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Found 3 results

  1. A really awesome, non-stop action brawl. Easily the best one the Bully + Briscoes trio has had so far. ***3/4
  2. This is a "Hammer above the ring Ladder match". It didn't suck! It actually made about as much sense as a TNA could. Hardy gets some nice shine early on before Bully Ray cuts him off on his first ladder climbing attempt and goes after the leg. And-say what you want about Jeff at this point-but his selling was still really good here. I liked how they teased his comebacks a couple of times (he never dropped selling during them btw) only for him to get quickly cut off and how his proper comeback only came when Bully Ray played to the crowd for too long. Ray also did some botchamania worthy stuff here, preposterously jumping over a ladder to set up a spot and completely missing the steel steps when Hardy attempted to ram his head into them. He gave us this so all is forgiven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo_TKf9vkJ8 Match eventually become overreliant on using Ray pushing Hardy off the ladder as the only transition. In classic TNA fashion a Ladder match ends in a no contest. Who knows what the rules were anyway. Were there pins? Did they need to hit someone with the hammer to win? Eh. **1/2