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Found 12 results

  1. An absolutely wild match. These 2 always go balls to the walls when they face each other - and this match was no different, they put on one helluva spotfest which was filled w/ some sick, dangerous looking spots. My favorite spot of the whole match was when Hiromu started slapping Lee, and then Lee busted out a sick looking Armbar. They probably went on a bit too long for my taste, I would've preferred if it had gone just a tad bit shorter, but it was still a very good match. ***1/2
  2. If you are familiar with their rivalry, you know what you get here. They just destroyed each other. I thought it was their best match against each other yet. ****1/2
  3. This was an outstanding fast paced, spot heavy tag bout. I was afraid that it would come off as too choreographed like every Ospreay match in ROH so far, but it actually was worked with a great sense of urgency & the sequences + big spots all felt very natural. ****
  4. This is for Dragon Lee's World Lightweight Title and I would very much challenge how Cavernario fits that weight class. Cavernario wrestles like a smaller guy despite his size and Dragon Lee is impressive in powering the lucha caveman around. Sneaky good psychology as Cavernario takes off the corner padding, and his motive is two fold - they use this to do damage (he hits an elevated powerbomb on Lee into it) but he also needs it gone to do his running tope through the ropes when on the outside. He gets caught up there, which I guess shouldn't be surprising given his size, but its covered well. We get double powerbombs to the apron, and double stomps off the top rope (to the outside) from Lee and Cavernario hits a gigantic splash off the top also. Wicked headbutts on the top rope - this match has nearly everything. Lee is most impressive when he does the guillotine into that sit-out suplex. Incredible strength. Reverse rana (of course) on Dragon Lee, but Cavernario dislocates his shoulder and hey - if you ever wanted to see a close up of guys trying to use a t-shirt to put someone's shoulder back in their socket, this match is for you! They trade some strikes before Lee essentially deadlifts him into a back suplex with a cradle to the abbreviated finish. This got a lot of time prior to the injury and felt like it slightly overstayed. I dug it though. ***3/4
  5. Very fun spotfest but Dragon Lee has had better ones, match was overreliant on move>bounce of the ropes>get countered at times. Lee's Deadlift Backdrop Suplex was badass and I liked him using a big combination to end the match instead of going for the pin after every single move. Didn't care much for the New Japan strike exchange but them slapping each other while fighting in the tree of woe was cool.***-***1/4
  6. I think these two have had an amazing series of wonderful matches. Some people have described those matches as spotfests and frankly, there is a lot of truth in that. What I think made the matches work is that: -they sold a lot inbetween the spots and gave you time for their insanity to sink in -they did a wonderful job of using learned psychology and constantly added new moves and counters -and finally, the spots and sequences themselves were just mind-blowing This match was a reminder that they are 21 and 26 and just a few years into their careers. While they added a couple of new ideas they kind of hit a wall in terms of how what they could do and relied heavily on the insanity aspect of it to carry the match. Their good traits didn't suddenly disappear-in fact it's what I think allowed this match to be as good as it was-but I'm pretty sure I've seen every singles match they've had, including the lightning ones. That's, what, eight of them BEFORE this one? A big part of what made a lot of their matches work is that I didn't know exactly how much it would take for them to go down because they were constantly changing things so much. By this one I kind of had a feel on how much it would take, and something like the counter to Kamaitachi's ramp Dropkick gradually went from being an amazing counter to something I didn't really mind much and was a footnote in my nitpick to something that I just shrug at here. Don't get me wrong-I did enjoy the insanity in this one a lot-but it's a good thing these two will be seperated for a while now. They've done all they could against one another at this point in their careers. ****
  7. After watching years of bad US indy wrestling and the Pentagon/Fenix match from Oudou I've really grown to appreciate how smoothly CMLL guys set up their highspots with their bumping. And they do have incredible highspots-Lee does one of the best Suicide Dives ever here, just crushing Tiger and slamming him onto the barricade. Also really liked the early matwork, Dragon Lee has showed he can hang with guys like Virus and Negro Casas when they take it there, he should be fine in 10-15 years when he won't be able to do as much as he does now. In the mean time we can enjoy him nearly killing himself on a Dropkick. This had a badass pinning sequence, you're used to seeing the Benoit/Malenko one over and over again so it does feel very fresh when you get completely different holds used and have no idea what's coming next. ***1/2
  8. A MOTYC out of nowhere. A trios match is a better setting for the type of insane spotfest they wanted to do than a singles match and all the faults of the Casas-Volador Jr. singles match were completely absent here. This is probably about as far as Casas could go in doing crazy athletic stuff and it was great, having him as the glue that holds the match together really helped, as did having Dragon Lee and Kamaitachi as the supporting crew, those guys are lunatics, I think about a minute or two into a match there was a Missile Dropkick countered into an Orange Crush Bomb or something equally ridiculous. This type of match can rule with the right lay out and amount of time and they hit it out of the park here. MONEY THROWN.
  9. An amazing sprint, not sure I can think of a better lightning match. Very accessible and easy to get into even for non-lucha fans due to it being all action and the nature of the match gave the nearfalls even more urgency and credibility, especially if you're familiar with both guy's offence. The chain wrestling opening bit was short but really well done, loved Virus' flash submissions and they more than delivered on the highspots.
  10. Will is joined by Phil Schneider & Kris Zellner to discuss CMLL’s 81st Anniversary Show at Arena Mexico. Tons of dives! Weird submissions! Tons of women! Hair vs. Hair! Mask vs. Mask! Join Will as we review an awesome show and a truly historic night of wrestling. ​http://placetobenation.com/good-will-wrestling-cmll-81st-anniversary-show-recap/