critics, I am sure the talking point was that he dominated the match with the wristlock forever, but I thought they worked it an entertaining fashion. The home stretch was strong and the finish fantastic. This match is a great war of attrition. Adonis throws everything he has at Backlund, but Backlund is resilient. Look at that massive kickout by Backlund after the groin shot. They both are exhausted and battered. Then Good Night Irene, the countout finish tease and the bloody boxing match at the end. Definitely one of the best Backlund title defenses. ****1/2
  2. Much like the JYD/Race match, this has phenomenal bumping. Adonis throws himself around the ring in an almost slapstick like fashion. The spots where Jimmy Hart gets involved are even more marvelous. Roddy Piper is super over and the crowd even believes this is his final match. Piper's offense may look weak, but Adonis sells it so well it's forgivable. A total Adonis carry job. ★★★
  3. WWF World Tag Team Champions North-South vs Jack & Jerry Brisco – MSG 12/28/84 This is one of the weirdest matches to ever take place in WWF ring for my money. Three of the four of these guys (Murdoch, Briscos) just seem so not WWF wrestlers. It is totally crazy seeing this match in MSG. Finally got around to watching this match as it is probably the 80s WWF tag team match with the most hype that I have never watched. This is the Dick Murdoch show through and through. For the first ten minutes, I was totally lost on why this is considered a classic. It just seemed like one of the all-time funniest performances by an individual wrestler. You had Captain Redneck just falling on his ass all over the place and that sell of Jack’s punch just needs to be seen. Otherwise, it was just kinda meh armwork, but Dicky Murdoch was keep me entertained. Finally the match gets going when Murdoch having taken a funny bump to the outside whacks Jerry with a metal box. Adonis starts throwing the bombs. As a weird aside, Jerry Brisco really likes to kick out at 1. Little Brother Complex? The heat segment does not last long as Adonis tries for a figure-4, but ends up in one. Adonis tags out and Murdoch pounces with big elbows, but alas is sent reeling from Jerry’s punches. Now Jerry has the figure-4 on Murdoch and Adonis saves so Jerry tags out. The Briscos work over Murdoch’s legs and at least there is more movement in this babyface control. There is an incredibly funny bit with Murdoch trying to tag Adonis while Jack holds his foot. Adonis needed to flip over that top rope to make it one of the all-time great comedy spots. When Murdoch falls flat on his face and sells it, I lost it. Eventually he tags out and Adonis falls prey to the drop toe hold and Murdoch is just sitting slumped in the corner selling the beating, awesome! Adonis bullies Jerry into the corner and here comes the Murdoch barrage with Demolition Decapitation, neckbreaker, brainbuster (which of course fucking Gorilla thinks is a botch). Murdoch bodyslam into an Adonis top rope elbow now the place is rocking. Jack saves and Jack comes in with the sleeper. There is a mad scramble from the Briscos to put Murdoch away but Adonis keeps saving. Nice German Suplex from Jack! Adonis has seen enough and turns the match into a donnybrook. Adonis slams Jack’s head into a chair and Murdoch has a telephone slams into Jerry’s head. The Briscos recover and apply a double figure-4, but it is too late the match was thrown out as a no contest. Once it got going, this match rocked. Murdoch absolutely killed it in this match with a ton of really fun comedy spots. Then he also probably the best offensive series too. The Briscos worked fine, but I did not feel like they had much charisma or fire until the very end. Fun finish stretch with the Briscos trying to put away Captain Redneck to win the World Tag Team Titles only to come up short. ****1/4
  4. WWF World Tag Team Champions North-South Connection vs Sgt Slaughter & Terry Daniels - WWF, MSG 7/23/84 Terry Daniels certainly mastered the armdrag. Besides that and the dropkick, I dont know if he had much else. This was pretty fun mostly because Murdoch and Adonis were so selfless. They still used their size to bully Daniels but they created a ton of movement for him. I really liked the criss cross sequence where Adonis finally landed the big reverse elbow to get Daniels down. Slaughter pulled a Terry Funk and threw himself on the turnbuckle to save Daniels who then dropkicked Murdoch down. We get more Slaughter in this than we did Backlund, but again it leaves you wanting a Slaughter/Adonis or Slaughter/Murdoch match. Back in Daniels throws some more armdrags, before getting his shit kicked in. The dropkick is his transition to the hot tag. SLAUGHTER CANON! Clobbers Adonis. Cobra Clutch on Murdoch, but Adonis saves. Daniels in and he gets a hot nearfall off a crossbody. Daniels like Blair succumbs to a double team move this one more similar to Demolition Decapitation. This was similar to the Blair/Backlund match except Blair was more experienced and just better than Daniels who looked really green. Murdoch and Adonis did their best. This was a fun finish run. ***3/4
  5. AWA World Tag Champions Midnight Rockers vs Adrian Adonis & Bob Orton - AWA January 1988 The Rockers have returned to AWA, which has now become a refuge for hangers-on and older timers like Adonis, Orton, Manny Fernandez and Wahoo McDaniel. It has been picked apart by WWF and is now in total free fall. Leave it to the Rockers to have probably the last great AWA Classic. Orton and Adonis were fun Backlund opponents last time I saw them bumping and stooging for them. I am excited for them to unleash some offense on the Rockers. It is 1988 and yes Adrian Adonis is humongous, but still moves around pretty well. First thing is first, Donna sucks! She was brutal on commentary. Who is she? The face shine was pretty mundane and all on Orton. Orton tries to keep it entertaining by staggering and running into Adonis. They work a side headlock base. Jannetty takes both over in a cool spot. Match gets real good in the heat segment. Orton catches Michaels backbreaker tags out to Adonis hits Elbow. Michaels looks to use his speed runs into a HARD elbow to start the heat segment. Adonis elbows and back rake. Orton hits a butterfly suplex. Cheating with choking. Hard elbow smashes. ROCK N ROLL CHANTS! Orton wicked short arm clothesline to stymie Michaels. Orton and Adonis are super fun to watch. Adonis swats Michaels out of the air. Orton and Adonis are on fire and Michaels is his typically great FIP. Adonis eats knees on splash. Michaels cant make tag because of previous offense. Orton rides him down with knee. Adonis is in with no tag, asshole, and when Marty protests Adonis chokes him. Shut him up! They do a false tag and ref calls it back and tosses Micahels over top rope. More distracting Orton throws him into post and then wicked rapid fire punches. Some of the best punches ever. This is one of the Great, great heat segments of the 80s. In the ring, Adonis misses the splash into turnbuckles. Adonis is the new Blackwell! Shawn hits bodyslam and then misses splash. Adonis wicked back body drop. Orton hits the best fist drop ever! Holy shit! Watch it! Michaels reverses Irish Whip and kicks him so he crotches himself. After all that badass offense, Marty wants to show off too. Adonis does a Flair Flip and then into collides with Orton. Action spills to the outside. Orton with the best punches ever! Action overwhelms ref and it is a DCO! Double Superkick on Orton and falls outside to the ring. All-time great offense in this match. Orton’s punches rule so hard. Definitely belongs in a top ten or top five punchers list. Adonis looked like a whale, but moved pretty damn well and kept right up with Orton and was taking some big bumps. Shawn ruled as a FIP and timed his hope spots well. Tack a better beginning and finish on this and this is an all-time classic. The heat segment, which is the majority of the match, secures its places as a great tag team match. ****1/4