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Found 9 results

  1. Eddie Guerrero died of a heart attack 11 years ago aged 38. As I started watching this match I sat there and wondered. Wondered what they planned for this occassion. As I give these matches a chance time and time again and conclude I get way more out of Emma and Nia Jax roughing someone up for three minutes, I wonder whether THIS time is the one they got it. Think back to the good match(es) they had in NXT. Think about how the longer build for this match could mean there was more planning for it. Maybe a better structure. More practice. No clumsiness. Maybe the big spots can look dangerous without verging into "she's gonna break her neck soon too". And so the match started with Charlotte taking Sasha out with a cheapshot. This was great. Came totally out of nowhere, took me out of my seat. Perfect way to start the match off. Them stopping the cell while it was moving down because Sasha would've been crushed underneath it otherwise? Perfect. And so the match starts, and they immediately go into quasi-brawling, and I'm not really sure what some of the strikes they're throwing are supposed to be, but that's really no different from any WWE crowd brawling ever, even the AJ-Reigns match from Extreme Rules had some of that, whatever. The table spot happens. Not good. The "babyface fights of a stretcher" spot almost never looks good. You have Sasha being put in a neckbrace and then she fights off and has twenty more minutes to wrestle. There's just no way that's going to work. Charlotte does some solid heeling inbetween, gettin on your nerves with some repetitiveness. The stretcher spot only works when you have a heel like Finlay fake it or when Trauma 1 sells it like he actually can't move his neck. But, whatever, some questionable psychology, I sat through Rollins-Owens, my skin is thicker than that. Then the match starts again, and, well, I'm not really sure what to make of it. Charlotte attacked Sasha's back time and time again, Sasha didn't really sell it any differently than she sells anything ever. I mean I'm not a fan of Sasha looking like she's about to cry in *every match* but, if that's what she does, and you're telling the narrative of how she's seriously injured, she needs to sell even more. The only signs of her selling her back happen near the end of the match when she collapses on a Powerbomb attempt. But we'll get to that later. The Powerbomb spot was also stupid because, just in the two HIAC matches earlier, there were what feels like 15 tables broken. And in the case of Rollins/Owens the Powerbomb looked even more dangerous than the one in Sasha/Charlotte. It didn't feel like big enough of a spot to warrant that angle. Is a Powerbomb through a table not being a big enough spot for that angle a problem in the current WWE style? I don't really have an answer right now, but it's how things are and that's how it needs to be addressed. Nothing encapsulated this match as much as the fans booing the spot where they didn't properly break the table. YOU HAVE TO BREAK THE TABLE! Why? Because the fans care about the idea of the table than they do about the performers or the match. There's no doubt the work was gritty and violent-but it felt like white noise to me. I just grew numb to it. If they're not smart enough to milk Sasha's finishers in a meaningful way (I really like the spot where a wrestler escapes the way Charlotte did here, it's particularly great in Last Man Standing matches-but it was a transitional spot and it got zero reaction, which isn't how you should use such a big move obviously). Another moment that really resonated with me was when Charlotte put Sasha into the Figure 8 and, it just wasn't a beliavable finish. Why? Because there was a table ready to be broken near her. You can't end the match before you break the table. We know that. I actually did like the finish-it was the first time Sasha really sold the back and Charlotte repeteadly throwing Sasha into the table before putting her away was a cool visual. Put it comes as no surprise many people didn't like it-they've been conditioned you need to finish such a big match with so much violence in a bigger way. And also break the table. Cause that's what really matters. Lastly-I'm not really sure how they wanted me to react. I mean-I KNOW that they wanted me to think Sasha-great babyface hero queen and Charlotte-evil person booooooooo, and they used some basic psychology in the match with the injury angle and all that, but beyond that they didn't really bother. Am I supposed to be amazed at the violent spectacle like I'm watching Ikeda-Ishikawa? That's not how it was presented. Am I supposed to get behind Sasha like shes' Kikuchi? Why is she getting so much offence in then? And why won't she sell the back? Or is that in 2016 a lot of wrestlers simply don't know how to work and their idea of a great match is "I'm gonna do a Meteora of the cell it's gonna look so cool" but they've also been brainwashed with an idea of psychology in the performance center (heels do this, faces do that) yet when they're asked to connect those two the end result is failure. That's what this was. And that the faux-historic first women's PPV main event happened on a lesser show with the decision made last minute shows just how important women are to WWE. Best you can hope for is that they go back to the midcard with a respectful presentation like they've in NXT. I hope the opening line of this post isn't how Sasha Banks is going to be talked about when wrestlers of future generations talk about how much she inspired them. I don't know how to rate this. My instinctive reaction is to call it average-but my reaction to it wasn't average. I don't usually respond to **1/2 matches with this much text. It will have to sink in.
  2. One of the better HIAC matches. This had a fantastic sense of urgency, intensity & hatred between the 2 men. Orton was really good as the vicious heel, and Bryan was absolutely brilliant as the all action, revenge seeking, full of fire babyface. Sure, the finish was shit, but this was still a tremendous match & deserves more love. ****1/4
  3. Slingblade is like saying Roaring Elbow. It's Sliding Blade. Don't be a fucking weaboo Michael Cole. God this match sucked. Two terrible quasi cool heels whose acting looks like they're cosplaying Wile E. Coyote and whose trash talk wouldn't impress kindergatners. Rollins' pentaly kick was one of the most cringeworthy things I've seen in a wrestling. "I hate you so much I'm gonna do a.....Corkscrew Neckbreaker! Yeah! Take that!" They even did a no sell sequence! They must have loved this match on reddit. Between Owens' looking how to set up a table for two minutes and "accidentally" spraying the ref with a fire extinguisher this is coming off like a self conscious trainwreck. Maybe if Jericho came in earlier he could've carried this to a three star match. I'm seeing people chained and Powerbombed through two tables and thinking there's no way they'll win. Where did it all go wrong? The Overdrive was a finisher when I started watching it wasn't THAT long ago Jesus. How many Superkicks and Powerbombs do they need to hit before they end this? Rollins fighting back against both Jericho and Owens was less believable than anything Cena's ever done during his ace run. What a mess. *
  4. There seems to be some resemblance of hype around a WWE show for the first time in forever so I guess I'll cherry pick my way through it. Lacerated can't be a world real people say in normal conversations. Rusev's strikes have improved-Reigns' are still better but that's expectable. I liked that the match felt like a hate filled brawl inside a cell instead of them just working the prototype HIAC match just for the sake of doing so-mainly consisting of them shoving one another into the cell, onto the steps etc. instead of elaborate gimmick stuff. And when they went for the more elaborate weapons by searching for them under the ring like the table and the kendo stick they quickly cut each other off. Rusev breaking the kendo stick when the crowd was ready to chant with him for the ten count was perfect heeling and the visual of the steel steps flying off after Reigns smashes into them was great. Stilll for a match that was worked with so many many exchanges of control segments, with the crowd heat being what it was and the brawling and violence not being on the level that a great match of this type should have, it could only go so far. You could tell the counter for the Spear, the Camel Clutch counter and the Spear off the stairs were coming, but they all looked cool enough that it didn't really bother me. ***1/4
  5. Shake Them Ropes / October 22, 2014 WWE Hell In A Cell Preview & Predictions http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str10222014.mp3 Download Rob & Jeff return to preview and predict WWE’s next special live event, Hell In A Cell. We wade through the laziness and confusion to break down what might happen, what should happen, and what will happen this Sunday on Pay-Per-View. We’ll be back Sunday night, immediately after WWE Hell In A Cell, for a LIVE call-in recap show. Catch all the info at ShakeThemRopes.com. An Enzo Amoré approved (unofficially) here, hope you enjoy it! Downloadable today, debuts on the podcast feeds 10/22. 00:00-04:20: Intro & Post-HIAC Show Info 04:20-06:30: Enzo Amore & Big Cass 06:30-13:10: Rusev vs Cena at Tribute To The Troops? 13:10-17:50: Paige & Alicia Fox on Total Divas 17:50-19:40: Monday Night War Cruiserweights 19:40-39:50: Raw: The Randy Orton SuperShow 39:50-65:00: Hell In A Cell Preview & Predictions Subscribe FREE to Shake Them Ropes RSS: http://shakethemropes.libsyn.com/rss Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/shake-them-ropes iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shake-them-ropes/id888620707