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Found 17 results

  1. Grimmas

    Drew McIntyre

    NotJayTabb said: "Feels like someone worthy of discussion. Has been good at the very least since The Chosen One days, working in a smart, calculating heel manner. Was decent at comedy in his 3MB nadir, then totally revived his career on the indies, working well in PWG and Evolve, looking good in UK indies like ICW and WCPW and being one of the best things in TNA during his run. Came back to WWE and has been one of the highlights of the Covid era, he felt like a real main event star. He's shown he can work well with wrestlers his size and those considerably smaller, and he's going to be given 5 more years of big matches to add to his candidacy." Match Recs Vs Andrade NXT Takeover Wargames 17 Vs Roman Reigns Survivor Series 20 Vs Sheamus Fastlane 21
  2. I believe this is the first time these two have faced each other on WWE TV and it was a good match. The WWE RAW TV match style has noticeably changed this year and I've honestly have been enjoying it. It seems more big bomb centered with actually heavyweights just coming in and ragdolling each other while throwing stiff strikes. This was worked excellently in that vein. They did a neat spot with Riddle kicking McIntyre on the HIAC welts on his back and McIntyre just splats him with a stiff lariat. I also feel McIntyre's punches don't get the credit they deserve. Sure he's not Lawler or Dundee when it comes to throwing hands but his punches look like they actually connect. Its also pretty impressive seeing McIntyre just manhandle Riddle and toss him around with wheelbarrow throws. He also hit a great looking deadlift suplex. The highlight spot for me was the backslide counter into the Future Shock DDT. I also thought McIntyre's selling of HIAC injuries was great as he would wince and clutch at his backs or ribs whenever Riddle got a throw or landed any big offense that hurt his back. The finish was on point with Riddle pulling a flash pin. Not on par with either ones matches against Sheamus but this was still a good match.
  3. This is much better than their match from the previous week. It's a good big man vs. little man match. Drew uses his big power moves to try to putdown Kofi and Kofi uses his speed and agility to try and putdown Drew. We've gotten Drew vs. bigger guys for most of the year and the matches have been monster truck derbies for the most part, so it's cool seeing him face someone smaller and less physical that is willing to use his speed and agility. That doesn't mean Kofi doesn't bring the intensity though as he catches Drew with a dropkick on the side of his face that leaves a clear visible welt. We saw one of the nastiest bumps of the year here with Drew catching Kofi's trust dive off the top rope to the floor and then tossing him over the guard rail and Kofi landing spine first onto another barricade. Loved Drew catching Kofi and hitting a wild swinging Future Shock. The finish was somewhat odd as Kofi just dived off the top rope for some reason and got caught flush with a Claymore that looked great, but it felt weird seeing just Kofi dive for what seemed like the sake of diving. Good match regardless.
  4. Three way matches usually drag, but this was absolute bonkers from start to finish. These three guys have had quality matches on RAW between each other this year, so I was def. looking forward to this and thought it was good. It was a sub 15 minute pro-wrestling demolition derby. Just three big dudes throwing each other around like madmen. McIntyre's Michinoku Driver is easily one of the most impressive spots of the year and the Claymore Kick counter into a big powerbomb table bump was great. Screwy finish which I don't mind as it allows to build another match with Lashley returning to ringside and tossing McIntyre out of the ring after he had hit Strowman with a Claymore Kick and then taking advantage and hitting Strowman with a spear for the win.
  5. This was a wild heavyweight match with them throwing some wild bombs that felt like two Mack trucks colliding into each other. Strowman countering the Claymore with a big powerbomb and McIntyre's big spinebuster were great, however the highlight has to be the that superplex that looked more like a nasty top second rope brainbuster as McIntyre landed on his neck. That chest punch from Strowman is kind of lame as were the constant camera cuts to MVP and Lashley, but those served their purpose. Pretty good heavyweight main event TV match which I wouldn't mind them running back.
  6. Both guys have been really good throughout the year and both guys brought it here and put on together a hot opening heavyweight title match. This didn't have the stiff strikes or potatoes the Drew/Sheamus match had but it had a bunch of big bombs from both guys. There's also a wild dive from Drew in this which unfortunately got brushed off by Lashley and MVP and McIntyre just splatted back first on the outside. That no sell kip up from Drew to the second spinebuster felt very Shawn Michael'ish and was something I could have done without but the crowd went nuts for it so it worked. The drama and false finish with the kimura was a great and the referee stoppage to the Hurt Lock was great as well. Very good match.
  7. This is definitely a breath of fresh air as it's a really good heavyweight TV match. Sheamus was working really snug early on and hitting Drew with some brutal strikes which you could hear the thuds of them clearly connecting as some potatoes were definitely thrown in there. Drew gets a receipt by tossing Sheamus back first on the edge of the commentators table which is one of the nastiest WWE table bumps ever. He then dumps him with a nasty suplex on the table that doesn't give either. Both guys are dead by the end of this as you can clearly see the wear on their bodies. Unique finish with Drew cleverly countering the Brogue Kick with a Claymore. My type of match and I maybe overrate this, but I have this as my new MOTY pick over Finn/Dunne II from TakeOver Vengeance.
  8. The Thread Killer

    Please explain Drew McIntyre to me.

    So I have been watching NXT pretty faithfully over the past few months, and this was actually my first exposure to Drew McIntyre. I was not watching WWE from 2009 - 2014 when he was previously there, although I think I may have seen him as part of 3MB. I did not see him in TNA, because I'd rather smash myself across the bridge of the nose with a hammer than watch TNA. So here is what I've seen from Drew McIntyre so far... He's big He's in good shape He is at least passable in the ring (this is where I am not 100% sure if I am getting the full picture) He can cut a decent promo He's marketable. By that I mean, he's tall, good looking, and combining that with his Scottish accent, I am sure he is quite popular with the ladies, while not being seen as purely a pretty boy to the men. He would look great on a poster. Hell, just watching him cut a promo in the ring, I find myself questioning my own personal preferences and I get a strange stirring in my area... Perhaps I've said too much. Anyhow, WWE seems to be getting behind McIntyre to a degree, since they are giving him the NXT title shot at Takeover Brooklyn III. So what I don't understand, and what I am hoping some of you will explain to me, or share your opinions about, is what went wrong with his first run? Was his ring work lousy? Were his promos too weak? How the hell did he end up in 3MB? Did WWE drop the ball, only now they realize it, or is he not all that good? Did they only bring him back because TNA made him World Champion, or do they actually think they made or mistake? Did he just need some time out of the WWE system to get some seasoning and improve, or was the mistake on WWE's part in letting him go in the first place? Did he just badly need a reboot? This guy seems to check every box and has a huge upside and a ton of potential, so I'm just very curious what went wrong with his initial run with WWE and am curious to get your opinions on who dropped the ball, him or WWE, or did he just need some time away? Opinions, please.
  9. I thought this told a great story of the pure power of McIntyre going against the in ring smart tactics of Roode. Roode worked that neck throughout the whole thing & McIntyre just overpowered him with his high impact moves. Great match. ****
  10. Holy shit, what a match. Right on the beginning Drew does a very quick belly to belly suplex that makes Oney bail to the outside, but come back with a vengeance. From that point on, they just blast each other with everything they can. Uppercuts, chops, slaps to the goddamn face, and it's not like Oney is perceived as this weakling because of the size difference - he lays it in just as much, if not more, than Drew himself. The closing moments of the match see Drew hitting his scary inverted Alabama Slam, and then a flying boot that makes Oney bleed on the spot. Just gruesome. Fast paced, violent, and overall great. Drew looked like a huge, huge star in this match to the point I could say he can hang on the main roster without any problem. Lorcan looked like a killer too, despite being much smaller. **** 1/2
  11. Quite fitting that in his last indy match Galloway has the best match of his indy run. Just a superb, violent I Quit match. Galloway was awesome working over Riddle in brutal fashion & Riddle did some of the best selling of his career so far. ****1/2