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Found 30 results

  1. This was a lot of fun. You got some brief interactions between Kobashi & Misawa, and those were pretty wild as you'd expect, then you got KENTA & Marufuji doing their thing - some fast paced, energetic sequences. My favorite thing though was just seeing KENTA & Kobashi kick Marufuji's ass - my goodness their offense looked so great & Marufuji sold the beating well. Great match. ****
  2. The match is mostly dominated by Kensuke who just beats the shit out of KENTA. KENTA sells really well for him & gets some great big comebacks in. A very well told, great Heavyweight vs. Jr. Heavyweight story. ****1/2
  3. This is such an amazing match. Tenryu gives a hellacious beating to KENTA - who sells it fantastically. Tenryu was just so good in this delivering that asskicking & being the grumpy vet. KENTA was tremendous as the underdog selling his ass off while getting some brief comebacks in - only for Tenryu to cut them all off. Tenryu beating up anyone is a winning formula & then you get KENTA as the underdog which is another winning formula - you combine those 2 and you get fantastic pro wrestling match. ****3/4
  4. This rocked my world. I was super excited for it because I am such a Hideo fanboy & I've been watching lots of his stuff recently - I didn't have too high hopes for the match though as Roode doesn't impress me at all. Thought his matches vs. Nakamura were absolute shite. But here, goddamn. The man gave such a great performance. The beginning w/ him going for the Glorious taunt only for Hideo to attempt the ultimate murder-death-kill machine that is GTS was, pun intended, glorious. Loved Hideo being one step ahead during the early stages of the match - real good stuff. Once it was time for Roode to get the advantage & work the heat on Hideo, I thought the match could die down because Roode has a long history of boring ass control segments, but fuck me, he was so great here. He worked over the neck of Hideo in fantastic, compelling fashion. Hideo's big comeback was great; coming back into things with a straight up pimp slap. Classic Hideo. Roode hurting his shoulder after hitting the ringpost was tremendous - that lead to ol' Hideo targeting that arm w/ his brutal kicks & submissions, naturally. Awesome. Roode's selling was perfect. His hope spot Spinebuster was great. Still selling the shoulder perfectly. The brawl outside the ring was so well done - great battle for control; Hideo running wild again, only for Roode to get the advantage after he ducked Hideo's big dropkick & Hideo hit the stairs, hurting his leg. Love it. Hideo's selling of the leg injury was really great - he hit a couple of moves where he used the leg, but every time he did that, he sold the damage done to his leg big time. The whole finishing stretch was tremendous w/ a nice strike trading section (which Hideo obviously won, as he should've), Hideo not being able to hit the GTS due to the damage done to his leg, him nailing Roode w/ that GTS, only for him Roode to roll out of the ring - very nice of them to protect the move, Hideo slapping the shit out of Roode, great counters. Tremendous stuff. Easy MOTN & my #2 WWE MOTY behind Reigns/Braun from Payback now. ****3/4
  5. This was beautifully structured & built; started off w/ the Lucha lads attacking Tozawa & Hideo right away, stunning them. They run wild on them for a while, until Tozawa & Hideo get back into things and isolate Dorado completely from Metalik. Dorado's FIP segment is wonderful; the work by Hideo & Tozawa over him was fantastic - this was my first time watching the Tozawa & Hideo tag, and I loved the contrast between them; Hideo is still the nasty heel, demanding respect & ripping Dorado's mask, while Tozawa is Tozawa. It's pretty great. Metalik coming in with that big dive OUT OF NOWHERE was awesome & the whole finishing stretch with them going balls to the walls was terrific as well. Fantastic stuff. ****
  6. The TAKEOVER duo has an awesome entrance together. As Misawa makes his entrance, Shibata just stares him down & I am already loving this. Then the actual match starts with Shibata completely owning Go. He doesn't want to fight Go, he wants Misawa! So Misawa tags in, and we get some great stiff back & forth between him & Shibata. Eventually Shibata comes out on top, so Misawa works as the FIP for a bit - KENTA & Shibata were awesome working over him in complete dickish, no respect fashion. They weren't out there to shake hands with the legend or anything, they were out there to make a hard hitting, badass statement. Misawa comes back to things & KENTA works as the FIP for a brief amount of time - eventually the Takeover fellas gain the advantage again & they just kick the shit out of poor Go. Shibata & KENTA truly were amazing together in this one. Then the finishing run, my goodness. That was really hot & had a real sense of urgency to it - great way to cap off this classic tag match. Takeover rules. ****1/2
  7. I just CAN'T BELIEVE that there was a SUB-10 MINUTE NOAH MAIN EVENT in 2007. I mean that in the most positive way possible. We start things off with them going right to the business with a crazy intense strike exchange that ends up with KENTA getting the control w/ a nice lariat. KENTA does a great job working over the champ - Morishima gets a nice comeback with a big lariat, his comeback is quickly cut off in awesome fashion by KENTA who gives him a HUGE German. Badass. KENTA again controls for a while only for Morishima to get the control with a LARIAT. Clearly the story they told in this match is that key to success is a goddamn lariat. Always a lariat. The finishing stretch was tremendous with Morishima getting fired up during their strikefest - he pushes KENTA to the corner as he pummels him with those strikes of his. Just a really great, classic sprint. Is this really a NOAH main event match for the ROH World Championship or a G1 Climax tournament match? ****1/2
  8. First of all I will admit that I was super disappointed when this match was announced because I really wanted them to do Ohno vs. Itami on a big stage like this. I am very happy of how this match turned out to be though, as it was absolutely amazing. Loved just everything about it - Hideo showcased great character work right from the get go as he got into Aleister's face when he was still making his entrance. That continued from there till finish; Hideo's performance was really damn great. Loved the start of the match with them going right at it, exchanging those hard hitting strikes - that eventually lead to a pretty lengthy heat segment w/ Hideo working over Aleister & I absolutely loved that as well. Hideo was so, so great during this. Aleister also did a great job selling - the blood added to it & his facial expressions were really good. The finish was also really awesome w/ Aleister only surviving because he hit that Black Mass kick - he got his ass kicked by Hideo, but he had enough power to hit that ultimate death finisher. Really well structured w/ fantastic performances by both men, especially Hideo who continues to be one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in 2017. ****1/2
  9. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-06-07-WWE-NXT] Hideo Itami vs Oney Lorcan

    Absolutely loved this. Hard hitting, stiff match which showcased Hideo's new character. He dominated most of the match & he was great at it, Oney's big comeback with him grabbing Hideo by the goddamn mouth & slapping the shit out of him was fantastic - and just when it was looking like Oney was getting back into things, Hideo fakes an injury. Brilliant. So he comes back & destroys Oney w/ his strikes and those 3 GTS's. Great, great stuff. ****1/4
  10. This was an outstanding, physical violent battle w/ a great sense of competition. Both guys were fantastic in their control segments w/ their terrific looking offense. The transitions were great. I watched their ROH match from 2006 recently & this was on the same level as that one in my eyes. ****1/2
  11. This was fantastic. Loved the Naito vs. KENTA interactions, superb stuff. Tanaka & Marufuji beat the shit out of each other too & it was great. KENTA's FIP segment was super strong, great selling from him. Hot finishing stretch. Yep, this ruled big time. ****1/2
  12. This was a great return match for Hideo. It was pretty much perfectly laid out - Kona jumps Hideo right away to get the advantage & does some quite impressive work over him. He laid those strikes in & his work over Hideo overall was really damn good. Reeves impressed me in this one. Hideo makes a badass comeback & starts destroying Kona with those killer strikes of his. This was perfectly laid out for Hideo's first match back. Very much enjoyed it. ***1/2
  13. This was just an outstanding match. Superb interactions between all involved - highlights were definitely the Nakamura vs. KENTA stuff, they showcased intense, hard hitting, great chemistry in this one. It's a shame that this excellent, classic tag match was never followed with a big singles match between the 2. ****1/2
  14. https://youtu.be/ak1LX4XE2S4 Really hot interactions between all 6-men involved, a fantastic Steen FIP segment, a terrific KENTA hot tag, great psychology w/ Generico's knee + an awesome finishing stretch. Great match. ****1/4
  15. This has always got comparisons to Danielson vs. KENTA (GBH) because the story of the match being pretty much the same - the champ coming into it with injured arm(s) against one of the most lethal offensive wrestlers around. So let's say it right away; this is definitely not as good as that match. This is certainly great, though. KENTA's targeting of Nigel's freshly injured arm was tremendous & Nigel's selling really was fantastic. I actually thought that there wasn't enough of KENTA kicking Nigel's arm stuff - all of that ruled, clearly the highlight of the match, but after a while, KENTA didn't target that arm as much as he did in the beginning stages of the match, and that brought it down a notch. Still great, but definitely had potential to be even greater. ****
  16. The main selling point of this match was the interactions between Danielson & KENTA - and those sure did not disappoint. This was just a really well structured & paced tag match that delivered on all levels. Danielson was absolutely brilliant right from the get go - he established during his entrance when he said that "only Americans deserve to hear the Final Countdown" that he was gonna be a dick in this match. And he sure was one. He was absolutely phenomenal in that, working over Ishimori, going toe-toe-toe with KENTA all the while playing a complete dick to them. KENTA was also great kicking the shit out of Edwards & Edwards was really good at getting the shit kicked out of him. Him & Ishimori really were the supporting actors in this one while Bryan & KENTA were the leading ones. All played their roles perfectly & put on a terrific match. ****1/2
  17. A big compliment to this match is that it was over 20 minutes long & it still felt like a sprint. This was a very exciting, fun action packed match with no dull moments whatsoever - fast paced, hard hitting sequences. There were a few moments where they kinda dropped the selling & that hurt the match a bit, but it was still great. ****
  18. Bryan/KENTA III lived up to all the hype. Tremendous atmosphere for a tremendous match - the crowd was super hot for the whole thing & rightfully so. There were some neat callbacks to their previous 2 singles matches like KENTA getting tired of Bryan's mat work & showing that he doesn't want to play that game anymore by slapping the man. Bryan was simply tremendous during his control segments & much like in their previous meeting in NOAH, he also sold tremendously for KENTA when it was time for that. Superb performance by the man. The meat of the match is amazing & it builds to an insane finishing stretch. The chemistry these two had was special. ****3/4
  19. This happened 10 years ago. It's pretty wild to think that KENTA is the only one who hasn't retired from in-ring competition out of the 4. This just had super fun, hot interactions between 4 of the best wrestlers in the world - Bryan & Nigel, Bryan & KENTA, Morishima & Nigel, Morishima & KENTA. Great atmosphere, great sequences, FIP segments, hot tags, an all-time great balls-to-the-walls finishing stretch - this truly had it all. Terrific match; one of the best tags ROH has ever put on & a helluva way for ROH to debut in the PPV biz. ****1/2
  20. A world class tag team in KENTAFuji going against two of the best singles wrestlers in the world, a dream team of the aces of ROH in Bryan Danielson & Samoa Joe. No way this wasn't gonna be great. It started off with some nice work between Danielson & Marufuji - that transitioned into Marufuji being the FIP, which he was tremendous at I might add - that really was a pleasant surprise because in some of the KENTAFuji tags in the past he hasn't been the strongest FIP. Here he thankfully was tremendous. Joe & especially Danielson were fantastic with their work over him, working the heat on him in terrific fashion. Eventually Maru makes the hot tag to KENTA who is really fiery in that - he goes right after Joe & my goodness their interactions were HEATED. Such a shame we never got to see a singles match between them in 2006-2007. Danielson gets to be the FIP now, and he does absolutely amazing job in that - selling his ass off for KENTAFuji who did their awesome work over him. While Maru was really great in his FIP segment, Danielson really was on another level. Same could be said about the next hot tag - KENTA was great, but goddamn Joe came in like a KILLER when Dragon got to make the tag to him. The whole finishing stretch was really damn awesome too, with everybody getting to shine. Truly one of the best tag matches in ROH history. ****3/4
  21. KENTA had a classic vs. Austin Aries' tag partner Roderick Strong the night before & here he went and delivered another classic. The strikes were great, the flow was great, this was just great. I loved how Aries in the beginning tried to keep things on mat so KENTA couldn't deliver those well established deadly strikes of his - and when KENTA eventually did blast Aries with those kicks, my goodness. This had it all - great transitions, great strikes, great sense of urgency, amazing crowd heat & no dull moments. ****1/2
  22. Very hard hitting, intense three way dance. Starts off in super explosive fashion, it gets derailed & loses it's steam a bit after KENTA gets legitimately knocked out after receiving the mother of all slaps from Joe, but they get back into things quickly & the match remains awesome till the end. ****
  23. This was wonderful. Just two great hard hitting wrestlers putting on a great hard hitting match. They slugged it out & threw bombs at each other. One of the best moments of the match was Roddy blocking KENTA's attempt to go for the top rope Falcon Arrow w/ a forearm to the face. Lovely stuff. ****1/2
  24. Holy shit what a match. Everything from beginning to end was absolutely fantastic. Starts with a lock up & as they do that Kobashi pushes KENTA to the ropes. He goes for a clean break, but KENTA is having none of it; he just shamelessly starts kicking the shit out of Kobashi. That leads to Kobashi getting a bit pissed & they start trading strikes - KENTA wins the exchange due to his quickness. He is now being a total dick just kicking his mentor's ear & face. Now Kobashi is truly PISSED. He starts mauling the shit out of young KENTA with those GOAT chops of his - KENTA tries to come back with those quick, stiff kicks of his, but Kobashi shuts him down quickly with those damn chops. My goodness. The rest of the match is mostly dominated by Kobashi, who like any good mentor would just stretches & beats the shit out of KENTA. KENTA gets some big comeback spots in, but ultimately everything is shut down by the champ. What a goddamn match. ****3/4
  25. Now this was a blast! KENTA as the young scrappy underdog was always money & Tatsuhito Takaiwa did a very good job of being the grumpy veteran. He just stretched the shit out of KENTA with those submissions - KENTA answered with some hard hitting comebacks, which all got cut off very quickly. Awesome veteran vs. rookie match. ****1/2