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Found 78 results

  1. Hate to ruin the fun but this didn't do much for me. Still felt very much like a generic WWE four way just with a better workrate and the overreliance on cheap props to produce drama isn't really my thing in 2016. I liked the finish with Miz getting the pin out of nowhere but when you have stuff like Zayn rolling on the floor asking the ref if it was two instead of going for the pin himself after just breaking up someone else's finisher>pin, Cesaro just staring at Owens while he climbed on the rope and so on it's not the type of stuff I'm going to love. I've seen Cesaro drag Miz into the ring when she tried to save him before, I've seen the tower of doom spots, I've seen the triple suplexes, one guy running at every corner to hit his move three times and so on. Initially I don't even buy them as nearfalls but after a while having someone break up the pin or pull someone out of the ring just becomes tedious and repetitive. **1/2
  2. The Claudio/Bryan exchanges are awesome, loved how aggressive Claudio was. Great stuff to advance their feud. After he got himself DQ'd, Bryan is the FIP against Shiozaki; Shiozaki's work during his control segment is quite meh, but Danielson makes him look like million bucks by selling his ass off for him. After Danielson's 1st comeback, Go's work gets a lot better too! His work went from very meh to FANTASTIC out of the sudden. He does everything with a sense of urgency & shows some personality while doing so. Great stuff. Great match. ****
  3. A super simply, but very well structured tag bout. The story was all about The Bar working like such a solid unit, keeping Apollo from tagging to Titus for most of it. Cesaro & Sheamus did a good job working over the man & Apollo's selling was good. Titus' hot tag was very good - the Clash of the Titus nearfall was awesome. They even got the crowd into the match when they hit that finishing stretch, which was great to hear because they weren't making any noise for the 4 men involved in the early stages. Very good match. ***1/2
  4. In the early stages Claudio overwhelmes Bryan, which leads to Bryan taking his time on the apron, waiting for a good time to come back in & strike w/ a sneak attack. After that it's Bryan in control doing great work over Claudio - Claudio makes some absolutely terrific comebacks, LOVED him constantly going back to that Boston Crab, too. Such good storytelling. As the match goes, it becomes more 50/50 with both guys delivering big strikes & bombs to each other. Claudio got a couple of very nice nearfalls there. The finishing stretch & the finish = excellent. This was a beautifully paced & structured 40-minute epic - Claudio was a WONDERFUL babyface, all of his offense looked terrific as usual & his selling of Bryan's offense was amazing. Bryan was absolutely amazing as the heel too w/ that brutal offense of his & sneaky tactics. Amazing match & the post-match is so great as well - it's so satisfying seeing Bryan with the wXw Championship, throwing it around & spitting on it while talking shit to the fans. ****1/2
  5. Last week, the unlikely duo of Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins defeated The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions. The Bar came out and interrupted an opening promo by Kurt Angle, saying that his son didn't deserve a championship match and demanded their rematch for the tag titles, which Angle didn't grant. Instead, he made a match between Cesaro and Jordan. The opening minutes of the match had a nice display of Jordan's agility and strength. In particular, Jordan catching Cesaro in mid-air before ramming him into opposite corner a few times. A quick distraction by Sheamus from the outside allowed Cesaro to deliver a chop block to Jordan's left leg. Cesaro worked over the leg very well a various holds and occasional strikes, and Jordan sold in kind with good screams of anguish and facial expressions. Jordan continued this in his comeback, fighting through the pain to deliver some suplexes to Cesaro. A good moment was when he couldn't apply a full bridge after hitting Cesaro with back to back Northern Light suplexes. The agony on his face along with the lifting of his left leg was very good. Jordan survived a Boston Crab by grabbing the ropes. Rollins attacked Sheamus on the outside after interfering again. This moment distracted Cesaro enough for Jordan to hit the belly-to-back suplex lift into a neckbreaker for the victory ─ the same maneuver Jordan used the win the tag titles last Monday. A good match to kick-off Monday Night Raw with a really good performance by Jordan. The match was well-paced and had effective storytelling that had the crowd invested all the way through. There was also some development between the team of Jordan and Rollins. Jordan continuing to show his arrogance by challenging Cesaro and Sheamus by himself, leaving himself open to attack (as shown moments before the match began). Rollins stating that he has to less self-absorbed and focus on the team. I'm intrigued to see this dynamic further develop in the following weeks.
  6. Superb match. Those two had a great singles match prior to Survivor Series '15, and this one managed to surpass that. Cesaro as a heel is much more intense and ruthless, and combined with Roman's usually great selling, makes for a very strong showing for both parts. Loved Reigns using stuff like Magistral Cradles because he couldn't rely as much on his power moves due to the arm work, or how that 1st Superman Punch looked not as effective. Roman is one of the most consistent workers WWE has seen in a while.
  7. Another great match between these 2 teams. Great storytelling with The Bar completely dominating Rollins & Ambrose w/ their awesome team work - Cesaro & Sheamus were really great working the heat on The Shield and the comebacks of The Shield were good. I thought the finish was really good too w/ the champs outsmarting Cesaro & Sheamus big time to get the win. Also much respect to Cesaro for finishing the match after losing some teeth in brutal fashion. That made for an awesome image when Cesaro had Ambrose in the Crossface while his mouth was all bloody. Great stuff. ****
  8. First of all, I really liked Angle coming out with The Shield gear on. A wonderful character touch since Angle used to do goofy shit like that all the time during his first WWE run. Then the actual match - it was such a cluster, but I really loved it. Ambrose & Rollins were on fire from start to finish - super strong performances by them, The Miz played his role to absolute perfection & the rest of the guys did their parts very well too. I liked all the twists & turns - Angle getting out of the match after getting destroyed by Braun was great & his eventual comeback with his own music was a goosebumps worthy moment - him just throwing all the bad guys around w/ his signature Suplexes & Angle Slams ruled. The Braun/Kane angle was also executed really well & made Braun look badass as usual. I feel like this match could've been even better had Reigns been able to compete, but goddamn, I still had such a blast watching this. Super enjoyable stuff. ****
  9. Oh man it feels so good to see Ambrose & Rollins tag again. They are so much better together than as singles guys. This started off pretty slow, but once Cesaro went & got + destroyed that beach ball from the crowd, things got heated & very interesting. From that point on, the match was pretty damn amazing w/ The Bar doing great work over Rollins & Ambrose being a fantastic hot tag. The finishing stretch was also really damn good. Great match. ****
  10. This has to be one of the most "giffable" matches that I've seen. So many amazing moves - and the best part is that the execution of those crazy ass moves they busted out was 100% perfect. They also told a good story of Claudio dominating Quack because of his size & power advantage, while Quack busted out those sick comebacks. A very memorable match, that's for sure. ****
  11. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-02-27-WWE-Raw] Cesaro vs Samoa Joe

    An awesome little match, the psychology w/ Cesaro's knee was good - Joe's targeting of it was great & Cesaro's selling was really good. Couple of more minutes and this would've been **** for me. ***3/4
  12. This was very well laid out - Claudio/Cesaro vs. a smaller high-flyer is, for like 99% of the time a winning formula, and it sure was that here. The match was mostly dominated by Double C, who grounded PAC, and every time PAC got on his feet, he threw him around - it was very enjoyable. PAC's comeback towards the end was great, he is one spectacular man inside that ring, everything he did looked so smooth & he executed the comeback perfectly. Really good match. ***1/2
  13. Things I liked: Cesaro's Suplex counter to Rusev's Camel Clutch and that whole sequence between them (tho I find it laughable someone could go crazy over 2016 Cesaro and shit on everything in New Japan when stuff like the no-sell Lariat Cesaro busted out here is such an obvious rip from that style), Balor inexplicably targeting Rusev's balls and Owen's bigger moves (Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker and his Air Raid Crash variation both looked great). Things I didn't like: The brawling (Rusev's and Cesaro's punches in particular are lackluster, Rusev's strikes look good any time he's doing wacky forearm smashes and he should stick to them), everyone having to get all of their shit in and the obligatory tower of doom spot, Rusev not breaking up Owens' pin, awkward feeding (Owens' rolling out of the ring after being Dropkicked by Balor in the middle of the ring and Cesaro staring at an idiot at Rusev as he is about to eat a Superkick), kicks obviously not connecting (Rusev's spinning heel and Balor's Pele) and telegraphing the finish even more by having Balor sell the Powerbomb for as long as he did. All in all a pretty average and formulaic take on this type of match in the WWE style. **1/2
  14. I wonder if Miz could've carried Steenerico to a great tag match like The Briscoes and Super Dragon did if this were a normal tag and not parejas increibles. I loved the way Miz cheapshoted Zayn off a Maryse distraction and him and Cesaro were way interesting at playing feuding partners than Zayn and Owens. Nice to see a novel concept executed well on Raw. Do wish Cesaro interrupted Miz's Giant Swing attempt a few moments later so we'd have gotten to see him fail but oh well, what can you do. **3/4
  15. Miz at ringside instantly makes me care more about this one. Fun match that was basically just them going through a bunch of cool spots. Non-finish was fitting and probably added more to the storyline than a clean finish would've. Cesaro ripping Okada's Dropkick spots is cool but I don't really see why would he start using chops. **3/4
  16. I'm not convinced Cesaro is a better worker than The Miz right now. This was a total blast-Cesaro has a lot of spots that sound good but often don't amount to much and having Miz stooge for him really helps his matches. The Miz lets him shine early on as Cesaro does come cool matwork spots and his badass deadlift gutwrench. They smartly transition into Miz's control segment by using Maryse and Miz doesn't do nothing fancy, nothing that would get a pop, just goes after Cesaro's shoulder injury. The way Cesaro countered Miz's Sleeper to get back in control was amazing, I don't remember him ever doing that before, ditto the amazing counter he had for Miz's DDT, that's the kind of awesome stuff he used to bust out regularly a few years ago before he settled into an underwhelming formula, and here even when he does use his formula (like the uppercut train I don't really like) he modifies it a little bit by finishing it with a beautiful dropkick. The big nearfall caught me completely off guard and I loved how they incorporated the Owens-Zayn angle into the match. Sure, Miz fucked up the Neutralizer bump after the match, but that was so utterly irrelevant after everything that took place. I wasn't expecting to like this more than Kalisto/Ryback but I did. ***1/2-***3/4
  17. Kevin Owens is a good comedy wrestler but his hilarious trash talk and him posing to the hard cam and saying who's the man isn't stuff that is ever actually going to get real heat. Still his character feels very modern and there is the fact that he has to play to a big part of an audience that just isn't going to boo guys like him. Maybe they would if the workers TRIED, but Vince has obviously given up on classic face/heel dynamics so might as well enjoy the product for what it is. I really loved Cesaro in 2013 but I just haven't been impressed with his work lately. He's been tamed and everything that initially made him special isn't there anymore. Boring match. Why should I care about the limbwork when Cesaro's doing top rope gutwrench suplexes with a bad arm anyway? Boo/yay punch exchanges in a throwaway TV match are about as interesting as Hirooki Goto elbow exchanges. Unexpectedly sloppy at times too. Miz managed to outwork them both by making faces watching this backstage. Owens' fat man Frog Splash was awesome, I would like him more as a Super Porky tribute act. Finish was basically a modern New Japan finisher counter wank-fest so anyone who complains about that should be consistent in applying it.