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Found 10 results

  1. Talk about it here. Also, click here to check out Tim Livingston's review of this match.
  2. Yehi is the smaller competitor, so he spends a good portion of the early going trying to establish his ground, but WALTER isn't having any of it. He toys with Yehi, tossing him around the ring with ease, employing suplexes and bodyslams to assert his dominance. Yehi is a master of unconventional offense, so he manages to sneak in a few nasty stomps to WALTER's knees, wearing the larger man down. Yehi's offensive creativity never ceases to amaze me. When WALTER tries to take the fight to the outside, Yehi out-wits him by baiting him up to the steps and going right back to those vicious stomps. Back in the ring, WALTER is equally great as an imposing force, showing no signs of fear whenever he's downed by the craftier, more agile opponent. A defenseless Yehi finds himself dangling from the second rope, anticipating WALTER's next move...or so it seems. Yehi, still in a precarious position, unloads with a series of kicks to WALTER's chest, allowing him to summon enough strength to land a superplex for a near-fall. Unfortunately for Yehi, the damage has been done at this point, and WALTER rallies with a big boot and a sleeper hold to pick up the win. It's a shame that the match ended just as the crowd was starting to warm up to it, but Yehi and WALTER managed to tell a compelling story while leaving room for a rematch, and they did it all in slightly north of 15 minutes. I can't complain.
  3. Just an absolute warfare with the two trying to break each other down. Slick mat work to start things off - that transitions into Yehi getting the control, he works over O'Reilly in awesome fashion & in particular he starts targeting his leg. O'Reilly sells that tremendously. O'Reilly gets the control & starts working over Yehi in FANTASTIC fashion - now it was Kyle's time to pick a limb so he goes with Yehi's arm. He starts working that, which Yehi sells tremendously. Dueling limb work~! I love it. Both men sell so well for each other & both men have offense that looked like million bucks. Great feeling of physicality, competition & urgency. This was a war. ****1/2
  4. Despite being super talented, Catch Point tags (specifically Yehi & Hot Sauce) never seem to be anything more than solid/low-level good territory. Which is fine, and I totally appreciate those contributions, but given their talents you just expect so much more. This is another low-level good match. The action is good & fast-paced. There's not much of a story, but you see some nuance here & there. Oh, I def. need to mention this: there's an absolutely insane spot half-way through the match where Jaka overshoots a tope suicida and explodes into the crowd. Shit had my eyes poppin' out of my head. Dickinson hits the Pazuzu Bomb on Hot Sauce and Dickinson & Jaka are the new champs! Rating: ***¼
  5. This was my most awaited match of the weekend - and it didn't disappoint. Freaking loved this; awesome mat work, the work on the neck by Yehi was tremendous as was his work on top in general & there was a fantastic sense of physicality, urgency & competition. ****1/2
  6. Good match. Catch Point is the more experienced tag team & it shows. Dijak & Elgin have chemistry, but not at the level Williams & Yehi do. There's some really good back-and-forth exchanges, and the match is well-paced, but this was a little long in the tooth & shaving a couple minutes off would've helped the quality. The crowd seemed burnt out, as well. There's some real nice nearfalls towards the end, and it felt like Dijak & Elgin had real chance to upset the tag champs when they were isolating Williams, but Catch Point ultimately comes out victorious after Yehi cleans house in a hot comeback. Rating: ***¼
  7. Fuck yeah this RULED. Yehi started it with super fire, but that didn't last long as the match transitioned into Cage just throwing Yehi around. You could see the desperation in Yehi from his great facial expressions - he tried to target Cage's limbs in his brief hope spots, but those never lasted long as Cage always got the advantage because of his size & strength advantage. This is the best Cage has ever looked - he looked like a true monster because he didn't do too much stuff & just threw Yehi around. It was wonderful. The ending was great, because it showed that Yehi had to use FIP's unique no-rope-breaks rule in order to beat the monster that is the man they call Cage. Made both guys look super awesome. This was very good pro rasslin', people. ****3/4
  8. I was hoping we would see some matwork that was interesting for a change when Yehi started going for single legs and Hero would shrug them off-play up the size difference! It's easy! Efficient! Interesting! Do it! But. No. Arm wringers. I respect Chris Hero for his attitude of just doing what he wants and not caring much but I can get pretty tired of his formulas. He knows how to build a match and it was apparent here-they didn't just exchange control segments. Hero dominated the match and they build heat through his control segments. I really liked the Big Boot cutoff to Yehi's corner flip. Having my first impression of him be a match vs. Tracy "please quit wrestling and go pick apples" Williams certainly did Yehi no favours but it's going to take more for me to be sold on the idea of him as a world class talent. Here he didn't really look strong enough to throw Hero around, the Belly to Belly Suplex in particular looked pretty sloppy. Hero gets exposed as the match goes a little longer for relying too much on elbow>kick-out>repeat in the finishing stretch but I don't think that they went overboard in this particular instance. A solid showing but nothing particuarly memorable. ***
  9. There's a pretty big amount of people on the EVOLVE roster I don't care for (hence me not keeping up with the company) but there are also some guys that have been getting praise that I've never seen. So I figured I'd give them a chance. And. Maybe I shouldn't have. This wasn't any good. Probably the most useless skill a wrestler can have is executing a move correctly. I'm sure Lance Storm is a solid trainer but he wasn't even nominated for the GWE which is very telling with the long career he had. That's what this match was essentially. They grab a wristlock, a bodyscissors, something. Then move on. Some wrestlers can execute moves so beautifully that's enough on its own, but that wasn't really the case here. Just. Wristlock. I've seen wristlocks. You can make wristlocks work. You can actually work the hold itself. You can use it to build heat and suspense and then get a big transition out of it. You can add peril to it. They did none of that here. Just. Wristlocks. And moves. Lots of them. I imagine this is what Marufuji matches look like these days. Yehi's short outburts of suplexes was nice but even that wasn't anything memorable. I'm not sure exactly what emotion Yehi's weird facial expressions and the weird tongue thing were supposed to convey. At least Triple H-Dolph Ziggler made for an interesting insight in crowd control. *1/2
  10. This is my first time seeing Matt Riddle and I have to say he looked very impressive here. The opening amateur-style battle for the waistlock was a million times more interesting than the mundane pro-style holds in the previous Evolve bouts and he seems to have an actual character which is-you know, the kind of thing that was crucial in the original Battlarts stuff being as good as it was. He didn't do any stupid thigh slapping, him being barefoot provided an easy target for Yehi and his kick from the bottom looked really good. Yehi also looked much bettter here, his slams looked great. Flash submission finish ruled. This looks like a match-up that could provide a MOTYC with more time. ***1/4