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Found 9 results

  1. I gotta say that this one never fully clicked for me. There were stuff that I enjoyed; AJ Styles being the bumping & selling machine that he is, Baron Corbin coming in & destroying people, The Miz doing his Daniel Bryan shtick, Styles & Cena interactions when they + Wyatt were the final 3 - BUT in between those moments that I enjoyed, there were lots, and I mean LOTS of dull action that did nothing for me, which is why I can't rate this highly overall. Solid match, but far from the best Chamber match that I've seen. Great performance by Styles. **1/2
  2. This match shows why AJ Styles is such a fantastic wrestler. It’s not that he carried Corbin – he was fine in the match – but everything he did, whether it was his selling or when he was on offence, was done with such fire and intensity that always draws you in. I really enjoyed how he jumpstarted the match by going straight after Corbin and not getting into lockups etc. As a strategy that wouldn’t work given the size disparity, but also fits with the storyline; AJ lost the US Title without being pinned – he was going in angry. Throughout the match AJ was doing everything at full force and you really sensed his determination to take back the title. It’s often the little things and I love AJ’s ability to take his regular spots and then tweak them slightly for interesting variety. The best example being the fake out on the springboard forearm and then hitting it as Corbin was trying to duck. I try to be open minded about Corbin, but he’s still to win me over. I just find him very dull at times when he is trying to control the match. He reminds me of Nia Jax to some extent; he has a lot of the tools and has shown he can have good matches with the right opponents and in the right settings, but he’s someone that doesn’t use his size enough and sometimes wrestles ‘smaller’ than he is. AJ is of course the complete opposite, a guy that wrestles bigger than his size, to where you don’t think of a size difference when he is in there with someone bigger than him. I really enjoyed this and think it was probably the best Corbin performance I’ve seen in a long time. My disappointment at AJ losing being tempered just a few weeks later by him being moved onto bigger things and winning the bigger belt from Jinder. (*** ½)
  3. Ziggler is such a dork he started the match off with a worked shoot headbutt that didn't look good. I've noticed the sternum bump in the corner has been used a lot more recently. Corbin has a great punch and I won't have to hear about how this was some great important match in a DVD ten years from now so it's automatically better than the Triple H-Ziggler match. Still Ziggler is pretty bad, going for moves he never does to set up a seguence to his DDT that looked worse than usual, randomly selling to no effect and so on. Enjoyed the finish with Corbin punching Ziggler in the nuts and then going over him but I am ready for him to move on, they should feed Zayn to him next. **
  4. This was the worst Tanahashi/Bad Luck Fale match ever. Corbin's stuff looks good and I liked the finish but man the body of the match was just dull. Can Ziggler disappear into the ether already? Seek out a GIF of Corbin's awesome Deep Six instead of watching the whole match.
  5. This was neat as expected, Ryder is one of the few guys who knows how to work like a proper traditional babyface and is WWE's best JTTS currently. Corbin is also awesome, I love all of his strikes and he did an awesome looking choke where he just stood on Ryder and pushed his throat onto the bottom rope. The sternum bump seems to be used more often these days. Finish ruled as well, it's great whenever Corbin busts out the End Of Days in the middle of a sequence instead of doing the generic WWE set-up.
  6. Boy you could tell Sandow's WWE career wasn't going to last much longer. Corbin treats him like literal trash, takes the entire match and beats him clean. And that was way more fun to watch than the usual WWE evenly worked quasi-squash, everything Corbin did looked super nasty.
  7. WWE agents are doing a pretty bad job these days, they've verged into self conscious agenting equivalent to E-fed match writing where they're just planning the match out in a way that sounds best/most amusing to them without considering whether or not the workers are capable of pulling it off. This match is a great example of that, they toy with the idea of a big man /little man dynamic, a neck injury and Corbin costing himself the much due to his own cockiness but they try to accomplish too much and as a result accomplish nothing. **.
  8. This is the kind of squash match I want to see, Fandngo gets a cuple of chops in and then Corbin just WRECKS him, kills him under a minute, throws him onto Ziggler, stomps Ziggler a little more, gets Fandango back in the ring and beats him, then killls Ziggler after the match once again. Let's call this kind of match that perfectly accomplishes what it set out to do relative five stars shall we? Sounds better than Matt D five stars.
  9. "He marches to the beat of his own drummer" is up there with the most WWE commentary lines ever. Ziggler is in the stage of his career Marufuji is now where he looks like an old cat, his Dropkick and haircut are just sad to watch. His punches didn't look too bad, if he dropped alll of his DX tribute offence he might be almost as good of a worker as The Miz. Corbin's Forearms looked good but man I got surprisingly annoyed at how even this was worked. Finish was incredibly stupid as most WWE Dusty finishes are, Corbin goes over the barricade, then screams at the ref for no reason, then proves a point by brutalizing Dolph Ziggler but he does that by returning to the ringside area. Okay. Another match I didn't really need to see. I caught Corbin hitting his finisher on Ziggler on the floor a month ago and hoped this would be just kicking Dolph around but nah. A star and three quarters I'm sorry I don't know how to rate these matches anymore I quit watching NOAH three years ago.