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Found 23 results

  1. Purchase: US | UK | Canada Wrestling's Greatest Heroes - The Golden Era VHS comm No review yet. Antonino Rocca vs Benito Gardini (Kohler Chicago February 3, 1950; Chicago, IL) (Discuss) Lou Thesz vs Vic Christy (NWA Hollywood Late 1950s; Santa Monica, CA) (Discuss) Edouard Carpentier vs Mike Valentino (Details Unknown) Bruno Sammartino vs Magnificent Maurice (Steel Belt Wrestling 1963; Buffalo, NY) (Discuss) Ricki Starr vs Karl Von Hess (CWC; Washington, DC) Verne Gagne vs Butcher Boy Henning (Steel Belt Wrestling October 24, 1958; Buffalo, NY) (Discuss) Gene Stanlee vs Kola Kwariani (Kohler Chicago February 3, 1950; Chicago, IL) (Discuss) WWWF U.S. Title: Bobo Brazil (c) vs Johnny Barend (CWC July 9, 1963; Detroit, MI) (Discuss) Sam Steamboat vs Mike Sharpe (NWA Hollywood August 26, 1961; San Bernadino, CA) (Discuss) Great Scot & Antonino Rocca vs Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Hess (Details Unknown) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  2. Earlier this week my fiance saw Kurt Angle while driving at the mall. I didn't believe her at first since we had just watched some special about him on the WWE network. But, with that fact in mind, I figure his face is going to be fresh in her mind. Most of what little doubt I had was in the fact that I didn't get to see him! So, that by itself is pretty great but, then today we were telling her uncle about this and end up with the gift of a half hour of old wrestling stories! I had no freaking idea that he was into wrestling let alone have stories! I will not do these justice but, I'll try to tell the best. The first is about he and some buddies going to a bar by the airport sometime in the 1980's. They're sitting there and his one friend tells him, 'Hey take a look over there.' The uncle thinks its a buxom babe but, it's Andre the fucking Giant surrounded by women downing bottles of beer! Turns out he's there with Jimmy Snuka, Blackjack Mulligan, and Mr. Fuji! Talk about luck, you go into your local suds station and bam you're shoulder to shoulder with grappling greats. The second story is about a match he saw with George "The Animal" Steele and Bruno Sammartino. It sounded really wild with Bruno juicing a gusher and the fans losing their shit. The match ended in a draw and people are tossing popcorn and God knows what else at The Animal. George is leaving the ring area to the locker rooms and the police are escorting him because it's so bonkers in the Civic Arena. Then, a little old man gets past the railing and police. The geezer proceeds to punch Steele in the back of the head! Reflexively, George swats back with a clubbed fist and was likely to kill the old man if it wasn't for the cop pushing gramps out of the way of George's hairy fist! Again, I'm not doing these justice as I'm probably missing all kinds of details. Plus there were other good stories like two drunk women getting in a full on drunken brawl in the stands that stoped a match and more. I just had to document these great stories!
  3. Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham WWWF Championship - Madison Square Garden February 2, 1976 Superstar tries to jump Bruno before the bell, but the Champ blows him off and beats Graham down. Crowd is hot right out of the gate. Graham begs off and waits for his chance to turn the tables with a big boot to Bruno's face. Superstar goes to work on Sammartino's left leg and gets an inverted half crab. Bruno reaches the ropes but pays for it when Graham drags him to the corner and rams his leg into the ring post. Graham misses a big elbow drop for the top rope and then the Champ goes to work on Superstar's leg. Bruno gets revenge with his own leg post spot and continues the damage. Now both guys have a bum leg, with Graham in worse shape. Graham fights back with a bearhug but Sammartino breaks out so Superstar quickly grabs a full nelson. Eventually Sammartino breaks the hold and puts on his own full nelson. Eventually Graham reaches the ropes and complains of hair-pulling. Then we get an intense collar-and-elbow tie-up where both men try to choke the life out of each other. Graham pushes Bruno against the ropes and begins an assault. Right hands land hard. Body slam. Graham whips him into the ropes and hits a back-elbow smash. Then Superstar goes up and misses another top rope elbow drop. Sammartino punches Superstar out onto the apron and then rams his head against the ring post. Graham comes back up and Bruno posts him again for good measure. Graham is busted wide open. This leads to a really heated punch exchange with both guys beating the hell out of each other until the blood loss starts to slow Graham down to the point where it's not an even fight and the ref calls for the bell and awards the match to Bruno Sammartino. Sort of odd to watch this after their '77 series. I didn't enjoy their '77 MSG match nearly was much as the title change in Baltimore so I'll put this firmly in the middle. Both guys brought strong performances here, with Graham giving a good balance between chickenshit heel and heavyweight brawler. Bruno continues to impress me as well in terms of performance and leading the match. Nice gusher from Superstar as well and the finish brawl was extremely exciting to watch. ***3/4
  4. Piper starts out the match by hanging some posters of football players. No idea what the context for that is, I went into this match totally cold. Bruno comes in and is still incredibly over. The crowd were incredibly hot for Bruno and everything that he did. He comes in and tosses Piper into all four walls of the cage and busts Piper up early. Bruno rips up the posters and shoves them down Piper's throat and trunks which I thought was kind of funny. Then you have the attempts to escape the cage and it plays off a little more naturally than usual in this match. I thought the struggles to get out the door were actually quite fun. It's fun to see Piper ragdoll and sell for Bruno, literally showing ass for the guy. Thought the little things Piper did like low blowing Bruno to keep him from getting out or thumbing Bruno's eyes as he came back in were really good heel tactics. Ended on a great finish with Bruno low blowing Hot Rod off the cage and then nailing him with a chair as he struggled to get out. Fun stuff all around! ***3/4
  5. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-26-the-kallies-1980-award-show/ On this very special show, join Parv, Pete, Kelly, Johnny, Kal Rudman and a star-studded lineup of guests for the first annual Kallies Award show! Awards include Best Hair, Hottest Blowjob Wrestler, the Fashionplate Award for Most Fashionable Man of the Year and Jobber of the Year, as well as the biggest awards such as Wrestler of the Year, Match of the Year, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Don't miss this memorable and emotional night! The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys Play, Titans of Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Super-Show, Good Will Wrestling, and Wrestling With the Past.
  6. This was discussed in the Bruno thread over at GWE, but I thought this was interesting enough to warrant a thread of its own. Meltzer, writing about Steve Austin's failed heel turn in 2001, said that Austin was more like Bruno, and there was a reason Bruno never turned heel. My question is, what exactly is the difference between the two and their connection with the crowd? Parv talked about Bruno being more earthy, but, I am not sure that is true. Hogan was presented as a larger-than-life superstar. Bruno was presented as a larger-than-life superstar, although not as cartoonish. So, how did Bruno get more earthy? Was it because of his understated promos? I confess I am not an expert on either 80s wrestling, or wrestling during Bruno's era, so I am hoping people come up and talk about it. Also, on a scale of 1 to 100, how much would you give the two in terms of connection with the audience?
  7. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-32-wwwf-at-madison-square-garden-march-17th-1975/ Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly lanny leap back to 1975 for this MSG card. On the docket: Indian Jay Strongbow vs. Butcher Vachon Bruno Sammartino vs. Sprios Arion Killer Kowalski vs. Victor Rivera The Valiants vs. Tony Garea and Dean Ho On this show: - Talking point: Bruno vs. Hogan as two different types of draws - Spiros Arion, the forgotten man - Kowalski vs. Rivera one of the worst matches of all time on one of the worst cards of all time? - Why did Vince Sr structure his cards in the way he did? - Plus: has Titans Xtra caused tension in the Fab Four?, Bruno's hair, Bob E. Lee (the Finks predecessor at MSG), and much much more. The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys Play, Titans of Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Super-Show, Good Will Wrestling, and Wrestling With the Past.
  8. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-22-wwf-at-philadelphia-spectrum-november-1980/ The Fabulous Four are back in their second home, Philadelphia, for this card from November 1980. Don't forget to check out the dedicated Titans of Wrestling page here at Place to Be Nation, which includes downloading and listening options as well as a link to TITANS TV. On the docket: 11-08 Ken Patera vs Bruno Sammartino 11-08 Bob Backlund vs Larry Zbyzsko (with Tony Atlas as ref) 11-08 Pedro Moralas vs The Hangman 11-08 The Samoans vs Tony Garea and Rick Martel In this episode: - A Family Affair: a feature on Bruno Sammartino and his Italian 'paisans' - An update on Super 8's facial hair situation - Tony Atlas and his perfect Y-shaped body - One of the wrestling history's most surreal interviews featuring Tony Garea, Dick Graham and that notorious joker Kal Rudman! - Bio for The Hangman The PWO-PTBN Podcast Network features great shows you can find right here at Place to Be Nation. By subscribing on iTunes or SoundCloud, you’ll have access to new episodes, bonus content, as well as a complete archive of: Where the Big Boys Play, Titans of Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling Super-Show, Good Will Wrestling, and Wrestling With the Past.
  9. On episode 10 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about the WWE’s TV deal, NXT, and movies staring wrestlers. Kevin also welcomes Boston Celtics play-by-play announcer Sean Grande as his guest and Sean talks about Channel 9 Wrestling in NY, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino, and crossing over from the world of wrestling to sports. Sean also gives us his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling and talks about today’s NBA and calling games for a team having a bad season. Kevin and Justin then play a game of sleaze thread “true or false” and preview the WWE Payback PPV questions! If you love old school wrestling, road stories and wrestling’s urban legends, this is the episode for you! http://placetobenation.com/the-kevin-kelly-show-episode-10-featuring-sean-grande/
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