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Found 358 results

  1. The Rock vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania XVIII If I had to use one word to describe this match, it would be overachieving. Based on Hogan's mobility and physical health, this match should not have been as good as it was. Even The Rock's character is a modern day version of Ric Flair, no one would confuse him with Flair inside the ring. Yet, Rock put on maybe the best individual performance of his career in this match. This is what the Michaels match should have been. Rock created so much movement and bumped huge for Hogan up until the finish stretch. Anytime Rock got anything going, Hogan would cut him off and thats when Rock take that big bump for Hogan. I think a lot of emphasis gets placed on Hogan's timing and understanding of psychology on why this match is so good. I think that is a good portion of what makes the match great is Hogan feeding the crowd what they want to see the poses and the Hogan spots (which are mostly cheating spots anyways!) it is Rock that is really giving them red meat. He was selling the crowd reaction with his eyes. He was floundering out there running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He would hit one move and end up on his ass the next move. It was pitch perfect. The match got weird during the finish stretch. I don't get why Hogan taps out to the Sharpshooter only to lose the match. I have watched this match three or four times and always forget who wins. I swear I always see the Sharpshooter think they are protecting Rock and going to give Hogan the win. Then Rock kicks out of the Atomic Legdrop!?!?!?! I lose my shit. I am not happy because like the Toronto crowd I am always all in on Hogan. Then The Rock wins and it is like what the fuck! This is clearly Hogan proving that he is willing to play ball. Hogan turning on the NWO and doing the posedown gets all his heat back. This match proves that wins and losses are a merely booking tool, but do not necessarily have to matter. I think you should book wrestling so wins and losses matter in the context of the storyline. Ultimately, though heat is generated from a myriad of different sources. Hogan not only lost this match, but Rock kicked out of his finish and Hogan tapped to the Sharpshooter! His goose could have been cooked, but because of how strong he was at the little things in this match and a hot post-match angle means that Hogan has enough heat to win the belt the very next month. The three jobs to Cena (Ryback, Wyatt, Rusev, and Owens) does not have to be a death sentence it only is because WWE is so bad at the follow-up. But I digress, this is a breezy, fun Clash of the Titans match. It showcases Hogan's timing and Rock's bumping and leadership in that ring. I enjoyed the first 2/3s and the post-match more than the finish run, which was very 2002-y with the finisher stealing. Holy shit though that Hulk-Up was one of the most fucking awesome things you will ever see. ****
  2. Hulk Hogan & Gene Okerlund vs George Steele & Mr. Fuji WWF Minneapolis, MN August 26, 1984 Availability Best of the WWF Vol. 1 VHS WWE Hulk Still Rules DVD
  3. Hulk Hogan vs Ted DiBiase December 17, 1979 New York, NY Availability WWF on MSG Network - December 17, 1979 WWE Hulk Still Rules DVD
  4. WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff - SNME 1/3/87 Steel Cage The awesome movie, Bridge of Spies, can be summed up by these lyrics, "I am a Real American, fight for the rights of every man!" I loved Mr. Wonderful's gimmick of stealing the Hulkster's music. It plays into the false finish of them both touching at the same time because they cue up the music, but that's the theme of the both men so it only adds to the confusion. The match is itself is pretty good, but I have seen plenty better better Hogan performances in terms of just unbridled energy. Still Hogan in the late 80s is just so entertaining. Orndorff probably would rank in the lower tier of Hogan opponents in my opinion he just does not bring much to the table. You had your monsters like Andre, Bundy and Kamala etc...that are staples of Hogan's run. You have the offense and bumping powerhouses like Savage and Harley. Orndorff does not have a cool gimmick to fall back on, but he is good at everything just not great. I like the beginning with Hogan ripping his shirt on top of the cage, very cool visual. Orndorff jumps him and whips him with the belt, which is probably the best spot of the match. Another cool spot was when Hogan stopped Wonderful from going over the top and bashed his head into the cage. It was standard cage fare until the false finish with both men touching the floor simultaneously and Danny Davis calling Orndorff the winner. This furthers the big Danny Davis, crooked ref story, Orndorff hits a knee from behind that wipes out Hogan and Davis. Joey Marella restarts the match. Hogan does a great extended comeback complete with cage shots and a backbreaker! A trickle of blood and McMahon says this is the first cage match on network TV in history, getting violent! The Brain comes in to buy Orndorff some time and takes a wicked bump into the cage. Hogan wins by going over the top. A good entertaining match, but nothing in Hogan's top tier. ***