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Found 9 results

  1. La Gran Guerrera I: Carlos Colon, Invader I, Bruiser Brody, Dutch Mantell & TNT vs Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Chicky Starr, Kareem Muhammad & Grizzly Boone 12/12/87 WWC This is a match where the result is almost better than the match itself. The opening of this is a bit like a battle royal, guys lean against the ropes and punch eachother. Invader #1 is by far the most enthusiastic guy here, throwing hands and really punting Chicky in the balls with a vengeance, while Colon is the one who pops the crowd. The handcuffing stuff doesn't look great altough I dig that Abby has forearms too huge to be handcuffed easily. It comes down to Iron Sheikh vs. Colon and Sheikh is really hammering Colons forehead with his fist. The match feels almost tame for Puerto Rico standards but after the match Sheik tries mutilating Colon with the belt and all the heels beat on the handcuffed faces. I'll say that Rip Rogers is absolutely hilarious on commentary yelling about Domingo Robles.
  2. This was flirting with Full Five status for me until that awful finish. It really did feel like the culmination of a rivalry that showed a true sense of progression. Hansen guzzled Colon in the first couple of matches just like he always did everyone. The last two matches showed Colon fighting back and here, it was clear he had Hansen's number. The match never would have worked as well as it did without allowing Hansen to be Hansen early in the feud, because his perilous state as they moved from one match to the next became increasingly surreal. All of the extracurricular brawling around the ring didn't bother me, mainly because of what I'd label an iconic visual in wrestling history when the camera panned back to see the overjoyed reactions of fans in the stands. They were working toward the King of All Blowoff Cage Matches, then when Colon went outside, I was kind of in awe of him as a babyface, because he was taking the fight to the bad guys and looked incredible doing it. Unfortunately, a cage match does imply that a finish like that can't happen, and it did anyway, so the feud lacking any clean finishes does hurt it some in my eyes in terms of all-time rivalry status. But as a series of matches, it's only barely beneath that, and this is a near-miss where I really wish I could go all the way. ****3/4
  3. 70s TV match!!! Six minutes of action! Damn I loved this. I dare you to look at Bobby Garcia and not love that guy. Carlos Colon without his face mutilated was a sight to see too. Some armdrags to start, but soon Grimaldo is doing what his red gear indicates: strangling Perez in the corner, and before you know what comes next they proceed to beat the shit out of eachother with awesome thudding punches! Then Colon comes in to work nifty shoulderblock exchanges and lands some nimble 70s flying moves including an amazing huracanrana. The rudoisms from Garcia and Grimaldo continue before Colon finishes with a sunset flip from the top rope which is a hot move for 1975. Man I hope whoever is uploading this finds more 70s Atlanta in his garage.
  4. Another compact and chaotic match, this time a tag match that was wrestled like it was a Texas Tornado brawl, whether it was one or not. I think this suffered a little bit only because Hansen and Colon were so ridiculously "bigger" and more charismatic than their tag team partners, but the junior team members did work hard and this was lots of fun. ***1/4
  5. What a fantastic match! The false finishes were incredible, among the best I've ever seen. I love the looonnnnggg tease of Hansen touching the fourth corner, which made Colon breaking his momentum quite the great moment in wrestling drama. I also liked how they for the most part stayed in close proximity to each other, which made all the strikes more palpable. ****1/2
  6. This was just awesome! Wow. I didn't expect to like this one as much when I saw they were going longer, just because the 10-minute zone seems to have been so perfect for them. But I was very wrong on that. They built and built to that figure four so much. Just classic, All-Japan style build to a big move or hold. This was Colon as a pissed off babyface seeking retribution, and I love that match that was 90% babyface dishing out and working the leg still had that chaotic feel. Over and over, Hansen seemed desperate to just get this over with, trying for a pinfall with his feet on the ropes and finally taking the DQ to use the crutch just to break the figure four. Colon holding the ropes while fans screamed for him was such an awesome sense of retribution. There aren't many matches where Hansen gets eaten like this, and I think it takes a special guy to get that idea over in a way that seems credible. Colon stayed on him enough and was aggressive enough that it absolutely was. This was the match that made me a believer in Colon as a great worker, where the previous ones I was more inclined to see Hansen's greatness merely out of familiarity. Four matches so far, all very different and all great. ****1/2
  7. Another great, compact brawl with a very different feel from the previous one. When Colon missed the jumping knee in the corner, I thought, he's Stan Hansen and they're doing a brawl, no way is he going to go after the knee, but he did! And it was great! And he managed to do limb work that fit the chaotic nature of the match. They followed suit with Hansen missing a lariat and crashing into the ringpost which led to Colon targeting Hansen's arm during the mayhem. This feels like a super high rating for a match this short, but if anything, I wanted to go higher. I do think of the two brawls, this is the slightly better worked ones, although both have their merits, and I'm starting to get a feel for Carlos Colon as well. He was definitely impressive in this match. ****
  8. This was an awesome, compact brawl. It felt like an abridged version of MS-1 vs Sangre Chicana as far as the match layout, with Hansen overwhelming Colon right away and immediately establishing the violent nature of the match, only for Colon to get a comeback before Hansen caught him with a loaded lariat. I also really liked how Hansen kept the violence in check because it helped the structure. In the beginning, he accidentally (??) slugged the ref when the match was at its most heated, then surrendered to his authority and begged him not to disqualify later in the match. I know Hansen more at this point, so he stood out more than Colon, but I am excited about continuing this series. ****