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Found 3 results

  1. Gordeau is a martial arts guy most famous for jobbing to Maeda in a pretty big match. That was in, like , 1988. This match is just the best, a whirlwind of random yet awesome stuff. Basically half of the match are nearfalls (which is actually really awesome and only possible because of how short the match is) and it has the classic 80s screwy "keep my heat" finish you'd expect out of an old carny. Gordeau resorts to biting to survive, which the announcer claim was some kind of callback spot to his Vale Tudo days (wikipedia says this is indeed true). Also there's a spot where Inoue goes to catch his breath after a rope break and Gordeau goes after him and slaps him on the back of the head which, much like this match general, ended up being both hilarious and awesome. ***
  2. Enson Inoue is someone you never hear anyone talk about that I really like, this was a pretty great performance from him, great punches and just super smooth matwork. The armbar escapes here were phenomenal, a lot of times you can sense where the workers are going and so can the crowd, here they looked like something from a real fight, just superb stuff. This managed to be very compelling despite Inoeu being so dominant which also made Hara's brief comeback more special. Love the way Inoue used the headscissors early on to control Hara, kind of rolling with him as he tried to escape or improve his position. ***1/4
  3. I lost it when I saw this existed, Murakami-Nagata is a New Japan MOTD candidate and we get to see them go at it again, life is good. Enson Inoue is a guy I assume was universally hated at SSS ten years ago that I totally love and I'm not sure whether this was before or after Iizuka was broken down, I'l assume before because I'd like to stay positive and think BML wouldn't book someone that bad. And also he's still a face here and he turned heel after the injury so. My only problem with this is that Nagata has already picked some of his annoying quirks here like his goofy selling (especially the facial expressions he makes while doing so) and I also find his slapping style annoying, stomping the ring like some wrestlers do when punching while throwing slaps that make fine sounds on their own is just stupid in my book. This was still an awesome chaotic brawl though, Murakami is just wonderful and as of this moment is my favourite wrestler, Enson Inoue's com logic is basically full mount>face punch and his chances of making my GWE 2026 ballot improve with each match watched, I love the spot where he climbed onto the first rope while Holding Nagata in a Guillotine Choke as it looked like something done naturally to prevent Nagata to counter it by hitting him with body blows in the courner AND it was also a great way to feed Nagata a counter with a Northern Lights Suplex. Iizuka was good here too, viciously brawling, hitting people with brutal knees, stomps and punches, still Murakami vs Nagata is the main draw and they deliver, punches, shoot headbutts, kicks, they unload on each other and it rules. ****