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Found 10 results

  1. This rocked my world. I was super excited for it because I am such a Hideo fanboy & I've been watching lots of his stuff recently - I didn't have too high hopes for the match though as Roode doesn't impress me at all. Thought his matches vs. Nakamura were absolute shite. But here, goddamn. The man gave such a great performance. The beginning w/ him going for the Glorious taunt only for Hideo to attempt the ultimate murder-death-kill machine that is GTS was, pun intended, glorious. Loved Hideo being one step ahead during the early stages of the match - real good stuff. Once it was time for Roode to get the advantage & work the heat on Hideo, I thought the match could die down because Roode has a long history of boring ass control segments, but fuck me, he was so great here. He worked over the neck of Hideo in fantastic, compelling fashion. Hideo's big comeback was great; coming back into things with a straight up pimp slap. Classic Hideo. Roode hurting his shoulder after hitting the ringpost was tremendous - that lead to ol' Hideo targeting that arm w/ his brutal kicks & submissions, naturally. Awesome. Roode's selling was perfect. His hope spot Spinebuster was great. Still selling the shoulder perfectly. The brawl outside the ring was so well done - great battle for control; Hideo running wild again, only for Roode to get the advantage after he ducked Hideo's big dropkick & Hideo hit the stairs, hurting his leg. Love it. Hideo's selling of the leg injury was really great - he hit a couple of moves where he used the leg, but every time he did that, he sold the damage done to his leg big time. The whole finishing stretch was tremendous w/ a nice strike trading section (which Hideo obviously won, as he should've), Hideo not being able to hit the GTS due to the damage done to his leg, him nailing Roode w/ that GTS, only for him Roode to roll out of the ring - very nice of them to protect the move, Hideo slapping the shit out of Roode, great counters. Tremendous stuff. Easy MOTN & my #2 WWE MOTY behind Reigns/Braun from Payback now. ****3/4
  2. These two have an excellent chemistry with each other. Their first match was an awesome, dramatic title match - this one, the re-match, was much different from that one. Right from the get go it was established that this one was all business right from the get go as Roddy shoved Roode down when he was talking that trash. This really felt like a sprint because of how focused both guys were when they targeted the backs of each other & because of the pace; they wrestled it with such intensity, energy & focus that the 15+ minutes just flew by. No dull moments or wasted motions whatsoever. Both guys also did some real good selling. Really cool callback to their title match w/ Roddy breaking the nearfall by getting his foot on the rope. The finish with Roddy blowing a little farewell kiss to Roode before sending him to main roster w/ the End of Heartache was a very nice touch as well. Great match. ****1/4
  3. I thought this told a great story of the pure power of McIntyre going against the in ring smart tactics of Roode. Roode worked that neck throughout the whole thing & McIntyre just overpowered him with his high impact moves. Great match. ****
  4. Roode in 2017 isn't very exciting in the ring, but here his opponent happened to be the best wrestler in the world, so I was pretty excited to see how it would go. And it went greatly - loved the match, thought that Ohno was fantastic in it, great selling, great shine, great comebacks, great facials. Roode's work over him was really good too, didn't come off as super boring like in the January match vs. Nakamura. ****
  5. Figured this deserved it's thread, because it has got some MOTYC talk by quite a few people already. The entrances were awesome, Roode going all '89 Flair was glorious. The actual match though... Not so glorious. The first 10 minutes or so were meh, and once it transitioned into Roode working on top, it became straight up boring. Nakamura's comeback w/ his usual signature moves wasn't interesting, but I did like the moment where he was signaling for Kinshasa & Roode wouldn't get up. That was good. Then some more Roode work on top. Ughhh. And once again, Nakamura's hope spots & comeback weren't any interesting. I did like Shinsuke not being able to pin Roode after he had delivered Kinshasa, that was real good. The finish was pretty damn good with Nakamura trying everything he can to survive - that Triangle before getting destroyed was good. Overall though? Easily the worst match of the night & the worst of Nakamura's major matches in NXT so far, in my eyes. *1/2
  6. La Sombra is just so much better at wrestling than Bobby Roode it's really interesting this is the situation they ended up in. You look at the most important aspects of getting over in WWE-name, entrance, outfit. Roode is just so much above Sombra in every one of those and it is really no surprise he's gotten a much better reaction. In terms of acting Sombra is lightyears ahead of him-his calm and cocky mannerisms feel a million times more natural and genuine than Roode spamming a taunt that looks like it was designed specifically to be like Triple H's without looking exactly like it. That's much like Roode himself-someone pointed out yesterday he looks like Triple H's nephew. In terms of being popular in WWE he's pretty much a good finisher away from being a legit superstar. Can't they just give him a Dominator or something? Give him a Folding Powerbomb. Just something that looks good. The match was fun, I liked Sombra's shine periods a lot, Roode played a good base for him and kept his offence simple and good looking, his counter to Sombra's wacky DDT looked brutal in particular. Sombra on the other hand feels lost trying to find something that will work for him and he ends up doing Rey Mysterio's, Ibushi's and Tanahashi's spots, in many cases depriving them of what makes them work in their usual context. It's a shame but he isn't adapting right. And his finisher and finisher taunt are stupid. **3/4