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Found 11 results

  1. Haven't seen this one in a few years. It was a pretty solid match with well worked holds and a few impact moves from the europeans. Billy Robinson tries escalating the match a few times but kind of hits a brick wall in Dory Funk Jr who is exactly as bad as I remember him being. Funks work over Robinson's back a bit leading to a few well timed reversal segments and nothing more. Funk and Billy get on eachothers grill leading to lots of amusing mugging and a nice punch combo from Robinson. Hoffman is pretty good landing an awesome throw on Dory, busting out stiff shots on Terry and has a variety of great knee attacks. Robinson busts out his backbreaker and the Gotch style tombstone piledriver on Dory which Dory doesn't react to at all. Just kicks out, then reverses the next hold and doesn't even make it look like he needs to tag out. Matwork isn't very special. Lots of moments where there's a little mingling on the ground, then a tag out. Really hot last minute before the 45 minute draw with finisher attempts, reversal etc. There's probably worse ways to spend 45 minutes but I wouldn't recommend anyone to watch the full fight.
  2. Just a great match with a student vs master kind of vibe. Old school NWA style is probably my least favorite style ever but these two and Terry Funk are the three guys who can make it really compelling.
  3. One of the strengths of the traditional All Japan style is that irish whip maneuvers have a good success rate which makes transitions done via irish whips feel more special. Case in point-Jumbo's High Knee here. Combined with his impressive leap and Robinson's perfect sell it made for a wonderful moment. Wild Angus continues to look ~fine I guess~. Match is mostly about the struggle for holds and building to the transitions. Nothing here feels redundant-Robinson gets his knee worked over for a bit and the next time he's in the ring and he hits a Backbreaker he sells the impact of his own which I vastly prefer to someone questionably falling down from "exhaustion" on his their own move to move onto the next sequence. Robinson-Destroyer bits were fun but weren't transcendent like one might hope from the two. ***1/4
  4. This is a weird to match to rate because of Wild Angus. He looked.....somewhat servicable. Hit some solid clubbing blows but was pretty bad at tying his offence together and selling. He wasn't of much use. However-this was pure magic whenever Billy Robinson was in the ring. Completely enchanting performance by him. It's not just that he himself looked great, everyone looks better than they usually are when they are matched against him. He brings a certain intensity and legitimacy that instantly transform his matches into something special. Jumbo aggressively shoved him aside when Robinson was going for a hold and hooked his leg to pick him up for a Piledriver which I really liked. I like how wrestlers go for the rope break instantly when they are near the ropes here and dive to break up pins and make actual contact when doing so. I love how Robinson sold Baba's big chop like he ran him over. I love how he counters moves mid sequence in ways other wrestlers don't that totally make sense and are incredibly aeshetically pleasing. ***1/4-***1/2
  5. It's a 4 minute JIP of a 30 minute draw that includes mostly slow motion action but it's also Karl Gotch vs Billy Robinson so you take what you can get. Some nice stuff displayed here including a nasty Gotch Style Piledriver and Robinson's signature Backbreaker (which was also set up wonderfully). Not much is shown but you're better off watching it than not watching it.