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Found 10 results

  1. This was so good. Though it was also a yet another potential ****+ amazing match that didn't reach it's full potential because the single-cam setting just didn't capture the full emotion & overall feel of it. Even with that unfortunate camera angle situation, it's definitely still one of my favorite matches of the tourney - flowed so good & Taguchi was on absolute FIRE. Love that man. ***3/4
  2. Well goddamn. I thought their RevPro & NJPW (did not watch the ROH one) matches from 2017 were trash, so I definitely didn't have positive expectations of any kind going into this. I am very positively surprised by what they put together here though - a really good match! Really liked Marty on top in the first half of the match, he was pretty damn awesome on control & Hiromu was good fighting from underneath - LOVED that sunset flip powerbomb to the outside comeback of his. After that the match becomes more of a bombfest, but doesn't drift into the overkill at all & remains very enjoyable in it's structure & the way they continued to tell the story they had been telling since the start of it. Loved the finish, too. MOTN. ***1/2
  3. Typical match of it's kind, but I usually always enjoy them, so I ain't complaining. This was very fun. Everybody got their time to shine & it resulted in a very good, fun match. ***1/2
  4. Shibata's first match in NJPW since 2006. And it's amazing. It goes for about 3 minutes, but it's amazing. Sakuraba & especially Shibata get super heat from the crowd as they beat the shit out of young lion Hiromu. Their offense is BRUTAL. Hiromu also gets little offense in, and all of that RULES. He shows great fire & his strikes to Shibata at the beginning were fantastic. Fantastic stuff all around - awesome crowd heat, amazing work on the offense by Laughter7, great fire, selling & brief offense by Hiromu, and Inoue plays his role well too. He didn't do much, but he played his part. ****
  5. An absolutely wild match. These 2 always go balls to the walls when they face each other - and this match was no different, they put on one helluva spotfest which was filled w/ some sick, dangerous looking spots. My favorite spot of the whole match was when Hiromu started slapping Lee, and then Lee busted out a sick looking Armbar. They probably went on a bit too long for my taste, I would've preferred if it had gone just a tad bit shorter, but it was still a very good match. ***1/2
  6. Definitely my most awaited match up of the whole tournament (alongside KUSHIDA/Taguchi) & they delivered just like I knew they would. The opening was super great & set up the pace for rest of the match - loved Liger's work on top, it's always a pleasure to see him do his thing & Hiromu sold + bumped his ass off for him. The transitions were also really great; loved Hiromu getting the advantage by using his quickness & then going for that big apron powerbomb. Him working the heat on Liger was terrific & Liger's big comeback was obviously superb. The nearfalls towards the end w/ Liger almost getting the W were amazing as well. Just a really damn good match. ***3/4
  7. If you are familiar with their rivalry, you know what you get here. They just destroyed each other. I thought it was their best match against each other yet. ****1/2
  8. The official time for this is 1:56. 1 minute 56 seconds. KUSHIDA jumped Takahashi as he was making his entrance, he had a gameplan - he beat the shit out of Takahashi before throwing back into the ring where he tried to go for his Hoverboard Lock right away. Once that didn't work out, Hiromu basically just destroyed KUSHIDA in very explosive fashion. Who would've thought that in 2017 we'd see a New Japan title match that goes under 2 minutes. This was so good. ****1/2
  9. Mildly disappointed by this. I've been pretty high on Hiromu and said it looks like he's going to be the best junior New Japan's dojo has produced since Kanemoto. I might have spoken too early there. It's not like KUSHIDA's been lighting the world on fire but this match really should have been beter than it was. I was very intrigued by the beginning, where KUSHIDA cut-off Hiromu's sneak attack. That's a very unusual choice-one I off the top of my head don't remember seeing before. The whole point of the sneak attack is that the surprise element knocks the other wrestler goofy, and once you challenge conventions I'm expecting you to bring something interesting to the table. This match really didn't. KUSHIDA's first control segment was ok, set the pace well, Hiromu goading KUSHIDA into the Sunset Flip Powerbomb was excellently done.......and then KUSHIDA came back in control a minute later and sure enough they quickly threw any match structure they had out of the water so they could get all of their big spots in. When they returned to the armwork match became better and more focused though they didn't diverge from the modern New Japan standard off "you don't have to sell a move if you counter the next one". I'm not the biggest fan of the "take a shot-sell it for two second-fire back>both wrestlers go down" sequences either, but KUSHIDA's armwork and Hiromu's reckless offence provided enough for me to enjoy the match. **3/4
  10. This purported high flyers match actually is based around limb work with Takahashi working over Titan's knee. I actually liked how this initially was set up and the crowd bought in. Credit this to Titan also, I never felt he brushed it off. He would sometimes start limping when he went into his run and I thought he sold well enough between moves/sequences. It's high spots and ranas early and then into the knee stuff before we get to a pretty wonky mid section with some obvious issues and misses. Despite this, Titan had a couple sweet rollup counters that I almost bit on as the finish. Takahashi goes over strong in the end, firing off his big offense before the Time Bomb finishes. These two definitely have a better match in them, but I still found a good bit to like here. ***1/4