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Found 18 results

  1. Best Gulak singles match this year so far. He absolutely brings the aggressiveness and caves Garza's chest in and busts his mouth open with a sick dropkick in the corner (if there was a dropkick that required a John Woo bump, it's this one). He also channels Volk Han as he catches Garza's superkick and puts him in an ankle lock before transitioning to that sick side STF Han used to do. Garza's facials for that were great as he genuinely looks like he's about to pass out while Gulak's forearm is deep under his chin. Aside from his great facials in the STF, I thought Garza was decent in this fighting from underneath. His comeback clothesline after the pants toss was solid and that big right hand near the end looked great.
  2. Here we get our usual Drew Gulak Main Event appearance. Unfortunately it's against Humberto Carrillo again and unfortunately this is probably the lesser of their matches so far this year. This was more of a Carrillo display (more so than their previous match) and it felt kind of cold and flat. Gulak seemed somewhat uninspired, but we did get a cool flying kick counter into an ankle lock and hellacious modified vertical suplex near the finish but unfortunately it gets blown off for the eventual finish. Really wish Gulak would be featured more on SmackDown and would get paired with Daniel Bryan after WrestleMania again as he was great during that run and it never received the proper culmination it deserved.
  3. Gulak's Main Event run continues this week with another brief 6 minute singles match against a former 205 Live frequent opponent. It's always cool watching Gulak sporadically pop up as he always delivers. This is mostly Gulak working as a base and catching Tozawa's offense for the most part and the highlight is Tozawa running on the ring apron and then diving on top of a Gulak off the ring steps with a cannonball. There's a nasty Gulak slam on here always. Pretty easy way to spend 6 minutes.
  4. Unfortunately Gulak has been relegated to being a jobber on Main Event losing under 6 minute matches. Luckily his matches are still being recorded and we get quality TV level matches. We get some big Gulak German suplexes here and a beautiful enzuigiri counter into an STF. Mansoor's not as flashy offensively as Ricochet or Humberto Carrillo (which is a benefit to Mansoor when it comes to comparisons with Carrillo as Mansoor is much crisper than him) but he pulls out a neat slingshot neckbreaker for the finish. To me this is a notch below the Ricochet match from earlier this year, but it's still worth a watch as Gulak has mastered the art of the 6 minute TV match. With Daniel Bryan back on SmackDown and him working a bit with the writing staff, we can only hope we get a continuation from their teacher and student story from last year.
  5. These two have had several matches, mostly ones that many folks have not seen as they happened on 205 Live and more recently on Main Event earlier this year. Their most recent match on ME was more worked more evenly than this as this is mostly a Gulak torture show with him constantly grounding and out grappling Carrillo while also telling him how stupid some of his counter attempts are. Worth noting Gulak may have the best headlock takeover in wrestling as he puts force behind and does not solely just flip his opponent over. Finish was abrupt as Carrillo’s comeback is a big face kick and a moonsault. I would say this is more of a fun than good, but well worth a watch.
  6. Another week, another solid Main Event Gulak TV match against a flippy cruiserweight. Carrillo isn’t nearly as crisp when it comes to doing contrived high spots as Ricochet, but Gulak is an absolute beast and he’s perfected the craft of working the sub 10 minute match against the more flip oriented wrestlers on the roster. Offensively, Gulak reminds me somewhat of Finlay as everything they put together looks brutal. He even makes a headlock takeover look great as you can see he puts some power behind it instead of just taking Carrillo over. Despite not being as crisp on offense, Carrillo still hits a heat Super Astro like springboard back headbutt and he takes a hellacious bump on the guard rail. Middle of the match develops a bit around Carrillo being unable to pull off one of his contrived spots and Gulak just armwrenching over the top rope. Carrillo also blasts Gulak with a nasty gamengiri which produces a nasty thud that isn’t thigh slap heavy, so it’s a surprise Gulak’s nose didn’t explode. There’s another great spot with Carrillo going for a big armdrag off the ropes and Gulak just yanking him to the ground and putting him in armbar. Neat finish with a big moonsault. I hope we keep getting these sub 10 minute Main Event Gulak matches if he doesn’t show up on RAW or SmackDown on a regular basis to have competitive matches.
  7. It's always pleasant watching Gulak pop up somewhere in a WWE ring as he is one of the best and least featured wrestlers on the roster at the moment (really wish they would have brought him back up to continue his angle with Daniel Bryan when he returned from paternity leave). The match itself is a nifty sub 10 minute smaller show WWE TV match. We get some Fire Ant days Gulak at the start with some brief quick armdrag exchanges which is something you would have seen him throw in those Colony matches back in the day. He also pulls of some an incredible counters and he catches Ricochet twice in half crabs and you actually buy into him possibly pulling off the win on the second when he turns into a deep modified STF. Finish was pretty neat as well with Ricochet catching him an unexpected recoil knee.
  8. This is one of Gulak's final matches on the indys before taking off and being with the WWE full time. He mentions in a promo before the match he was asked some weeks ago who he wanted to face on his final run on the indys before he took of so they could try to put those matches together and Quack was the second opponent on that list. The match itself is fantastic. They develop a teacher vs. student story throughout the match with Gulak's more gritty grappling vs. Quack's more flashy faux WoS grappling. They start off with a great double knuckle lockup and there's a bit where Gulak tries to trip Quack, but Quack is smart enough to see it coming and counters it by moving backwards and then flinging Gulak with a monkey flip. There's also another great bit with Gulak leg kicking Quack and Quack convinces Gulak to continue throwing leg kicks making him think he will engage in a you turn, my turn exchange with Quack catching one of Gulak's kicks and hitting a nasty dragon screw leg whip. Despite Quack being Gulak's trainer, Gulak still works super stiff and he puts some heat behind strikes blasting Quack with a great diving clothesline and some brutal grounded elbows you could hear the thuds from him landing them. Loved how they cutback on the false finishes and the only big false finish came from a roll up that got a big pop in near the finish. One of the best matches in the companies history.
  9. This rocked my world. 6 minutes of fantastic, gritty back & forth wrestling with a terrific sense of urgency + really great selling and amazing looking strikes. One of my favorite ones of the year. ****1/2
  10. Holy shiiiiit this was amazing. Drew Gulak is absolutely fantastic. Breaking down the segments, Mustafa Ali vs. TJP I thought TJP was absolutely awesome in this. Just super compelling with his work over Ali w/ those great looking submissions. Everything he did was super focused & all around just a lovely on-the-offense, surgeon like, laser focused performance by the man. That leg targeting in the last third or so of the match set up the next one very well, too. Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak Gulak coming out with a big smile on his face, asking Ali “YOU OK?”, “ARE YOU HURTING?” = amazing stuff. The leg targeting by TJP set this one up perfectly; Gulak knows Ali got a weak spot now & my goodness, is he gonna attack it or what. Fantastic, brutal work by Gulak & Ali’s selling was pretty damn good as well. Gulak’s facial expressions & trash talk were awesome too - “YOU LIKE HIGHFLYING, HUH?” followed by him putting Ali on the top rope, followed by a slap & then going back to twisting the leg on the ropes. Great, great stuff. Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese Nese beats the SHIT out of Gulak for all of it, but in the end he gets caught in the Dragon Sleeper, because he was taking too much time thinking about his revenge. Gulak sure took a goddamn beating & it was incredibly awesome. Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto The weakest of the 4 matches/segments within the whole thing, but still really good. Gulak was amazing with the offense he got - those strikes he delivered to Kalisto while he was on the back mount were superb. Incredibly compelling 40 minutes of wrestling. Flew by as if it was 15 minutes. All segments delivered big time. Gulak's the man! ****1/2
  11. This RULED big time. Nese got lots of time to shine w/ his high impact, fast paced offense - he looked very good overall, but goddamn, is Drew Gulak amazing or what?! What a terrific performance from the man! His facial expressions were superb & all of his offense, my goodness. So gritty w/ those strikes & limb targeting. Right from his first offensive move of the match I knew he was gonna own the thing - he really cranked on that Chinlock. It was absolutely lovely. The ending with him completely destroying Nese by throwing him right to the announce table, followed by throwing him back to the ring to finish him off with a nasty looking Lariat, a couple of Powerbombs & that wonderful Dragon Sleeper was WONDERFUL. Great, great stuff! ****
  12. Mustafa Ali has firmly established himself as the best guy in the tournament with this match. Another spirited babyface performance from him that makes this match so much better than the emotionally cold Cedric vs. Roddy match last week. Several spots here look really brutal just from the way Drew looks so vicious and angry with his facial expressions slamming Ali into the post etc... A one point in the match Mustafa loses his temper with Drew and hoists him up onto the announce table to hit him with something, only for Drew to counter and back body drop him straight to the floor. A lesson learned about letting your anger get the better of you. Great stuff. ****1/4
  13. This was a fantastic styles clash which told a damn good story. Loved all of Gulak's technical ground based offense & Ali's spectacular highflying style was a great counter to that. The Dragon Sleeper spot where Gulak got his first fall was tremendous as was the finish with him almost doing what he is against; fly, and that ended up costing him the match because he was wondering should he do it or not. Great stuff. ****
  14. Worst Evolve match I've seen so far. It actually started off pretty good, doing junior chain wrestling with Johnny Gargano was the best Tracy Williams ever looked, and Galloway was a solid hot tag, still the majority of this was so dull and uninteresting, Gulak and Williams had one nice combo move and Gulak will do one thing per match that I like like steal a Finlay spot or something that looks like a Finlay spot at least, here it was dragging Gargano by the feet into his corner, but outside of that it's clear he and Williams have no idea how to work, they're just so boring, so many stomps and armbreakers leading to nowhere. The double submission spots are also getting ridiculous but I did like Gargano and Galloway switching who they were doing them on for it made a ridiculous visual. It felt like it was much longer than it was, Gargano and Galloway were fine in fighting back and I kind of feel bad for them for being in a match this bad. *1/2
  15. I have to say I was was surprised by how much I disliked the first Sabre Jr./Callihan tag, I was more expecting Evolve matches to be good but a bit dry and not kind of shit like that one was. This was a much better and more interesting match, I liked that they utilized the format of tag matches to do cool stuff like Sabre pushing TJP back into the ring after his fake dive and Gulak pushing Callihan off the top rope when had TJP in the "ten punches" position. The most interesting thing in the match by far were Zack Sabre Jr.'s flashy matwork sequences. Callihan and TJP didn't do much memorable and Gulak seems like someone whose ideas about pro wrestling are much closer to great wrestling than the wrestling he actually does, it's cool he does Finlay spots but becoming a great wrestler isn't that easy. I wish Sabre would drop his elaborate Kimura set-up. The double submission spots seem to always get a pop but much like in puro from where they ripped it don't seem to ever finish matches. ***