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Found 28 results

  1. UNREAL ovation for Bryan; very emotional seeing him walk down that ramp w/ his wrestling gear on once again. The match quality is very much boosted by the story behind his comeback - it's fairly simple in structure w/ KO & Zayn attacking Bryan before the bell rings, leaving him laying for quite a while, which means Shane had to fight alone while Bryan recovered. I thought Shane's FIP segment was really good - both KO & Zayn, especially Zayn, were really good working the heat on him & mocking him all the way while doing it. Shane's selling of his injury was pretty damn good. Maybe it's that magic of Bryan's comeback & it being WrestleMania and all, but I thought Shane's performance was ON POINT. This is the first time since his return in 2016 that he hasn't annoyed me much, because he didn't do that faux-MMA stuff of his; he felt like an untrained street fighting GM just busting out wild strikes to try & fight. And holy shit when Bryan came out to break that pin & finally Shane got to tag him to the ring - fireworks. Absolute fireworks. Him running through all of his signature moves was lovely & Zayn was absolutely wonderful bumping & selling his ass off for him. For one moment, right now, everything is right & beautiful in the world; the greatest wrestler in the world is back. And he is back with a bang. ****
  2. El Generico comes down in street clothes and we find out that he is no condition to compete because of his shoulder injury. The PWG Champion Bryan Danielson storms down to the ring and tells Generico if he doesn't wrestle tonight, he'll never get a title shot. 'Serious Wrestler' Heel Danielson was so good, gutted we never got to see it in the WWE. Anyway, match starts and Bryan works on Generico's arm and shoulder and it's brutal. Think Zack Sabre Jr. style stretching and times it by ten. Generico gets a few hope spots in after he nails a handful of Helluva kicks, but Danielson eventually puts him away with Cattle Mutilation. This was very enjoyable. It reminded me of an old school Mid South TV angle. Only thing that holds it back is that it's too back and forth for what it was hopin to achieve, but it's PWG, so it's to be expected. ★★★¼
  3. Bully Low Ki against super baby face Generico who's seeking to revenge the beating he suffered at the hand of Da Strong Style Thugz and the unmasking from Ki in said match. Ki walks out with Generico's mask and Generico gets the upper hand as Ki isn't used to work with a mask on. Once Ki unmasks, he tosses Generico's old mask to the outside and the beatdown on Generico begins. Again Ki unmasks Generico and puts on the other mask and Generico slides under the ring and he puts on the old mask Ki had taken from him and again the baby face gets some in on Ki, but the bully is too much and ends up mauling Generico. Really good match -- Ki is great at dishing out a beating and he does a fantastic match unmasking and mocking Generico and Generico is a pretty great sympathetic baby face despite his goofy mannerisms.
  4. The Homicide vs. Teddy Hart feud continues to deliver entertainment. Teddy comes out with a wrapped up arm and Homicide viciously goes after it throwing him to the corner and Teddy has to leave due to it. so it turns into a handicap match. According to a Steen, he was talking with Homicide before the show and they were told Teddy couldn't do the match because he had suffered an arm injury and they saw him doing pull ups on a hoop. Classic Teddy. The match is a bit one sided, but it's a handicap match for the majority of it, so it makes sense. Steen gets a brutal beating at the hands of Da Strong Style Thugz as they isolate him, namely getting the skin of his face peeled off by B-Boy from a face kick. Steen finally makes the hot tag after an extensive beatdown and Generico makes a fire-y comeback, before he gets destroyed too and Ki unmasks him which gets him massive heat. However, Ki ups the heat by putting Generico's mask on. Near the end, Teddy makes a return and hits a DDT, before he gets dumped off the top rope and Steen gets wrecked again, namely getting dropped with a brutal backdrop and a nasty double stomp from Ki off the top. Great stuff.
  5. Really good stuff. Very weird seeing Zayn work as a heel after watching him become an all-time great babyface wrestler before this heel turn, but goddamn he killed it. Thought that him working the heat on AJ was super enjoyable - he showed a nice mean streak & all of his offense looked very good. AJ was obviously great bumping & selling for him - and so was Sami when it was his turn to do that; him bumping for AJ's big moves was super fun. After Zayn works over AJ for a while, AJ gets back into things w/ his awesome strike combination thing & the match becomes more 50/50 w/ very good action. These 2 have a really good chemistry with each other. Great TV match. ***3/4
  6. This starts off with both guys feeling each other out with some technically sound yet rather dry grappling. PAC is the main offender here, he's a far cry from becoming the King Of The Cruiserweights that we all love today. Luckily, he more than makes up for this with his insane athleticism. The match's finishing stretch is very back and forth and a lot of the spots still hold up today as impressive. It's cool to see how a 2006 crowd reacted to a top rope reverse frankensteiner, something that we have become desensitizes to nowadays. A great showcase of what to expect from a PWG match. ★★★★
  7. https://youtu.be/ak1LX4XE2S4 Really hot interactions between all 6-men involved, a fantastic Steen FIP segment, a terrific KENTA hot tag, great psychology w/ Generico's knee + an awesome finishing stretch. Great match. ****1/4
  8. Excellent match. Dick Togo looked like a beast on the offense + El Generico sold & bumped his ass off for him. ****
  9. Wow, this was as fantastic as it looked on paper! It was all about Low Ki grounding Generico, and then keeping him down with those sick strikes of his. Generico, as usual, played the underdog role, and he was fantastic at it - his selling & hope spots were tremendous. ****1/2
  10. Superstar Sleeze

    Sami Zayn/El Generico

    Zayn really opened my eyes to how good of a babyface he is when I watched the 2013 Two out of Three Falls match against Cesaro. El Generico always struck me as a lame gimmick and too cute for its own good on the surface. I saw a couple of his tag matches with Steen in person when I went to ROH but was never really blown away. However, in going back to watch NXT specials from last year, I think Zayn is best pure babyface in the world. Was he this good as Generico? Cesaro vs Sami Zayn - NXT Arrival 2/14 NXT is where pro wrestling lives, baby! Where has this Cesaro been on the main roster? No, it is not completely booking's fault. I am taking that bully mentality and those violent heel tendencies. Cesaro is damn great wrestler, make no mistake about it, but he has the same problem that many midcard heels on the main roster have. They do NOT do anything heelish in the context of the match. This is why "This is awesome" is so prevalent because there can't be good without evil and no one is evil in the ring. On this night, Cesaro was a total, unmitigated, unadulterated prick. Zayn is the consummate babyface. He is the lovable underdog character that you believe can win, but know it is not going to be easy. You know he is going to leave it all in that ring and you will never be disappointed by Zayn win, lose or draw. Watch the two out of three falls match first, before you watch this match. Ok, you watched it now, good. Unlike most modern WWE series of matches, this series actually builds layers on top of other matches. The only WWE series that comes close recently is Cena/Lesnar. The beginning of this match was probably my favorite beginning to any match of 2014. It was just so perfect. Zayn has proven from the previous matches that his best chance to elude Cesaro with his quickness, but now being familiar with Cesaro he is combining his natural elusiveness with actual scouting experience. Cesaro shows him up early with his power and gives him a playful slap to the back of the head that gets a rise out of everyone. Cesaro goes for the Giant Swing, but Zayn eludes it with a armdrag to the outside. Zayn goes flying out onto Cesaro and it is fastbreak offense that gets the crowd rocking. Cesaro nips in the bud by catching Zayn off the top and into a backbreaker. Cesaro is just in total bully prick mode throwing Zayn around on the outside and he looks to use the post, but Zayn yanks Cesaro into the post with his feet. Zayn looks to repeat his awesome dive through the turnbuckles, EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! HOLY SHIT! Cesaro had it scouted. Now, we get Cesaro going back to the post and wrapping around the post. Cesaro working the knee was incredible and some of his best work in the WWE. Zayn is killing it selling, but also mixing in hope spots. I loved the whiff on the enziguiri triggering the single leg crab. I love sequences like that. His next spot was for Zayn was his split legged moonsault caught by Cesaro and slams him into the ramp. Damn! That was actually credible countout finish tease and you really feel Zayn's grit and determination to return to the ring. Zayn's first big score is the Exploder into the turnbuckles. I agreed that Zayn needed to get hit some offense at this point in the match, but I thought it was a bit too easy for Zayn and felt more like it was his turn than him earning it. Cesaro goes back to the knee to cut off Zayn’s string of offense and applying a leg wrench using his neck as a fulcrum. Then you move to another interesting aspect of the characters. Cesaro starts to get a little cocky and Zayn takes advantage with roll up out of the Giant Swing. I love how Zayn fights during the Swing; it really makes for an awesome visual and puts over Zayn’s character. During a sloppy Cesaro cover Zayn slides Cesaro over for a two count. Cesaro almost more pissed at himself for letting that happened, crushes Zayn’s head with a double spot that had me popping like crazy. Zayn has another burst of offense using a hurricanarana off the top to set up his Yakuza Kick (I could not understand what Zayn’s name for it is.). Zayn won the first fall of the last match with that move. 1-2-NO! OH shit, you just gave Cesaro your best shot and that has to take a lot of wind out of your sails. Cesaro starts to obliterate with European Uppercuts and Zayn is just rocked, but won’t stay down. Zayn has one last burst of burst and the fists start flying. He throws a wicked German. Can he pull it off? I love Zayn’s selling with him holding his mouth, fighting through the pain and showing great fire looking for that Yakuza Kick, but Cesaro demolishes him with a big boot. Cesaro throw him up and European Uppercut only get one, but Cesaro will not be deterred and hits a roaring European Uppercut and Neutralizer for the win! Zayn and Cesaro just crushed it out there. If there is any NXT match as good as this, then hot damn I am going to be in for one helluva run. Cesaro showed some of his best character work here as an arrogant bully. Zayn’s story of craving that respect and proving himself by defeating the main event bully made for a great hook. He fought to the very end, but eventually succumbed to Cesaro. Then Cesaro comes back to the ring and gives him that respect in the form of a hug. This is a perfect representation of how to get someone over by losing. Everyone came out looking better from this masterpiece. ****1/2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze – NXT Takeover No. 1 Contender’s Match Let’s get this out of the way first, I love Tyler Breeze! This type of gimmick is right up my alley. Mmm Gorgeous is such a great catchphrase and he is actually pretty entertaining promo from the video package. I loved him calling a Sami loser because of the Cesaro loss. Also, I love how NXT eschewed long promos and opting the video packages. It gives more of a sports feel. Zayn has come up short against Cesaro, but it was a valiant effort. Now he has set his sights on the NXT Championship. Coming out of this match is when I realized how great Zayn is as a babyface. The hook of the entire match is Zayn’s quest to win the No. 1 contendership. He just lost to Cesaro and the Triple Threat No. 1 Contender’s match, so you really want him to get the win over Breeze to launch him up against the winner of Neville/Kidd. Standing in his way was Breeze who did an admirable job. Breeze will face an uphill battle to be taken seriously with the gimmick unfortunately even though I do love the gimmick. I was pulling for him to either be a great cheating heel or ratchet up the violence, but it was just fine, a bit pedestrian. I really liked the transition from the shine to heat with Breeze shoving Zayn off the top turnbuckle to the floor. The match suffers from inconsequential moves and Zayn not having a great obstacle to overcome. Zayn carries the match through selling and fire. The finish was really great. Zayn goes for his Yakuza Kick, but Breeze ducks and puts his hand up to protect his face and by accident hits Zayn in the balls. Breeze takes advantage with the Beauty Shot (the Close Up would be better). The finish makes the match and the Zayn character all the more interesting. Zayn looks to have it won and then bad luck takes it all away. Breeze is able to hang on and take advantage of an opportunity. Breeze needs to show more in the ring to complement his character. Good stuff, but not nothing great. A cool stop on Zayn’s road to the title and worth the watch to see Zayn. ***